About Us

About bestforconsumer.com

Bestforconsumer.com sees itself as a service to the consumer: we want to simplify purchasing decisions for consumers. We see our strength in structuring data and processing it in a consumer-friendly way. Our editors take the time they need to get to grips with topics and identify the most relevant information for consumers.

In doing so, we rely on different test sources to be able to give the best possible overall recommendation. We consciously do without automation. Each of our products goes through a multi-stage selection process. Every day our 50 editors work on the best possible comparison.

The comparisons of Bestforconsumer.com are objective and independent. That’s why consumers rely on our judgments when making their purchasing decisions.

Our mission

  • We are firmly convinced that there should be no more false shopping in the age of the Internet.
  • Because all information on all imaginable products is available in digitized form.
  • It is our daily drive to ensure that fewer consumer goods have to be returned throughout the USA.
  • This not only benefits consumers and dealers but ultimately also our environment.

Our team

Launched as a three-person operation in 2016, Bestforconsumer.com now has over 70 freelance and permanent employees – including around 50 editors – the highest level of information quality and probably the most comprehensive product reports and comparisons in the USA-speaking Internet.

Bestforconsumer.com Team

Maria Beasley (Chief Executive Officer)

Sarah Becker (Chief Financial Officer & Head of Strategy)

Maria Beasley (Chief Operating Officer)

Jeffrey Livingston (President of Advertising & Partnerships)

Walter E. Correa (Chief Technology Officer)

Kathy Karsten (Vice President, Communications)

Tasha Cervantes (General Counsel & Corporate Secretary)

Arthur Bell (SVP, Commerce)

Stephen A. Shutts (Senior Vice President, Site Hosting & Operations)

Cheryl Pope (SVP, Programmatic Revenue)

Joseph Kramer (SVP, Growth & Content Strategy)

Willard Collier (Chief Product Officer)

Mark Fierro (SVP, Marketing)

Letha A. Frost (Vice President, People)

Javier Stevenson (VP & General Manager)

Edgar Barney (General Manager)

Emily Olson (Editorial Director)

Gertrude L. Jones (Product Manager)

Lorenzo Smith (Chief Editor)

Our editorial process

Best For Consumer aeditorial process

1. Product selection

At the heart of every test and comparison chart are the right products.

2. For own tests

Order the products directly at our own expense in our laboratory.

3. Defining the criteria

Definition of criteria and approval by the department head.

4. Publication

When all previous steps have been completed successfully, the test or comparison is published.

5. Editorial quality check

Examination of the representation for uniformity, comprehensibility and completeness

6. Execution

Testing of the own products according to the specified criteria.

Three proven methods to simplify purchasing decisions

1st Method: Own tests

Since 2016 we operate our test laboratory and photo studio in New York. We have already put several products through their paces here.

Thanks to our test laboratory, we can carry out sophisticated product tests independently.

In many cases, it also makes sense to commission or involve external experts in carrying out tests.

2nd Method: comparison/analysis

Sometimes for some reason ( timeliness, availability, economy), we can’t test a product or service in our test laboratory.

If we are unable to conduct our review, we can; For example, this is explicitly indicated on our category page in the headline and the comparison table.

In this case, we base our comparison result on the analysis or comparison of our collected information.

3rd Method: Guides and Studies

In addition to the two methods mentioned above, since 2016, our editorial staff has also provided regular guides, studies and instructions.

In these cases, it is less about concrete purchase recommendations, but about complementary content and assistance, such as the correct use of a particular product.

Impressions from the world of Bestforconsumer.com

In our gallery, you’ll get ideas from different departments of Bestforconsumer.com and insights into our testing and testing methods.

Office view of the Best For Consumer publishing company in new york

Our financing

Of course, conducting the tests and comparisons, as well as writing comprehensive guides each month, generates costs that we compensate for through different forms of advertising on our consumer portal, ensuring that we can continue to operate independently of any external influence in the future.

We mainly finance ourselves through affiliate marketing, the presentation of advertising banners and the direct marketing of advertising space. It is important to emphasize once again that we compare and evaluate products utterly independent of specific manufacturers and brands. Advertisements we identify as such in all clearness.

Excursus Affiliate Marketing: If you click on Bestforconsumer.com as a consumer on a so-called affiliate link and then make a purchase in the linked shop, we regularly receive a pro-rata commission on the proceeds. The product itself will not be more expensive for you as a consumer. An affiliate link works as a regular link between two websites, but it is measured. This allows the merchant to determine which of its affiliate links generated which revenue and pay the commissions on that basis to advertisers like us in this case.
By the way: With returns, our entitlement to commission expires. This means we are motivated out of our interest that you are delighted with the products purchased based on our recommendation.

We conduct expert tests to 100% self-financed without external investors or other third-party funds.

