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Do You Really Need a Gutter Guard?

The gutter guard has lots of problems and inconveniences that may seem more important than the benefits associated with their presence. However, the gutters have their reason for being even if it is sometimes misunderstood. But after all, if you really need the best gutter guard you must decide which one is the best for you.

Gutter guard is unobstructed

The system of gutter guard makes it possible to remove storm water from the residence. Thus, instead of flowing directly from the roof to the sides of the house, the water is routed to a predetermined location far enough away from the foundations.

The reason? Water can severely damage the basis of a home and cause costly damage. Besides, receiving water directly from the roof during heavy rains can be relatively unpleasant for owners. Also, flower beds just below the edge of a roof that does not have gutters could be damaged by rain. As you can see, gutters have their usefulness.

However, they can also come with their lot of complications that need to be adjusted to enjoy, with a smile. Here are some frequent problems that can give you sometimes want just to remove your gutter guard and some small tricks to adjust them.

Gutters with limited aesthetics

In reality, there are two lines of thought regarding gutter guard: make them as discreet as possible or use them to add aesthetics and cachet to a residence.

In the first case, you can opt for the gutter guard of the color of your house and call a professional who will conceal your descents to make them very little visible. You will even forget that they exist!

Chain-of-rain-conversely, you can use them as a decorative element. Copper gutters, rain chains and decorative funnels can, among other things, add style and style to your home!

Gutters infested with vermin

Small animals and insects may find refuge in your gutter guard. Mosquito, however, most of the time, these creatures are attracted to the moisture and debris that rot in your gutters. You only keep them clean or use a gutter guard to avoid such situations.

Gutters where ice accumulate

The problems of ice and icicles were, in fact, no connection with the gutter guard. Although the ice is attached to it and seems to be responsible for the problem, the real cause is the wrong insulation of the roof, which releases heat, which then heats the snow and melts it, creating ice.

Ice is the only way to solve this problem is to ensure the roof. Removing your gutters will not resolve this unfortunate situation. To convert and save the ice as water for further use you should have the best rain barrel for your home.

Water infiltration in the roof and rotten rim board

Poorly maintained gutters may cause serious problems for your home. If they get clogged, there is a good chance that the water will rise from the gutter to the board, causing it to rot, and then go to the roof, thus causing severe damage.

Protected-gutters However, it is enough to keep its gutters functional, i.e. unobstructed, to avoid these problems. Here again, a good cleaning of the gutter guard prevents this kind of disastrous situations.

Do you want to get rid of your gutters? Know that it is possible to have a residence without gutter and without water problems, but the gutters are the simplest way, and generally also the least expensive, to manage your rainwater well.

If you do not want to end up with even more problems without your gutters, it is better to weigh the pros and cons. Healthy maintenance of these or efficient gutter protectors can dispel your worries… If you are still confused then you can read the article Invest in the installation of a gutter guard, yes or no

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