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Top 10 Best Juggling Ball for Beginners and Professionals of 2020

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Juggling ball is a ball that is used by the jugglers. Juggler mainly shows their skills by playing with these balls. But they don’t play with only one ball. Some play with two balls and most of them used to play with three balls. It is made in a form that helps the jugglers to play and show their skills. Here will discuss 10 best juggling balls for you. 

So, you might be thinking of how many types of juggling balls are available. Therefore, let’s just satisfy your thrust and make you know about the types-

Beanbags– That’s the most common one. It’s available in many different colors. It’s one of the most favorite balls of jugglers. That’s because it doesn’t bounce and even doesn’t roll that much when it is dropped.

Stage balls- These kinds of balls are used while performing in the stage. If you are a new user of it, then it’s not for you. Because once you drop these balls from your hand, you won’t be able to control it!

DX/Russian balls- We can consider this ball as a combination of beanbags and stage balls. It’s made with a PVC outer shell so that its weight remains consistent.

These are the most common types of juggling balls. Apart from those Bouncing balls, Silicone balls, Russian balls are also known as juggling balls.

Best Juggling Balls Review

So, let’s discuss some juggle balls which you can buy. Here we start-

1.Speevers Xballs Juggling Balls

speevers Xballs Juggling Balls

What about if we say, this ball will look brand new, no matter how much you use it. Yes, it’s true. If you use it with perfection, then it will seem like a new ball for a long time. The unique part of this ball is available in several weight, size, and color. You can pick the one which you like

Do you know which materials are used while making this ball? Trust us; the best quality materials were ensured while making these balls. Most probably, you think what is inside of the ball, right? You will get plastic beads inside these balls.

What about if we say that this ball is totally waterproof? Yes, it’s true. If you drop it into the water, then it will remain the same. Not only that, actually, even if you drop it in mud, still you don’t have to worry. Just pick the ball from mud wash it, and you will get precisely the same ball, which it was before getting dropped in the mud.

Let’s talk about the pros and cons.


  • These products are really durable. Hence, you can use them for a long time.
  • The price of this product is just perfect. Once you see it, it will realize that the price is excellent.
  • The most important fact is these balls are too nicely crafted. So, once you see them, you will like them for sure.


  • If you buy three balls, then sometimes the weight of the ball might not be the same.
  • As the balls are multi-colored, so sometimes you might order a color and get a different color.

So, these are all the details about this extraordinary ball. Buy it and enjoy playing with these entirely manufactured balls.

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2. ArtCreativity Juggling Balls

ArtCreativity Juggling Balls

ArtCreativity Juggling Balls are the perfect ones for you if you just started juggling. It’s easy to grab, so you can try this while you are in the beginning stage.

An interesting fact is that these balls are available in bright and colorful forms. So, if we give these balls to kids, they will love it for sure. Even if you try them, then the bright colors will keep your mind fresh.

No matter how good it is, you might get tensed about the durability. But please don’t get tensed. That’s because Art Creativity Juggling Balls are made in a way that it provides service for an extended period. Consequently, we can say you will get a long-lasting service from Art Creativity Juggling Balls.

The last and most exciting fact is that after ordering, if somehow you don’t like them, then you can return them. You will get exactly the amount which you paid to get these balls.

Let’s discuss the pros and cons of ArtCreativity Juggling Ball.


  • If you want a ball to do practice at home, then this one is just perfect for you.
  • These balls are easy to balance. Thus, when you play with it, you will get enough comfort.
  • The shapes of these balls are just perfect. As A Result, you will be amazed when you will use them.


  • Sometimes you may find balls which are quite small for you.
  • The balls might get broken if you use it them roughly.

Every single thing has some positive and negative thoughts, so these balls also have some positive and negative sides. But all you need to do is just pick the perfect one and buy it. If you can’t choose the perfect one, still don’t worry. The money-back guaranty is available!

