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How to Charge Golf Cart Batteries?

You need to maintain your golf cart batteries properly, so you have a reliable vehicle that is safe to operate. Neglecting your golf cart batteries and they can explode and cause serious injuries.


  • Inspect the golf cart batteries before loading them for leaks or other damage. Use your eyes and your nose. If it smells like rotten eggs, it means at least one cell is leaking and should be replaced, not charged.
  • Look at the cables and poles of the batteries and check for damage and dirt. Clean them each time before you change them, so you know that the charging does not damage the cables or cause battery failure.
  • Tighten the ventilation plugs on each of your golf cart batteries before loading them. If any of the covers are cracked or broken, replace them before charging the batteries.
  • Connect the batteries in the charger or a wall outlet, depending on the type of batteries you have. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to charge appropriately.
  • Fill each of the batteries with distilled water to keep the lead plates inside the batteries fully submerged.
  • Fully charge the batteries at night for best results.

Tips and warnings

  • Avoid what is known as a final charge, or the placement of golf cart batteries in the charger for a short period, as it shortens the life of the batteries.

How to maintain golf cart batteries

First of all, Club Car golf carts are equipped with 4 or 6 batteries propagating a force of 36 volts or 48 volts.

  • Six batteries of 6 volts for 36 volts
  • Six batteries of 8 volts for 48 volts
  • Four batteries of 12 volts for 48 volts

For your new batteries to operate at maximum capacity, they must be recharged 20 to 50 times, depending on the use. Also, it is essential that you fully recharge your batteries before first use, after storage and if the vehicle is used daily.

By using your cart every year, the batteries have the durability of about eight years (this estimate depends on the maintenance you give to your batteries). Its last digit displays the year of the batteries and the months are presented with letters. For example, a battery installed in June 2012 will be indicated by F6.

It must be recognized that the fewer batteries are maintained, the less they have electrolytes. Decreasing the number of electrolytes weakens their performance. Also, it is not recommended to install new batteries with old ones to avoid that the new ones are drained. Sometimes Best AGM Battery works well with the golf cart.

It is essential and essential to wear protective glasses and gloves to prevent burns!

Battery maintenance

  • Before you start, protect the body of your cart near the batteries. Indeed, if a splash of electrolyte (acid) is deposited on the body, it will burn.
  • It is essential to turn the walking adapter to TOW before starting.
  • Check the water level of the batteries. Add water if necessary only AFTER charging the batteries.
  • The water should go only above the battery plates (1 to 1.5 cm). It is important not to fill the water up to the stopper to avoid an overflow of acid (if you accidentally fill them too much, take an instrument like a pear juice and remove the excess water). On the other hand, if the batteries are not sufficiently filled, they will be damaged more quickly. Also, it is advisable to put distilled or demineralized water (bottled water, not tap). The check of the water in the batteries is necessary once a month or more depending on the use of the cart.
  • Check that the battery cables are tight to maximize performance and avoid resistance that may cause the pole to overheat until the controller is blown ($$$).  Be careful, do not over tighten them to prevent breaking the limits. 
  • Clean the battery terminals with a wire brush or fine sandpaper to remove the sulfate (greyish/whitish residue). This step allows the batteries to store power efficiently. If you find that the terminals are damaged, change them.
  • Using a cloth, absorb the water on the batteries and dust off the dirt (We do not recommend not to clean the cells with a jet of water to avoid the risk of damaging the body of the cart with the acid batteries.)
  • Put a protective spray on the battery terminals.
How to Charge Golf Cart Batteries?
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How to Charge Golf Cart Batteries?
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