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How to Maintain Elevator Shaft Smoke Extraction?

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Depending on the size of the elevator, the building regulations of the federal states prescribe certain openings for smoke extraction. Usually, these openings are made in the head of the elevator shaft. But within heated parts of the building, the warm air is constantly discharged through the gaps in the doors.

Capture warm air – remove smoke

The chimney effect significantly increases the extraction of warm air. An elevator may increase heating costs significantly. The loss of heating costs and heat can be counteracted with an elevator shaft smoke extraction system.

Louver flap and electric motor

Many manufacturers offer smaller elevator shaft smoke extraction systems for retrofitting. This primarily includes an electric motor and louver flaps in front of the exhaust air openings. These components, however, have to be exactly adapted to the size of the elevator shaft in terms of their dimensions and motor power.

Of course, the smoke suction system also includes plastic suction pipes and filters that clean the air in the elevator shaft. The electric damper, which also draws in air, opens the damper in a controlled manner. At the same time, the extracted air is continuously checked for smoke particles.

Emergency protection for smoke extraction

If the power fails and the smoke extraction system is no longer operated via the smoke detector or the built-in timer, it opens automatically. A small spring mechanism is built in for this.

This also automatically opens the louver flap when people have been in the elevator for a long time and are apparently locked in. This prevents ventilation from being under-executed in an emergency.

Elevator shaft smoke – small electrical system

Here again the components of a small smoke extraction system, which can be easily retrofitted in a conventional elevator in a single-family house.

  • Electric motor
  • Plastic pipes
  • Venetian blind
  • Filter cartridges
  • Smoke detector
  • Emergency spring mechanism
  • Time control or temperature switching

Comply with the energy-saving regulation

Due to the strict energy-saving regulations, all buildings must be designed in such a way that all surrounding areas that could transfer heat are permanently impermeable to air. These must be completely sealed according to the latest recognized technical rules.

Since this seal is of course not available when the flap on the shaft head is open all the time, the energy-saving ordinance forces the owners of such lifts to retrofit anyway.

Assembly and maintenance

If possible, the elevator shaft smoke extraction should be planned and installed by an experienced specialist. It should be ensured that smoke and CO2 are monitored and that temperature measurement is carried out at the same time.

A company should be selected that will later also maintain the system so that problems can be identified more quickly.

Tips & Tricks

Also, pay attention to the power consumption with such a smoke extraction system . Older models may run too often and the motors need more power than necessary. Do not rely solely on the information provided by the manufacturer, but also have this given in writing and check the consumption after installation.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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