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An Absolute Necessities Guide on Cycling for Beginners

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Cycling is an overall fun, whether you are doing it alone or as a group of friends. Having the outdoor breeze hit your body is one of the best ways to spend a weekend or a free hour.

On the flip side, there are several items that you need to make cycling a reality. But having your own cycling accessories is the most relaxing thing for a cyclist, whether casual or professional. Cycling for a beginner? Always brings a tense moment when you have no idea what you really should look for.

So, what is the Basic Cycling for Beginners Checklist?

It is not just a matter of getting into the store and purchasing any biking items. You need to have an idea of the most basic, at least to avoid the instance of skipping some items, while buying some that are not basic.

So, we have compiled a guideline to help you buy only the most necessary cycling items for beginners.

  1. The Bike

First, you need to get yourself a bike. Since it is your own bike, it should be suitable for you in all aspects, including;

  • Size: You should get a bike that adjusts to your height, and also handle your weight. Bikes have height and weight limits, so keep this in mind when purchasing one.

The handles and the seats should be adjustable to suit your height too, for a comfortable ride.

  • Riding ground: Where will you mostly be riding your bike? And why do you need the bike, I mean, is it for casual or professional competition cycling? Having an answer to these will guide you to the most suitable bike for you.
  • Then there are Bike Pedals: there are flat pedal bikes and clipless pedal bikes. The clipless pedals are more efficient in serious cycling, but also more expensive.

Besides, you will have to purchase special cycling shoes and shoe cleats (objects that you fix at the bottom of cycling shoes to fit into clipless pedals). However, the clipless pedals are more convenient, given the power transfer that prevents you from getting tired easily.

However, for casual biking, flat pedals will do. The bike is cheaper, plus your regular shoes will do.

  • Other Bike Components: make sure to get the bike with more components, say an additional water bottle holder. This will save you the cost of purchasing these accessories separately.
  1. Cycling Protective Accessories

Now that you have a bike, you need accessories that will make your biking experience a walk in the park. Let’s dive into a discussion on these accessories;

  • Cycling Helmet: you are cycling outdoors, right? A helmet is a basic need then. Whether you are commuting, on a bike tour, or a competition, a helmet will keep you safe and confident on the road.

The cycling helmet protects your head and face from instances of accidents or a knock on your bike. An injury on any part of your head could be disastrous, hence best to prevent.

  • Cycling Cap/ sweatband/ Headband: Cycling is a strenuous exercise. Hence, a cycling cap or sweatband will do you a great favor by absorbing sweat from your head. Hence, you will stay focused on the road.

Then there’s the headband, which is a great asset during cold seasons. It cushions your ears from the biting cold and wind during cycling.

  • Goggles: If you want to concentrate on your cycling, then keeping your eyes protected is essential. Protective goggles will keep debris, dust, dirt and even water from clouding and obstructing your vision. This not only enhances your cycling performance but also keeps you safe from possible accidents.

3. Cycling Gear

  • Cycling shoes. If your bike has clipless pedals, then you have to purchase special cycling shoes. Check with your bike vendor to know the type of cycling shoes you need, because they are different for different pedal systems. The cycling shoes should either have cleats, or you can purchase the cleats separately.
  • Cycling Top: Get a t-shirt that is specifically meant for cycling. It will allow for aeration, absorb moisture from your body and be in a material that is fast-drying. The tops are different for men and women, so you can check for your suitable top.
  • Cycling Shorts: Cycling shorts are either padded or unpadded, depending on preference. If you have a bike seat cushion, then an unpadded pair will do.

However, padded shorts are always preferable to professional bikers. They cushion your bum from abrasive frictions, and the moisture-wicking feature incredible.

These too, are gender-specific, to suit the different gender needs. So, there are men and women cycling shorts- pick your suitable match.

  • Bike Seat Cover: Bike seats are usually hard, hence uncomfortable to sit on for long. For comfort on your bike and to prevent injury, purchase a saddle cover. The saddle covers are in different sizes, designs and materials. Ensure you check with your bike vendor for the types available and the most suitable for your bike.

4. Bike Protection Accessories

Finally, you need to protect your bike so that you can have it longer. The following accessories will do you right;

  • Bike Lock: If you commute in your bike, you will obviously leave it out of eyesight every once in a while. Not to scare you, but not everyone is your friend. Bike theft is possible in almost all towns and shopping centers.

To feel at peace while away from your bike, buy a bike lock. This will lock the bike to the nearest grill or fence.

There are also locks that are part-specific, and you can purchase these to keep removable bike parts safe.

  • Bike Cover: This is most important if you keep your bike outdoors for long. It is dust-proof and water-resistant, hence protecting your bike. Thus, your bike will last longer, and the outlook remains impressive.

Monitoring Cling Progress

  • Cyclometer: if you want to track how long you have been cycling, a cyclometer is your friend. The device monitors biking progress by tracking the number of wheel rotations.

Final Verdict

Cycling for beginners a challenge? Not anymore. This guide gives you all the information you need to begin cycling. Confidently join your friends or take your bike for alone ride to keep your body fit.

Biking is a cardio workout activity, which takes care of the health and fitness of the body as a whole.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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