how does a network switch work

How Does a Network Switch Work?

A priority circuit elegantly solves a problem that some campers know with certainty. In our mobile homes, the power supply is ensured by the connection of shore power over the designated external socket. Also, a voltage converter is often installed, which provides for traveling or freewheeling for 230V. For this purpose, separate outlets […]

How Does a Camping Toilet Work

How Does a Camping Toilet Work?

Traveling in a caravan has many advantages, such as the fact that you always have your camping toilet. Most commonly found in trailers and mobile homes, the so-called cassette toilet. The most widely used brand is likely to be Thetford. The cassette toilet is a camping toilet that works with chemical odor inhibitors and water […]

How Does an RV Refrigerator Work

How Does an RV Refrigerator Work?

An electric pump powers almost all domestic refrigerators. RV refrigerators, however, are often used in areas where there is no electricity supply to take advantage of. Instead of depleting the RV battery to keep food cold, RVs use a different type of system called a gas absorption refrigerator, which is […]

How Much Lead is in a Pencil

How Much Lead is in a Pencil?

First of all, pencils do not contain lead. Today’s ingredients – a liquid mixture of graphite and clay – are pressed through a thin hole during the production of crayons. The strand is then cut to size, burned in an oven and enclosed by two wooden strips. The pencils have not contained […]