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How to Lower the Noise Level of Lawn Mower?

When the lawnmower makes loud, rattling noises, it tugs the nerves of the operator and the neighborhood. If the noise level rises suddenly while mowing, you can solve the problem with a simple measure. You can find out how to do this here.

Battered knives make the lawnmower loud

The collision with a stone is enough to seriously damage the cutter bar of a lawnmower. As a result, the device vibrates and makes unmistakable crackling noises. In combination with the already loud petrol engine, the noise pollution takes on unimagined dimensions. So that your lawnmower works more quietly again, you should replace the broken knife.

The new knife makes the lawnmower quieter – this is how the exchange works

To replace the stripped cutter bar, all you need is a new, type-specific specimen, new screws with washers and a wrench. Before you start the actual assembly work, please pull the plug from the spark plug and turn off the fuel tap. How to change a lawnmower blade correctly:

  • Tilt the lawnmower to the side so that the spark plug and air filter point upwards
  • Block the cutter bar with a piece of wood
  • Stabilize the knife with one hand to loosen the screws with the other hand
  • Pull off the old cutter bar with the help of slight rotary movements

Please note that some lawnmower models have left-handed screws at this point. Place the new lawnmower knife precisely on the screw opening and screw in the screws together with the washers. For safety reasons, we recommend a torque wrench for this work so that you can screw in the screws precisely according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

If the new cutter bar is in place, tip the lawnmower back onto its wheels. Place the spark plug connector on the spark plug and turn on the fuel tap. The next time you cut the lawn, your lawnmower will run as quietly as on the first day.


It is in the nature of things that petrol lawnmowers work much more noisily than electric mowers. If you have a problem with the noisy engine, we recommend switching to another lawnmower type that promises whisper-quiet work.

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