Our Leadership

Launched as a three-person operation in 2016, Bestforconsumer.com now has over 70 freelance and permanent employees – including around 50 editors – the highest level of information quality and probably the most comprehensive product reports and comparisons in the USA-speaking Internet.

Maria Beasley (Chief Executive Officer)

Sarah Becker (Chief Financial Officer & Head of Strategy)

Maria Beasley (Chief Operating Officer)

Jeffrey Livingston (President of Advertising & Partnerships)

Walter E. Correa (Chief Technology Officer)

Kathy Karsten (Vice President, Communications)

Tasha Cervantes (General Counsel & Corporate Secretary)

Arthur Bell (SVP, Commerce)

Stephen A. Shutts (Senior Vice President, Site Hosting & Operations)

Cheryl Pope (SVP, Programmatic Revenue)

Joseph Kramer (SVP, Growth & Content Strategy)

Willard Collier (Chief Product Officer)

Mark Fierro (SVP, Marketing)

Letha A. Frost (Vice President, People)

Javier Stevenson (VP & General Manager)

Edgar Barney (General Manager)

Emily Olson (Editorial Director)

Gertrude L. Jones (Product Manager)

Lorenzo Smith (Chief Editor)