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Buy Used Stairlifts: The Alternative to Buying New Ones

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A used stairlift represents a significant cost saving compared to a new purchase and is, therefore, an exciting alternative. In terms of function and quality, used stairlifts from specialist dealers are in no way inferior to new models, as these have been tested and prepared for functionality and safety before being sold.

Also, the issue of sustainability continues to come to the fore for many customers. A used stairlift conserves essential resources and is therefore particularly environmentally friendly. Due to the increasing demand, the market now offers a large selection of used models.

What does a used stair lift cost?

If you choose a used stairlift, you can expect an attractive price compared to a new purchase. You can usually expect a discount of up to 60 percent. Of course, this depends on the selected model, your flight of stairs and the other structural requirements. The following table helps you to get an overview of the expected costs when buying a used stairlift.

Lift typePrices used *Savings
Stairlifts straightfrom $3.800, –up to 60%
Stairlifts curvefrom $8,000up to 45%
Outside stairlifts straightfrom $4,500up to 40%
Liftfrom $5,700up to 60%
Promising offersUntrustworthy offers
High price savingsLack of advice and adjustment to your situation
No in-depth inspection before buying
The danger of a defective device
No suitable rail for the stairs
Installation must be organized by yourself.
No guarantee
No customer service

* The specified price ranges are average prices for lift systems over one floor. The price range can vary depending on the provider.

With used stairlifts, there is also the possibility of a subsidy – just like with new models. This can further reduce costs. An allowance of up to $4,000 can be granted, for example, by the health insurance or long-term care fund if there is a level of care. The bank – in addition to soft loans – grants to.

Why a used stairlift?

For many people, the immediate purchase of a brand new stairlift is not possible because the purchase usually represents a high financial burden. The stairlift costs for a new seat lift over one floor indoors and with a straight stair shape are up to $9,800. Other lift models and curving stairways mean even higher costs. Interested parties can only partially pay such a sum if they take out a loan or use financial reserves that were intended for another purpose.

However, there are alternatives: As with buying a car, you can also use used and, therefore, cheaper models for stairlifts. The selection of models is now very diverse and offers the right solution for different situations. Used stair lifters are available for inside and outside as well as from different brands, including high-quality brands such as Lifta. There are also suitable versions for straight runs as well as for curves.

An overview of the advantages of a used stair lift from a specialist dealer

  • Up to 60 percent price savings for new purchases
  • Subsidies possible
  • Resource-saving and environmentally friendly
  • High quality reprocessing
  •  Compliance with all security standards
  • Suitable for most stairs

Stairlifts from Amazon & Co. – is a private purchase worthwhile?

Private advertisements or advertisements for used stairlifts often lure with promising offers. At first glance, this seems very attractive, as the budget is protected above all. But this very thought is often deceptive, be careful with these offers because buying a stairlift from amazon classifieds is usually a nuisance afterward.

The disadvantages of Amazon stairlifts

A private purchase is a direct route from the seller to the buyer. You will not receive any advice from a specialist company. You do not know whether the amazon stairlift suits you and your situation. You buy “the pig in a poke,” so to speak. In contrast to private purchases, professional advice first analyzes which solution is the best for you.

Due to the missing check of your situation and the particular device, it can quickly happen that you buy defective equipment, which also does not fit your needs. Wear parts can be old and worn, electronics can be broken. This means that proper use is no longer guaranteed. For you, this is not only a waste of money, but it also endangers your security, which cannot be guaranteed without thorough testing.

Private stairlifts usually don’t fit

Since every provider manufactures the stairlift rail individually for the staircase, you will not receive a suitable rail when buying privately, especially with curved stairways.

Sometimes there is no track at all in such classified ads. If there is one, you will most likely not be able to use it, since each staircase shape is different.

If you buy a stairlift on amazon, the next step is installation. However, you have to organize this yourself, as no provider installs third-party devices. For this reason, you will not be able to take advantage of any guarantee or customer service, because you can only get this from official providers.

For example, what do you do if your stairlift suddenly breaks? Right providers have an emergency service here with 24-hour availability and quick repairs. With a single purchase, you are on your own.

The advantages and disadvantages of buying on Amazon at a glance

The benefits of a stairlift provider outweigh

There are some professional suppliers on the market that specialize in used stairlifts, which, unlike amazon, are very worthwhile. The significant advantage over amazon is that the service staff will give you professional advice before you buy a used lift.

This makes it easier to determine which solution suits your situation and the course of your stairs. Appointments are usually made on-site to examine the situation directly. The staircase is measured so that an individual and fair offer can be created with this data.

Used stairlifts are carefully refurbished and wholly renewed by a specialist. They also receive new wear parts such as—B. upholstery. Also, the entire technology is overhauled. A used stairlift is thoroughly checked before it is sold again and must meet all current safety regulations. They are mostly refurbished brand lifts – however, no-name systems are rarely offered by dealers.

Technical specialists who receive regular training will install the used stairlifts for you free of charge. Besides, the customer service of the right stairlift provider is available to you at all times and is still there for you after the purchase.

There are many reasons to refrain from buying a stairlift on amazon and other classified ads or at least to rethink it. If you decide to buy from a stairlift provider, you can count on a quality product with the appropriate service.

What you should pay attention to when buying a used stairlift

If you want to buy a used stairlift, there are a few points to consider. For example, you should make sure that the used lift fully meets the safety regulations for stairlifts, that it has CE certification and that it receives a multi-year guarantee from the stairlift provider even after the preparation. This means that you have the assurance that all usual standards for your used stairlift have been complied with and that it offers you valuable accessibility assistance.

Checklist for used stairlifts from a specialist

  • The free and non-binding initial consultation
  • comprehensive on-site advice with dimensions of the stairs
  • Test drive
  • adequate customer service
  • Market prices including assembly
  • professional installation
  • Warranty
  • TÜV CE certification
  • Operating hours of the lift
  • Optimal reprocessing

You can also recognize a good offer for a used stair lift by the scope of the included services.

Do you get professional advice free of charge? Do you have the opportunity for a test drive? And is the lift adequately installed and regularly maintained?

These are criteria that speak for a successful overall package. In addition to the optimal reprocessing, these points are central when it comes to selecting a provider.

With the attached checklist, you can check whether a manufacturer offers high-quality used models and comprehensive service. Pay attention to these criteria if you decide to buy a used stairlift!

This is how reprocessing works

Professional reprocessing should usually look like this: The wearing parts are replaced and the engine block is carefully checked for running and loading. If the engine no longer functions optimally during the load test, it will also be removed and replaced.

Besides, all plastic and metal parts are removed and checked individually. Flawlessly functioning elements are cleaned and reinstalled, the wear parts, such as the contact rollers to the rail, the main boards and the batteries, are replaced. Ideally, only original parts from the manufacturer should be used. Ask about safety in the consultation.

Thus, a used stairlift should be as right as new after refurbishment and also equivalent in terms of quality. The rails of the lift system are always installed in the original condition with used lifts.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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