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How to correctly choose the drawing table?

Choosing a table for drawing is not an easy task if you dedicate yourself to drawing or architecture. It is essential to choose appropriately, taking into account all the details. For example, the inclination of the table, how it can be manipulated, how wide the angle is… Everything must be adapted to the needs of the artist or professional.

For this reason, we have created this article so that you can find out which is the best drawing table, the one that meets the objectives and essential requirements for you.

What difference is there between a drawing table and a traditional one?

To begin, the incline. A drawing table allows you to tilt it, adopt positions that a traditional one does not allow. Also, the edges are flat and the corners are arranged at 90 degrees, completely straight.

In this way, there is no problem when using the bracket and the bevel, because there is no impediment. The professional can move his tools without hitting any part of the support.

Technical drawing table ideal for youth and adults

Next, we are going to show you the technical drawing table most requested by our users. You will find different models of this same product, with similar characteristics. Let’s start!

Oxford Youth Drawing Table or Desk

This is the ideal drawing board to start in this area. If you are a student of technical drawing or you are in the career of an architect, this light table for drawing can not miss in your home.

It has a useful area of ​​118 × 68 centimeters, reinforced rubber corners to avoid knocks against this area and allows adjustment of the working angle. It is characterized by being able to obtain up to 10 different positions.

Also, it can be used as a table for an architect, since it allows to modulate the height. So the little ones can start practicing with the help of the older ones. The dimensions are:

  • Height : 62.5 to 92.5 centimeters.
  • Width : 117.5 centimeters.
  • Depth: 68 centimeters.
  • Panel thickness: 2 centimeters.

Other noteworthy features of this draftsman table are that it contains a built-in ruler with a full stand, a storage shelf and a side accessory. So you can include a folder, an additional book, or a backpack.

It is made of metal and wood and you can find it in black, white, pink, green and beech.

What is the price of the tables for technical drawing?

Typically, architects’ removers are usually quite expensive or priced too high. Luckily for you at Home, we have very affordable prices, adapted to all economies. In this way, anyone can choose to purchase this product without having to leave the entire budget. Also, we always give advantages and payment facilities.

What do you have to look at to choose this table?

There are many aspects to consider. However, we highlight a series of points that we will detail below.


Evaluate the dimensions you need. Not all professionals or artists need a large table. If you are starting, we recommend Homy’s schedule, even if you are in a more advanced stage. Depending on the professional challenges you are facing, you will be able to adapt to the dimensions. In any case, if 100% of your time is devoted to technical drawing, the measurements are likely to be substantial.


We recommend that you take a look at the materials from which the table is made. It is not advisable to order a plastic table or flimsy materials. You must invest a little more for its duration and quality.


Some professionals need to carry the table to draw from one place to another. Some people have it in the office and on a particular weekend, they decide to take it home. Keep this point in mind if you move from one place to another always.


Another important point when choosing a drawing table is to look at its flexibility. For example, the ease of inclination, what is the angle it allows. Suppose it is intended for artistic and technical drawing or only for one of these areas. Please read the features and accessories carefully before making a decision.

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