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How to keep mosquitoes out of rain barrels?

Rain barrels are utilized to collect rainwater from the roofs, which can be used for garden irrigation, car wash or toilet tanks. This method of collecting rainwater reduces the cost of using water in the home and conserves water. There are ways you can prevent mosquitoes out of rain barrels and help to reduce mosquito breeding sites. You can have a look at our Best Rain Barrel buying guide.


  1. Empty barrels of rain every four to six days. Female mosquitoes lay eggs in standing water. It only takes seven days for the egg to emerge in an adult mosquito.
  2. Add fish that eat mosquitoes in rain barrels, or they will die.
  3. Use small portions of mosquito mats. Buy the product from most gardening stores. These partners slowly release an active ingredient, Bacillus Thuringian is (Bt), which kills mosquitoes for 30 days or more. They are safe for your plants and do not harm animals or people.
  4. Cover the rain barrel with fine screening. Screens to mosquitoes and prevent the laying of eggs in the water. Secure investigation of the plastic mesh window over the openings in your rain barrel. Add gauze to the top of the screen as an additional filter.
  5. Have an overflow hole in the rain barrel to keep the water level below the screen. Mosquitoes can reproduce in the water between the display and the top of the water surface if the best rain barrel is filled to the top.

Tips & Warnings

  • If your rain barrel has a hose attached, put a screen on the end of the hose connected to its overflow. Mosquitoes can access the rain barrel through the hose. Put a small screen on the overflow device, using a hose clamp.
  • If you are watching for an easy way to keep mosquitoes out of rain barrels, use mosquito larvicides. Larvicide treatment of breeding habitats helps to reduce the adult mosquito population. Just follow the instructions on the product packaging, and put the amount directed towards the rain barrel, where the mosquitoes reproduce.

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