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How to Drive at Night Safely?

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A report from the national highway authority indicates that vehicle accidents during the day triple compared to daytime. No matter how dangerous this situation is, we can agree that night driving is not inevitable. However, that is not an indication that there is nothing to be done. If anything, you should be aware of the night safety driving tips.

But what contributes to the escalation of the nighty vehicle accidents? This is a question that the highway authorities have tried to clear. At night most people are likely to be tired of daily activities. Consequently, their mental alertness is slightly reduced. Besides, there is reduced vision at night. However, that is not a problem for you can acquire Driving glasses for night time

However, if you are likely to sleep while driving at night, we still got you. You can consider reading this article to get the most useful tips that will prevent you from sleeping. Also, if you are skeptical of the need night vision sunglasses, I will offer reasons as to why it is a must-carry while driving. Further, I will conclude with the tested and most effective driving tips.

How to Avoid Sleeping When Driving?

More often, drivers are likely to think of the remedies after their eyes threaten to close.

As a matter of fact, such times, your brain is likely to fail you. Consequently, it is recommendable to be aware of indications that signal the need to exercise sleep precautions. Some of the signs you are likely to sleep are;

  • Lack of enough sleep in the last 6-10 hours
  • Yawning frequently
  • Daydreaming- your mind is continually wandering
  • A feeling that the head is tilting to the other side
  • Other drivers honking due to erratic driving
  • Difficulty in focusing or keeping eyes open
  • Constant drifting from your lane

Having known that you are a few seconds from sleeping while driving is not enough for t it will salvage nothing. The next and more vital step is to exercise sleep prevention mechanisms. Are you wondering which the most effective sleep prevention mechanisms while driving are? Keep rolling to know.

  1. Get enough sleep before  hitting the road
  2. Put some music in the background– it is an immediate response; music to most people is known to keep them alert.
  3. Use caffeine for short-term– caffeine increases mental activity. As a result, promising mental alertness which might be missing
  4. Pre-drive nap- having a rest for 20 to 30 minutes before driving may help in staying alert. Also, while on the road, you can have a nap when it becomes impossible to keep your eyes open. However, while having a nap on the way, you should drive to a secure place and tightly close the doors and windows.
  5. Do not drink before driving- alcohol will not only reduce your mental alertness but also increase the chances of sleeping. As the national highway authority states, do not drink and drive.
  6. The buddy system- additionally, the buddy system is highly recommendable by the sleep organization. Having a friend who can step up and drive will give you ample time to rest.
  7. A break every 2 hours or 1000 miles-nonetheless, if you are new in the road, it is recommendable to take a break from the steering wheel after some time. Ideally, after two hours or 1000 miles. You can choose to make a call, grab a snack, or else scroll via social media.

Why Do You Need Night Vision glasses?

We won’t just tell you. But, we’ll also show it to you on this driving test we conducted. Play the video below and see for yourself. You can compare the difference.

Can you replace night vision glasses with sunglasses? Before I answer this common question, let us check on how sunglasses work. They work by reducing the amount of light coming to the eye.

As a result, they reduce their vision. Just to ask, at night, do you need a reduced vision? Without a doubt, your answer is no. Consequently, you can only increase the chances of accidents by using sunglasses rather than night vision glasses.

What Are The Benefits Of Night Vision glasses

The overall duty f the night lenses is to improve vision on low light conditions. They apply several mechanisms to achieve this vital end goal. These mechanisms include;

  • Reduce the Glare from Oncoming Headlights

Headlights of a vehicle are handy in improving night vision but pose a danger to the other drivers. They consist of a blue light, which is part of the light spectrum with the highest amount of energy.

Hence, when they enter into the eyes, they increase the chances of glares, which results in minimized vision. The night vision glasses construction helps in filtering the glares to guarantee brighter views.

Excellent night vision glasses are coated in a material that has UV400 protection dedicated to reducing strong LED headlights. They also come in different shades. The darker the shade, the better is the performance.

  • Improving Contrast and Depth Perception

Have you ever used a camera at night? If yes, you can agree that the images are darker and of poor quality compared to day time images. Have you ever wondered why it appears so?  With daylight, images have more crisp detail, making them explicit. At night, however, or even just indoors, things start to get blurry, and features don’t pop out. Using the night vision glasses increases the eye contrast and perception of the images. Consequently, the images are clearer

Nonetheless, if you have an underlying eye problem, night vision glasses, might not be sufficient to guarantee night driving safety. Therefore, you will have to use the prescribed glasses from the doctor.

How to Adapt On Low Light Driving At Night?

Besides, acquiring the night-vision lenses, there are more techniques that you can deploy for a better vision at night. These techniques include;

  • Turn off the interior lights: increasing the light inside the car, causes the pupil to constrict. As a result, allowing a low amount of light into your eye, which leads to reduced vision. Thus, always put off the interior lights at night
  • Flip the rearview mirror: flipping the rearview mirror enables switching to the night vision setting. The headlights will still appear in the mirror but dimmer, which helps to reduce distractions.
  • Avoid looking directly at the oncoming headlights: this technique will help in reducing the glares. Try looking down to the right of the road. Therefore, you will see the incoming vehicles via a peripheral vision avoiding the glares.
  • Adjust the mirror positioning: to apply this technique, while on the driver’s seat, lean to the left while resting against the window. From this position, adjust the driver’s mirror until you see the left rear corner of the vehicle.  That position helps to reduce the glares and blind spots.

What Are Effective Night Driving Safety Tips

As helpful as night vision glasses for driving, there are still some notable things a driver must do. Here are some of our Effective Night Driving Safety Tips.

Make Sure All Lenses Are Clean.

Having dirty lenses, then you should know that blurred vision is not inevitable. Hence, it is vital to keep them clean. the parts to check include windshields, car lights, and eyewear.

Get A Good Pair Of Night Vision Glasses!

The rule of thumb when it comes to night lenses is the darker the shade; the improved is the vision. However, if you have underlying eye problems, it is recommendable you check with an eye doctor.

Look right

it is a fantastic technique for the night drivers, which help in preventing the incoming glares. It involves making use of the right white lane while looking down.

Avoid two-lane

According to a report from the national highway authority, two lanes increase the glares from the headlight of the oncoming vehicle. So where possible you should avoid two-lane roads as possible at night

Use the Data Collection Device

It is possible to be involved in an accident as a result of the other driver’s negligence. In most cases, drivers involved in such accident, lack enough evidence to claim their innocence. That is why I always recommend a dashcam. This device records the activities of the road, which may act as evidence if need be.

Keep Your Eyes In Check.

Buying the best quality pair of night vision glasses in the world alone won’t do much good if the problem is your eyesight. It is best to get a professional optometrist to check your vision. With this in mind, whether it is prescription glasses, sunglasses, or night vision spectacles – they are meant to improve your driving conditions but are not intended to fix your eyesight.

Understandably some do not want to see a doctor and would brush little instances off. But, just like with any health issue, the earlier it is addressed, the better. That way, you can prevent any further damage from happening and have a better chance of improving your vision.

Additional Night Driving Safety Tips For You

We can’t fail to highlight that not every night vision lens in the market will serve its purpose. Undoubtedly, research and recommendations are vital. Look for the best night driving glasses Review, to quicken the search.

Ultimately, there is no single solution to improved nighttime driving vision; we all have our level of sensitivities to light and how our eyes process it. But, we feel right to suggest day and night driving glasses. To wrap up our Night Driving Safety Tips. Check our other articles to aid you with the top night driving glasses in the market today. We hope that you enjoyed reading our Effective Night Driving Safety Tips!

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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