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How to Clean Pet Urine from Carpet?

Even the best friend of man ever happens a faux pas and he urinates on the new carpet or runner. The reasons are usually different. Some dog breeds have a very sensitive bladder and feel a lot of pain when they’re in the bladder. But factors such as stress can also help urinate a dog or cat on the carpet. If the misfortune of the four-legged happened, you should react quickly and clean the carpet. If you do not respond soon enough, the rug suddenly starts to stink, and dark spots appear on the mat. But the biggest problem with the whole thing is, do not remove the urine odors; the dog will most likely urinate again in the same spot as it still smells like it. You can read our Best Carpet Cleaner for Old Pet Urine Reviews to buy the best one.

Thanks to our home remedies tricks, you too can rid your carpet of any urine smell without any chemical cleaners.

Remove dogs and cat urine from the carpet

As mentioned above, you should act on dog fur as soon as possible on the mat and remove it. You do not even have to have special carpet cleaners at home because you can treat them often with traditional home remedies. This usually gives you enough time to treat fresh urine stains quickly. The faster you tackle a new carpet stain, the higher the chance that the carpet will become clean again. Dried urine stains are much harder to remove as the smell has already spread over the entire carpet. Not to mention the bacteria!

Remove home urine with home remedies

For fresh urine stains, it is best to press enough kitchen paper directly onto the stain and pick up as much of the liquid as possible on the kitchen paper. Alternatively, you can of course also take the old newspaper. Repeat this until the paper stops absorbing moisture.

Now it’s time to clean! The remaining animal must now be sufficiently moistened. It’s best to pick up a bucket of warm water. Add a little washing-up liquid and a cleaner (e.g., some detergent) and mix the whole thing. Now rub in the stain with the mixture. It is best to take an absorbent old cloth at hand. In between, put a new paper on the stain to absorb the rest of the urine. Repeat this process until you feel that the urine has been completely removed.

Once the urine has been removed from the carpet, you must then take care of the urine smell in the carpet. To remove the urine smell from the carpet, mix water and vinegar in a bucket and rewash it. The vinegar should now neutralize the scent. With a little work, the smell should disappear completely.

Tip: remove animal hair and odors from the carpet.  

Remove dried urine stains

Dried dog urine stains require more time to clean than fresh stains. To remove the dried urine stains, you must first moisten the stain with water and detergent. Then follow the instructions above.

Alternatively, we recommend carpet foam and a carpet brush. Thus, the stain should be able to be easily removed.

Use a carpet cleaning machine to remove urine stains

With a so-called carpet cleaning machine, you can easily remove urine stains from the carpet. Carpet cleaning machines work according to the so-called spray extraction method. The liquid detergent (water + soap) is sprayed onto the dirty carpet and immediately sucked off again. You practically wash the dirt out of the rug. The whole thing has the advantage that you can to clean the entire carpet quickly. However, you should have a possibility where the carpet can dry.

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