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3. Duncan Juggling Balls

Duncan Juggling Balls

Dear readers, before going for all the other details of these balls, we would like to share the balls’ size and weight. The ball is about 7 x 4 x 4 inches. So just perfect for you for sure. When it comes to weight, then we would like to say that the ball will weigh about 9.1 ounces. Once you order it, you will get three balls. The balls will be in different colors. So, it’s going to be fun for sure.

The balls are filled with plastic beads. Hence, the weight will be perfect for you. The most important fact is that these balls don’t bounce a lot. Therefore, you will use it with enough enjoyment. Most importantly, you can catch the balls quite easily.

Duncan Juggling Balls are designed in four panels. These panels have different colors. The beautiful design creates a significant impact on this ball.

So that’s all about the details of these balls.

Now we will know the pros and cons of Duncan juggling balls.


  • These balls are constructed in good form. Hence, you will get a ball, which is just too good.
  • You will get these balls at a meager price.
  • It’s not like only humans can play with them. You can play with your pets like cats/dogs by these balls. It will be a hilarious situation if you do so.


  • As powders are available inside the balls. Thus, when you squeeze the balls, you might get some powders coming out from it.
  • The smell of this product is not that good. Hence, you might feel a bit uncomfortable because of the scent of these balls.

So dear readers, we hope by reading this, you came to know about almost every detail of this product. Thus, I hope you are going to have a good experience after buying this.

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4. KickFire Hydras Juggling Balls

KickFire Hydras Juggling Balls

KickFire Hydras Juggling Balls are the perfect one for you if you want to do juggling with a great passion. At first, we would like to share the weight of the balls. These balls will weigh about 1.92 ounces. So, you can pick it without any hesitation.

You might think that the balls might not be that solid. But you know what? These balls are too solid to satisfy your needs.

What is your favorite color?

White? Black? Blue? Or orange? No matter what is your favorite color you can pick the one which you like. That’s because these balls are available in several colors. So, choose the color which you like most.

It’s easy to keep your balance while playing with these balls. To be honest, most of the players fell problems while doing juggling. But these balls are really good. You can keep your balance perfectly while playing with these balls.

So, readers, these are the details which you should before knowing before buying it.

Now it’s time to know about the positive and negative sides of the ball.


  • The balls don’t roll away. Hence, it’s something like, while you play, you don’t have to think about anything else. So, play and enjoy it!
  • If your dream is to become a pro juggler, then this ball will help you on this journey. While practicing, you will experience some moments which will transform you into a pro juggler.
  • It’s just perfect for giving gifts. If you want to provide a gift for kids, then without any hesitation, you can gift these balls.


  • Though everything is good, the stitching materials are not that good.
  •  In some cases, the product might not be that durable.

So, everyone, that’s it! You can try these balls.

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5. US Games 3″ Juggling Ball

US Games 3

We used to see juggling balls in various colors. But US Games 3″ Juggling Ball is not like the others. They are available in just three solid colors. Yellow, green, and red. Each ball contains only one color. Thus, you don’t have to take the hassle of choosing balls from different colors.

You might want to do juggling, but it’s not that easy. The main thing, which creates a problem is the coordination between your hand and eye. It’s quite tough to create good coordination between these two.

For most of us, a problem which occurs is typical that we can’t see the balls easily. So many reasons work behind this factor. But the most important one is that we can’t see the balls correctly because of their several colors. It’s tough to see a ball which has different colors.

We tried to explain the main features.

Now we would like to explain the pros and cons.


  • If you are an advanced juggler, then these balls are just for you. In other words, these balls are made, especially for the advanced juggler.
  • To be very honest, this ball is just too easy to juggle. Let’s say, once you will buy it, you will realize how easy it is to juggle with this ball.
  • The most exciting part of this ball is that it doesn’t bounce a lot. Even if you drop it from your hand while juggling, then it won’t be an issue.


  • The ball is a bit of light. So, it is considered as a negative side of this product.
  • Another fact is that these are too soft. This feature also can be considered as a negative side of this product.

Consequently, these are the things which this product contains. It’s quite common that every single product has positive and negative sides. Thus, you can try this.

