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What are the Benefits of a Rain Barrel?

With every storm of rain and rain, nature provides a free resource for homeowners. Rainwater can be easily collected by placing a plastic, wood or metal drum underneath the gutter ceiling downpipes. Collecting rainwater for home use is a common practice around the world as it is simple and practical.

Water receipt

The US Environmental Protection Agency considers that most homeowners could save about 1,300 liters of water during the summer months by collecting their rainwater. As municipal water costs continue to rise, rainwater is a wise money-saving option. Homeowners use more tap water in the summertime that could be obtained from a barrel of rain instead. Watering the garden, playing with water toys or washing the car can all be done with the Best Rain Barrel.

Sewer system

The rain barrels are placed underneath downpipes of the roof, collecting well the water is filtered during heavy downwards. Rainwater that flows into barrels reduces the chances of flooding in basements or washing out lawns or driveways. Collecting rainwater reduces pressure in municipal sewers during peak runoff. By keeping water out of the streams in the area, there is less likelihood of flooding and washing of undesirable materials on local waterways.

Access to useful water

Many communities experience drought restrictions during the summer months. By using a rain barrel, owners have access to an open water source. In addition to providing water for the garden, water barrel rain can be used for hand washing and mud-filled boots, washing garden tools or for summer games. Having easy access to a barrel of water is also beneficial in an emergency, especially if there is a fire pit or a barbecue nearby. Rain barrels that feel full over a longer period should have a mosquito netting rhythm on top, to prevent mosquitoes from breeding in the water.

Soft water

Rainwater is considered more beneficial than tap water for various purposes. Drinking water often contains chlorine, lime, calcium and other minerals. Rainwater is naturally very soft, allowing you to create more soap suds and less waste when washing windows or cars. Plants and vegetables benefit from the use of water not treated with chlorine or fluorine. When refilling outside showers, water soft rain barrel can be used to indoor water plants indoor.


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