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Best Way to Keep Mosquitoes Away While Camping?

The mosquito, enemy of many campers. Once she’s in the camper, experience some sleepless nights or even be stung, a right way is not to be stung at all, but that remains more likely the few down to us. If it comes to the mosquito bite, you will find in this guide article my ultimate solution against itchy mosquito bites.

Precaution: What helps against mosquito bites?

If you want to sit outside at dusk in the evening, only two remedies for mosquitoes help – a little bit. Apply either masses of autumn or, what helps me better, anti-mosquito spirits ignite. Fortunately, I’m little attacked by mosquitoes, so I did a test with Austin a few days ago. Funnily enough, more mosquitoes came to me after the auction treatment than before. So not satisfactory. They much more brought an anti-mosquito sprite on the ground. The critical 1-2 hours during the dusk could be survived relatively well. On the other hand, if you use the best RV cover then mosquitoes don’t get many ways to increase their numbers. 

In the motorhome:
In the motorhome, you can not use because of the stench, mosquito coils. 
Against mosquitoes in Womo, however, helps better: keep a consistent closed the mosquito nets.

Once a mosquito in the Womo, there are only two ways to protect yourself from mosquito bites. Either you fan out with an electric flyswatter to hopefully catch a mosquito. Or you reach for the chemical club, which has always worked best for me. With a classic fly swatter mosquitoes are rather badly beaten, either the fly swatters are too small, or the airflow blows them aside before they can kill them.

Scented candles and smoked snails for outdoors

Mosquitoes seem to have a sensitive nose, at least I had this experience years ago in Italy (the land of mosquitoes). Anti-mosquito coils work very well. Depending on the wind and the area, you should probably set up two or more of them. But then there is silence with mosquitoes. Unfortunately, the clay-like spirals, which must first be solved from each other, are very fragile. And the small stalks are somewhat shaky, but once the spiral is in operation, it successfully keeps away wetting for 6 hours. Anti-mosquito spirits smoke quite a lot, but that ‘s how mosquitoes get chased away.

I had less pleasant experiences with scented candles against mosquitoes. Citronella tealights are beautiful to look at rather than helping mosquitoes.

Herbal remedies for mosquitoes

Tea tree oil drips on clothes, feet and hands – mosquitoes do not like the scent. 
Mosquitoes, especially mosquitoes, are always very annoying on camper vans. Sometimes you can also transmit diseases. The application of coconut oil to the skin repels mosquitoes and mosquito bites reliably. (I will test it yet)

Home remedies for mosquitoes

But some plants can be used to prevent mosquitoes. Pelargoniums, tomato plants, lavender, basil, chives, lemon balm and catnip – these are all plants that are designed to keep mosquitoes away. In the motorhome probably rather bad to apply, who has his vegetables and herb garden on vacation …

Help – an insect bite

You were stung – congratulations! At the same time, you will learn how to treat mosquito bites. But first the following question:

Why do mosquito bites itch?

Shortly after the stitch, the puncture site begins to itch and swell. Occasionally there is also an ugly wheel. Our body’s immune system is responsible for this unpleasant reaction because it responds to the foreign protein that comes from the mosquito.

But first to the mosquito: mosquitoes feed on plant juices. Only the females of the mosquito need the blood, for the formation of eggs after fertilization by the male. With the help of spikes on her proboscis, a mosquito can make tiny cuts in the skin. The piercing is usually not noticed by the victim of the mosquito. If Mucke’s trunk is then in the meat, saliva is injected. This ensures that our blood remains liquid while sucking. Only when the mosquito has absorbed its weight in blood, it leaves us.

Allergic reaction to mosquito bites

After the sting, our immune system tries to fight this foreign body. It comes to classic mosquito bite swelling. Everybody reacts differently. For me, a mosquito bite has dissolved into nothing after 4-5 hours, while itching in others for days and sometimes leading to a sizeable swelling tennis ball.

In any case, it should be avoided that a mosquito bite ignites. So do not scratch; it rubs more bacteria into the small wound.

Treat mosquito bites

To prevent an insect bite swelling, different ways work differently depending on the people.

Ointments after the insect bite

If you have severe allergic reactions, you should consult a doctor or seek advice from a pharmacy. Otherwise often FENISTIL Gel or Autan Akut Spray or Gel helps.

Fenistil Gel is an all-around right agent for the application on the skin. In addition to the cooling effect of burns and sunburn, you can also treat mosquito bites. An antiallergic active ingredient (dieting maleate) also relieves the itching by removing the impact of the body’s histamine. The gel also cools the skin, especially when stored in the refrigerator.

Home remedies for insect bites

Mosquito bites are particularly useful when the heat is applied. To do this, take a spoon, heat it either in a water bath or with a lighter to 50 degrees and then press this on the insect bite. But please be careful, especially with the lighter method your spoon gets hot very quickly, and it comes to the burning. Then Fenistil could be useful again afterward. At least I burned myself correctly with the spoon technique. However, the itching was gone later.

If you have an allergic reaction to mosquito bites despite heat treatment, you may want to see a doctor. But all the people I’ve talked to so far report the absence of swelling after the insect bite. Itchy mosquito bites are now a thing of the past.

Stichheiler – against mosquito bites

Better than my tested spoon method is electronically controlled, with the Stichheiler. Just like the spoon, a small ceramic plate is heated to 50 degrees and destroys the protein compound responsible for the itching. Burns are excluded – but it can still hurt pretty much. The end of the process is communicated acoustically after a few seconds and it does not itch anymore. I had some mosquito bites and had to repeat the process a second time. But then there was rest with the itching.


Quite clearly, it is best not to sting, but 100% cannot be prevented at least for me. That is why a means after the sting to stop the annoying itching is very important to me. The spoon technique is not for me; I had used it only once when Tanja was not there and had taken the Stichheiler kindly. Since I know how reliable the Stichheiler works, I am thrilled. I even go so far that I do not use mosquito repellent, but just a short sting, should one come, heat up briefly and then it’s already quiet. Very very cool – too bad that I found out only now!

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