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6. Mister M 3 Juggling Balls

3 Juggling Balls

If juggling is your passion, then 3 Juggling Balls are the ones that you are looking for. It contains too many features, which will allow you to use it with enough comfort. How?

The very first thing we would like to be the quality of these balls. You will get three quality balls when you buy these balls. Hence, don’t do any tension about the variety of these balls. Not only that, but you will also get a burlap bag along with this. You can consider it as a gift too. After that, you can use that bag for your better comfort.

Now we would like to talk about certification. The most important fact is these balls are CE tested. Further, as it is CE tested, I hope you understand how perfect and reliable it is. Another thing is the assembly process of 3 Juggling Balls. The assembling procedure is done in a special workshop where the ball is made in a way that you wanted.

You know one thing? 3 Juggling Balls got the international juggling award in 2015 and 2016. So I hope you understand how good it is.

Now time to talk about the pros and cons.


  • The very first positive fact of these balls is that they don’t easily roll away.
  • These balls are made in the right size. Hence, they will work in favor of you.
  • Juggling balls are just perfect for adults.


  • These balls are a bit sloppy. In addition to that, you can consider it as a negative side of it.
  • The stitching of these balls is a bit weak. So that’s another negative side.

So dear readers, that’s 3 Juggling Balls for you. We tried to uphold all the positive and negative facts in front of you. I hope now; you are well aware of these balls.

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7. Zeekio Galaxy Juggling Ball

Zeekio Galaxy Juggling Ball

Are you a professional juggler? If the answer is no, then this ball is not for you. But if the answer is yes, then trust us, it’s the ball which you were searching for. Zeekio Galaxy Juggling balls include all the futures which a professional juggling ball should consist of. Therefore, you might be thinking how it is perfect for you. Hence let’s find out the features which made these balls just perfect for you.

When we talk about a ball that is used professionally, the very first thing which arises in our mind is the weight. The weight of the balls matters a lot when you are a professional in this sector. Besides that, the weight of this ball is 15.2 ounces. It’s a perfect weight which a professional ball should contain.

Now it comes about the size. What do you think, which size is perfect for you? Are you confused? Then please leave all the confusion. That’s because the Zeekio Galaxy Juggling Balls size is 65cm. It’s just perfect for you if you want to use it professionally.

The most important two features of these balls are that they are reliable and soft. Thus, the soft feeling of these balls will take great care of your hand. Your hands will not become hard for sure. On the other hand, as the ball is damn solid, so you will be able to use these balls without any tension.

So now, we will talk about the pros and cons of these balls-


  • As it is made of leather, so you will experience a great feeling while doing juggling.
  • These balls are really durable.
  • You will get excellent customer service you find anything wrong with these balls.


  • Some people may consider it a bit of heavy.
  • The price is a little bit high in these balls.

So that’s all about your very own Zeekio Galaxy Juggling Ball.

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8. Flames ‘N Games Astrix UV Thud Juggling Balls

Flames 'N Games Astrix UV Thud Juggling Balls

Dear readers, time to talk about exceptional balls which are named as Flames ‘N Games Astrix UV Thud Juggling Balls. You might be thinking about why we are calling these balls very special. Trust us; once you come to the end of this article, you will get the answer to this question. How? Okay, so let’s find the answer!

At the very beginning, let us announce that, when you will buy these balls, you will also get a travel bag. You can use the travel bag according to your wishes. But the important fact is, you can put up to 6 balls inside that bag.

Another thing is that these balls are made with unique artificial UV leather. Hence, for sure, you will get an excellent experience.

So, you might be thinking, what is inside the ball, right? Okay, let’s remove your confusion. These balls have millet seed inside them. As A Result, once you through them, they can quickly move. That’s the best thing about these balls.

Lastly, we would like to talk about the durable lining. This feature will ensure some extra facilities while you juggle!

Now we would like to uphold the pros and cons of Flames ‘N Games Astrix UV Thud Juggling Balls.


