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How to Charge a Trolling Motor Battery?

A boat battery combiner connects the trolling motor from the battery and the trolling battery in a circular pattern. When the outboard motor is running, it charges the trolling motor battery. When you turn on the outboard motor, the combined battery separates the trolling battery from the outboard motor battery, so it does not discharge the trolling battery. You can then use the trolling motor and its battery without removing the starter battery when you are ready to return to shore. To choose the trolling motor car battery you should know which one is perfect for you.


  • Place the combined battery near the boat’s starter battery.
  • Turn the positive wing nut on the battery pack and pull batteries to detach them. Remove the wing nuts directly at the outlet.
  • Place a red wire from the combined battery on each positive of the battery. Screw the wing nut onto each positive terminal clockwise.
  • Turn the wing nuts on each negative terminal of the battery counterclockwise to soften and pull them straight out. Pull the negative battery cables to each cell. Place each end of a new battery cable on each negative terminal.
  • Place the black wire on the battery combiner on the negative terminal of the starter battery. Screw the wing nut back onto the negative terminal of each battery clockwise.

Tips and Warnings

Measure the distance between the starter battery and the trolling motor battery to get a new battery track that is long enough to cover the range.

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