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How to Hang Christmas Lights with Gutter Guard
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How to Hang Christmas Lights with Gutter Guard?

If you want to decorate your gutter guard, garden, or balcony for parties, there are many bright objects and light garlands in the shops. Since the arrival of commercial lighting (LED) or solar lighting, Christmas illuminations are widespread. If you want to replace your old gutter guard before the decoration, you can […]

How to protect your roof and gutter guard
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How to protect your roof and gutter guard?

The deal is concluded, the keys change hands, and you are finally the owner of your own house. But now you end up with a whole new set of problems: maintaining and repairing your home as well as repair gutter guard. Essentially, you’ve spent all that money for the perfect […]

How many slopes a gutter guard should have
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How Many Slopes a Gutter Guard Should Have?

If optical requirements are used, a gutter guard should be installed horizontally. It is therefore not necessary to install the gutter guard at a particular gradient. The applicable DIN regulation is also right of these optical aspects. Only when metal roofing is concerned, the roof gutter slope must be taken […]

how to charge a agm battery
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How to Charge a AGM Battery?

AGM batteries charged right? AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) batteries are currently being used by well-known home builders as a standard battery, in addition to the hugely expensive LiFePo4 battery. Also, I can advise these batteries, if you are about to plan his campers, or if the old batteries are through. Keeping a […]

How to Install an Outboard Motor on Transom
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How to Install an Outboard Motor on Transom?

To get the most out of a heat engine, you have to respect certain settings such as the height and inclination, the choice of a propeller adapted to the boat, etc. Many fishers simply center their engine on the transom, tighten the fixing screws, and roll youth. With small powers, it happens […]