  • For casual jugglers, it’s perfect. They can use it without facing any problems.
  • As you are getting a travel bag along with the balls, so you can carry the balls wherever you go.
  • These balls are comfortable in hands.


  • These balls might look like neon greens. But unfortunately, these are not neon green in color. But yes, you can consider the color as peppermint green.
  • You may get some balls with a bad seam. But that occurs sometimes.

We would like to suggest you buy these balls.

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9. Speevers Juggling Balls

speevers Juggling Balls

Once you go to the market or visit the online store, it’s tough to find out the best one. You might get confused also while finding the best one. We are here with a solution. Here we present a perfect ball named speeders Juggling Balls.

At the very beginning, we would like to say that these balls are available in so many colors, so many sizes and so many weights. So as different people have different tastes, so you can pick the one which you like.

Do you know, these balls have a world record? If you don’t, then we are going to make you remember. These balls have the world record on snuggling. So, I hope you understand the value of achieving a world record.

The materials which are used while manufacturing it are too good. Once you buy them, you will be amazed by its quality for sure.

These balls are double layered. So, no matter what you do, no matter how you play with them, these balls will remain the same.

So now, time to share the pros and cons of these balls.


  • Wherever you drop them, these balls won’t look dirty. Once it is dropped into a messy place, all you need to do is just pick it up and wash it out.
  • These balls won’t break down. So, you don’t have to be tensed about this.
  • As they are available in different colors, so these balls are really good for the eyes.


  • The price and the service of these balls might not meet your needs.

So, these are the factors which you should know about this product. If you understand all the things written here, then for sure you will be able to pick the perfect one.

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10. Clear Acrylic Contact Juggling Ball

DSJUGGLING Dawson Juggling Clear Acrylic Contact Juggling Ball

If you are a contact juggler, then this is what you were waiting for. It’s more than perfect for contact juggling. We hope you know; contact juggling is different from other kinds of juggling. So when you do contact juggling, some special treatment is needed. This ball will ensure that special treatment. How? Let’s find out.

You will get Clear Acrylic Contact Juggling Ball in a zipped bag and packed. So when you receive it, you will love it for sure.

You have used a lot of juggling balls. We know that. But you never found a ball which is available in various sizes! Do you see the size in which these balls are available? 50mm 60mm 65mm 68mm 70mm 75mm 76mm 80mm 85mm 90mm 95mm 100mm 110mm and 120mm these are the size in which you are going to get your very favorite balls. So you can pick your one, according to your wishes.

Now let’s talk about colors. Versatile colors of these balls will take you to another world! It’s quite tough to take all the names because these balls are available in so many colors. If you want, then you can buy Green UV, Red UV, Chartreuse UV, and Glitter UV. Not only these, but you will also have the opportunity to choose from Pure(transparent), Dark blue, purple, Ruby Red, Aqua, Chartreuse, Dark green, Sky, blue, Black, glow in the dark, Fushigi ball, Clear UV, Aqua UV. So it’s up to you which color is your favorite.

Let’s talk about the pros and cons.


  • You can use it as a showpiece.
  • It’s effortless to grab.
  • Its weight is just perfect for contact juggling.


  • If you leave these balls in open sunlight, then this will work like a magnifying glass, and it may burn its surroundings.
  • Sometimes you may find a scratch on the balls.

That’s all about the Clear Acrylic Contact Juggling Balls.

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Final verdict

So dear readers, while explaining, we tried to uphold almost every single type of juggling balls. It’s not like we shared only the positive sides; we shared the probable negative sides of every single product. So, in the end, we have a recommendation for you. While buying juggling balls, please keep the fact in mind that, what kind of juggler you are. Consider your current level. Keep the fact in mind that, why are you doing juggling. Once you consider all these factors, then you will be able to buy the appropriate juggling balls for you. We hope your juggling experience is going to be good.

Factors to consider while buying juggling balls 

When you buy a juggling ball, you should consider some facts.

