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Best RV Checklists – Camper Trailer Camping Checklist

Marcus Breitfeld, passionate camper and founder of Life of Balu, has put together a checklist for your motorhome trip, so you will not forget anything. You can download and print the list at the end.

It’s best to enter topic areas on your RV checklist so that you have an order when packing and loading the camper. You know: order is half the life of a camper.

Your packing list could be similar to the article by Marcus. He has divided the Checklist RV into the following points:

Camper Checklist: Personal Things

You should read this point of the motorhome packing list very carefully and deeply internalized. Because you do not want to be at the first limit and have to realize that you do not have your driver’s license, or that in case of illness, the health insurance card is still at home. These documents are the most important thing on your journey:

  •        Card / passport
  •        insurance card
  •        driver’s license
  •        credit
  •        vehicle documents
  •        Green insurance card for your camper
  •        ADAC Premium Membership (if available)

Everything for the camper – tools for the vehicle

Here you will find everything that will benefit your darling. Be it the jack, if you have a plate or the replacement canister for the moments when you have driven again dreaming through the breathtaking scenery and forgot to refuel.

Leave nothing to chance and prepare better.

Do not worry; this ‘planning’ will not take you out of the Vanlife adventure. Promised! It just makes you feel good, so you can fully enjoy your journey.

As a dutiful camper, you must not forget the following things. Otherwise, you can expect punishment in isolated countries. The best way to check off these points on your Camper Checklist is to use a colored pencil:  

  •        warning triangle
  •        First aid kit
  •        safety vest
  •        extinguisher

A great help in an emergency are also these other items on your checklist. Although they are not compulsory on the road, they can make your journey difficult:

  •        Replacement canister for diesel or gasoline
  •        spade
  •        Carjack (make sure that it is also suitable for your camper)
  •        wheel cross
  •        Booster cables
  •        tow rope
  •        Duck Tape (really for everything!)
  •        cable drum
  •        CEE adapter
  •        inverter
  •        Spare fuses & light bulbs
  •        spare keys

Critical is the last point, a spare key. For example, I always have one around my neck, which you can not use to start my bus. So I’m even prepared for the situation if I should forget my key on the bus.

Checklist Motorhome – Outdoor utensils

Not only do you live in your motorhome, but also front of it. Because camping means experiencing nature and sniffing as much fresh air as possible. Therefore, you should also have your outdoor utensils such as camping chairs or blankets to make your time in front of the camper beautiful and comfortable. Maybe you even want to take a few candles for the romantic flair?

  •        pocket knife
  •        Torches / Flashlights
  •        water hose
  •        camp chair
  •        folding table
  •        hammock
  •        Best RV Cover
  •        ax
  •        awning
  •        Various games/cards
  •        candles
  •        swash torch

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