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How to Make Colored Pencils Look Like Watercolor?

Can we make beautiful work only with colored pencils? This is the question we ask ourselves when we want to make a work in color without going through painting. This is also the question we ask ourselves when we see the number of colored pencils hanging in our drawer or a box and waiting to be used. But let’s also admit that we all have a deep nostalgia for our early childhood (I speak for adults, lol), that of handling these beautiful colored pencils nuanced, with this memory of joy at the opening of this large box with pencils. Hum! What was lovely to see all these pencils aligned! You can have a look at our Best Watercolor Pencils review guide to buying the best pencils for you.

Can I make professional work only with colored pencils?

If you’re wondering if you can do work with colored pencils, this article will convince you that if !. You will first have to take a look at the web (internet), but also in some art galleries to realize that some contemporary works are made only with colored pencils and have an extraordinary rendering! If you can handle the pen in pencil or charcoal, you’ll quickly feel the crayon. The only condition is that the mine must be tender; because to have a comfortable mastery and a fluid rendering, the result depends on the hardness and the quality of the pit of your pencils.

That’s what some herbal artists were wary of before colored pencils because they were alterable in the light. Manufacturers have become aware of this problem and have improved the light resistance of the pigments used, giving at the same time more varieties available on the market, hence the appearance of water-soluble crayons or with oil. This has increased all the more technical possibilities.

The characteristics of the colored pencil:

How and what is the crayon made of?

The colored pencil is made with amine composed of a pigment, an additive (chalk, talc or Kaolin) and a binder (usually a cellulosic glue). To increase its strength and for a quality necessary for the drawing, the pigment sticks are immersed in liquid wax.

To protect sure children who tended to suck their colored pencils or put them in their mouths, strict regulation of the manufacture of colored pencils was imposed on their manufacturers. This banned and eliminated some toxic pigments: especially chromes and cadmium.

But keep in mind these pure effects and the sweetness that can be achieved with colored pencils

To have beautiful effects, it results from the party that they make it possible to draw from the texture of the paper. Whether on hot pressed paper, or smooth-surfaced paper like card stock, the colored pencil leaves a network of small white meshes impossible to fill. This phenomenon softens the whole, especially in areas of light shade. This highlights the importance of the choice of support! Because colored pencils are more sensitive to the texture of the support.

As I explained a little earlier, the variety of colored pencils us expands the technical option, including that add a solvent either water or of turpentine. This made it possible to fill these blanks and to give the drawing the appearance of a watercolor while maintaining the modulation of the tones.

But this tool did not reveal to us all its riches, and for another city it is that of their use in the superposition and the juxtaposition of colors due to their application on the support combined as and when the drawing thanks to various techniques of juxtaposition, hatching and cross-hatching, which give the eye an optic effect homogeneity.

Remember that the colored pencil provides a wide range of effects, from sketching in bright tones to precision drawing, with a full palette of sounds. There are several application techniques, but this would be the subject of an upcoming article. So now when you have a colored pencil between your fingers, do not always think about those moments spent in kindergarten by coloring geometric shapes, or your scribble on leaves to pass the time, but look at it as a real artistic tool, able to make you realize beautiful drawings of precisions, or achievements rich in colors and smoothly!

So your pencil!

Leave me a comment if you like this article, and tell me they are your difficulties with colored pencils, and what would you like to learn to do with ?, I will certainly do a tutorial on this subject.

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