What facts should you consider? We will explain those. So here we start-

Your skill level:

The first thing which you should think about while buying is your skill level. That’s because a different type of juggling balls is available in the market, and they are made for different kinds of jugglers. You have to realize your level and choose the perfect one for you. How to choose? Let’s just say, if you are a beginner then you should go a beanbag. It’s the perfect one for you. If you are going to show your performance on stage, then you should buy a stage ball. A lot of balls are available in the market.

Juggling types:

That’s also another fact which you should consider while buying the ball. Let’s say if you are going to buy a ball for contact juggling, then you should purchase acrylic balls. This the perfect one for that type. Let’s say, if you do numbers juggling, then you can buy small balls or bean bags. When it comes to bounce juggling, then we would recommend silicon balls. If you want to buy a ball for a fantastic show, then you should go for the best-LED juggling balls.

Most importantly, you can buy a Stage ball, as it has used worldwide. Most of people accept it is as the best ball for doing stage shows. So, it’s a humble request, whenever you buy a juggling ball, remember for which type you are buying it.

Quality of balls:

Quality is something which is needed to be checked for sure. Let’s say you go to a shop and buy a ball which is not that good. So, what will happen? You won’t get excellent service while using this ball. So, to get an excellent service, you should consider quality. Once you order balls, you will find a lot of companies offering you. But you have to find out the best one and buy it.

Selecting the perfect one:

You can say it’s the last thing which you should consider. It might be the last one, but it’s too important. How? Let’s say; you buy a ball which size doesn’t go with your juggling. So, you won’t be able to do juggling quite easily. Or let’s say, you buy a ball which color creates a problem for you. Once a problem occurs, then you won’t be able to do juggling. If you are purchasing a ball for professional use, then you have to buy the best juggling balls for professionals. So, to solve all these problems, you need to find out the best juggling balls for you. 

Frequently asked questions

There are some most common questions which we get. To satisfy our readers’ thirst, we are answering these questions-

What’s inside juggling balls?

Most of us want to know what is inside of a juggling ball. But the fact is, the answer to this question varies from type to type. We understand that you want to know that, so we will share some of them. Let’s talk about beanbags. Bean bags are mainly made with pieces of vinyl. But most importantly, they are filled with millet, birdseed, plastic pellets, sand, crushed rock, ground rubber. When it comes to Russian balls, we would like to say that, inside of this ball, you will find millet seed.

What kind of Juggling balls should I get?

It depends on what kind of juggler you are. Let’s say, if you are a professional then we would recommend you buy Stage balls. As they are the best ones for professional use. If you just started juggling, then please buy a bean bag. If you want to do bounce juggling, and then we would recommend you silicon bags. So once again, we would like to say, it’s all about the type of juggler you are. But whatever type of balls you buy, please ensure that you buy the best juggling balls for you.

How to make juggling balls?

For doing practice or if you want to give it to a child, then yes, you can make it. So what’s the process? The process is very simple. First of all, you have to collect tennis balls, balloons, hand snipers and most importantly a lot of dirt. Now, make a small hole in the tennis ball by a hand sniper. Try to make the hole as small as possible. After that, put dirt inside a ball through the hole. Then just wrap it with balloons.

What size contact juggling ball should I start with?

So, if you are confused about what size ball you should buy while starting contact juggling, then there is a solution for you. To be very honest, the size of the ball depends, what type of contact juggling you want to do and obviously, it depends on your hands’ size. Let’s say, if you are starting with multi-ball contact juggling, then we would recommend 2.5-3 inches balls. On the other hand, if you are buying it for body and arms rolling, then the better size is 3-4 inches.

How heavy should a juggling ball be?

It’s up to your body size and hands size. Let’s say, if you are a small person then we would like to recommend you the balls of 125 grams. Small balls are quite easy to handle. If you are long enough and your hand size is large, then go for 150 grams balls.

How to select a juggling ball size?

It’s all about your hands’ size is. The balls should match your hand. So better, you try to buy the small ones. If your hand size is 7.5 inches, then you should go for a 65 mm ball. If your hand is larger than that, then you can for 75-80 mm balls.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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