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Boat fairing, practical tips to do it yourself
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Boat Fairing, Practical Tips to Do it Yourself

The fairing is a set of maintenance operations and maintenance to restore the hull (submerged part of the hull) its clean and smooth original appearance. It usually includes cleaning the hull, removing marine organisms from the hull, and applying antifouling paint over the entire surface below the waterline. The fairing not only helps to improve the appearance aesthetics […]

How to renovate a cast iron keel
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How to Renovate a Cast Iron Keel?

Like the fixed keel, the lifting keel undergoes many mechanical and chemical stresses. Sooner or later, it ends up rusting, which requires a rigorous treatment to restore it. Here is a little tutorial on renovating a cast iron lifting keel. Instructions Removing the keel The first step is to deposit the keel. So you have […]