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how to fix a leaky rv roof
How To

How to Fix a Leaky RV Roof?

The roof of your motorhome, a caravan is leaking? The problem of waterproofing roofs of motorhomes or caravans are numerous Porosity cracking Defective seals Over time, the coatings become porous and micro-holes are formed (micro-perforations).  Cracks appear window seals and skylights degrade. All these problems cause in the long run inflows […]

How Much Lead is in a Pencil

How Much Lead is in a Pencil?

First of all, pencils do not contain lead. Today’s ingredients – a liquid mixture of graphite and clay – are pressed through a thin hole during the production of crayons. The strand is then cut to size, burned in an oven and enclosed by two wooden strips. The pencils have not contained […]

who invented the pencil sharpener

Who Invented the Pencil Sharpener?

Sharpeners are instruments that are used to sharpen wood and graphite, also known as sharpeners, sharpener, sharpener, tadalafil or razor, the pencil with the use was thickened so it was necessary to sharpen, because that way you can guarantee the quality of writing or when coloring. For years, the knife was the most […]


Who Invented the Pencil?

In antiquity, there were various ways to leave a trace on support. The best known is the reed cut (calm) used as pen and ink, many representations of scribes attest. The major disadvantage is to carry a vial that can break, spill and stain. Another technique already is known Romans and mentioned […]