Our grades and ratings

We know your situation as well as millions of other consumers too well: 
The old kettle has given up after a few years, the spirit and you now go online looking for a new device that generally considered the best possible price-performance ratio and promises. Specific characteristics to your individual needs.

They are feeling such annoying as annoying things happen like the demise of an electronic home appliance when time and desire to deal with it are particularly scarce.

Accordingly, we at ExpertTest decided long ago to limit our tables to the essentials and – based on all our findings – introduced a rating as a comprehensive valuation unit. This means you have the absolute as well as the tabular presentation and the relative performance of a product in our comparative tests immediately in view and can make your decision within a few seconds.

Now that you are reading these lines, we assume that you would like to know exactly how our product ratings and grades come about in detail. For us understandable, accordingly, we are nowhere to inform you about all the background information that would cost only a short time when comparing the products.

The following criteria are included in the grade:

A) Objective manufacturer specifications and product attributes
Weighting: 10%

Our editorial team researches and checks the manufacturer’s information on all products at regular intervals. Examples of typical product attributes include weight, length, power, diameter, etc. 
The most relevant of these attributes are listed in our product comparison charts.

B) Subjective evaluation
criteria Weighting: 10%

When comparing hundreds of manufacturer’s information, product reviews, studies and external as well as your test data, the minds of our editors quickly come up with a clear picture of the merits and weaknesses of each product in terms of a specific criterion such as comfort or material quality. We quantitatively summarize these plus and minus points for all products as part of our evaluation and derive the detailed assessment based on a distribution key, which in turn influence the overall rating.

C) Results of own physical-chemical tests (optional)
Weighting: 20%

For a selected number of categories, we send products to one of our independent partner laboratories in Philadelphia, USA. This is more often the case for products for which there is a suspicion concerning the pollutant load conveyed medially or via reports from our readers. 

D) Results of own consumer tests (optional)
Weighting: 20%

Every month we have dozens of products tested manually by our permanent and freelancers. This is done deliberately in the context of typical consumption situations to the application of the product – and this is for you as a consumer ultimately of concern – to consider. The experience of our testers is included in the overall grade.

E) Results of external product tests (optional)
Weighting: 10%

Insofar as our editors find studies or analyses of other companies about a product theme, and we regard these in the plenary after inspection as trustworthy and reliable, these external evaluations are also included in our grading. It is essential to emphasize at this point that we do not cooperate with any other rating portal in this context.

F) Quality of external buyer ratings
Weighting: 10%

In many aspects, there is no transparent black or white in the assessment, for example, when it comes to evaluating the design or look of a product. For this reason, we need to incorporate the estimates of the previous buyers into our final grade to arrive at the most objective possible judgment, taking into account all gray levels, which comes as close as possible to the ‘truth.’

G) Quantity of external buyer ratings
Weighting: 10%

With our sophisticated technology, we can collect and expand hundreds to thousands of customer reviews on many products. For us, the number of reports of a product is a valuable, almost democratic indicator of its popularity. As a result, product A would have a product score with 125 ratings and product truncation identical to product B with three ratings for other factors in our table.

H) Acquisition costs in terms of value for
money Weighting: 10%

Also, to illustrate this point, a brief example: We assume that we have two products I and II, which perform equally well in locations A) to G), whereas the product I costs $20, whereas, for the product II, consumers have to pay Pay $100. 
In such a scenario, it is clear that we would, of course, recommend a product I and provide it with a better grade. 
Note: For the same acceptable quality, we recommend stats the product with the lowest price. Incidentally, we also take into account temporary discounts and saving potential.

Our Customers Testimonials

“I have been a regular visitor of best for consumer site. I can say that they have been very diligent in all their work. They always give the best market products and most informative articles. Best for consumer is a brand on its own. Here you will find home, garden & tool products, health & household products, beauty &health products, automotive tools, sport & outdoor products, art & craft products, at last, Gift ideas. They have the best customer service. If you need any advice on any product, message them. They will immediately help you.”……… Sandy Marine

“Best for Consumer team always know which products suit your needs. Shopping with best for consumer is time-saving. You don’t have to check tons of products or reviews which is very dull. The team choose the best ten products review and also stated which product is right in which category. So, it’s enjoyable to shop with this site. Loved it”…… Adam Stuart

“The team of best for consumer is arguably one of the friendliest, most professional, considerate and dedicated team. I strongly recommend this site for your shopping experience.”……Brad Smith

“I am very much happy to shop from best for consumer. They are very experienced and professional in what they do. They always stated all the products A-Z so that we can choose wisely. If there is any suggestion or any article you want on this website, message them, they will publish it for your convenience. The best Gouache reviews are on my request. I was quite unsure of which products to choose. So, I request them; they published an article for me. Kevin and his team are the best.”….Nick Jackson