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How to control Elevator Gently?

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Today, controlling an elevator does more than we think. It doesn’t just take us gently from floor to floor. It even ensures efficient use of the elevators in several elevators and may even switch some elevators to sleep mode if the number of users is low. Here we show the common controls for the elevator.

Liftboy or automatic control

Today there are hardly any lift boys left, and even if they do, the entire elevator group is still ordered by a higher-level destination call controller. The manual control or lever control has, therefore, become obsolete in public buildings with several elevators. Even in private elevators or in a small apartment building, hand control is rarely found.

Types of elevator controls

The control system takes care of the efficient travel of the elevator as well as the opening and closing of the elevator doors. The control system also ensures a smooth and smooth start-up and braking.

  • Hand control/lever control
  • Group control
  • Push-button control
  • Target selection control

Push-button control for the home

In private homes and apartment buildings, the push-button control is the usual elevator control today. Only one call or one command is ever saved. The internal command always has priority. If a command is entered inside, the elevator blocks all further entries until it has processed its command.

Since this is of course completely uneconomical at many stops, the push-button control is now only used for elevators with a maximum of five stops.

Collective control – one by one

This control saves all commands that are entered on the inside or outside of the elevator and process them one after the other. The collective control is divided into three different variants. On the one hand, there is the up or down collection control and on the other hand, there is a full collection control.

In this case, two buttons are installed so that the passenger can determine their direction of travel beforehand.

Fall asleep and save

An elevator needs a lot of electricity, there is hardly any way around it. However, so that the elevator does not need electricity when nobody is using it, the control should switch it off independently. Because, the fan, the cabin light and the displays otherwise require a lot of power around the clock. You can usually determine the period after which the elevator goes into stand-by mode.

By pressing the call button, the elevator should wake up completely and return to its awake state as quickly as possible. Often this also means that the fan quickly removes the stale air in the elevator before passengers get on again.

Automatic control

A fully automatic control system has so far only been attempted for freight lifts. For example, dining cars or beds are automatically moved to the correct previously set floors. As a rule, however, no one may accompany the loads.

Tips & tricks

When building an elevator, pay attention to an elevator control that exactly matches your needs. What does a high-tech control system help you if you only want to travel to two stops in a private house? In this case, the automatic shutdown is more important, so that as little electricity as possible is required.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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