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How to protect your roof and gutter guard?

The deal is concluded, the keys change hands, and you are finally the owner of your own house. But now you end up with a whole new set of problems: maintaining and repairing your home as well as repair gutter guard. Essentially, you’ve spent all that money for the perfect home, and you want to make sure your investment is protected. Then the question comes to mind that does I really need a gutter guard.

But whether you’re a new owner or you’ve been for years, it never hurts to know if your roof is in good shape. Roof leaks can cause significant structural problems for your home, and if your gutters are not in good condition, then water running down the walls of the house can weaken your foundations and cause other problems.

A case of shingles

What you need to first check on your roof are the shingles. Most areas of the ceiling are not visible from the ground, so it is crucial to climb the roof and examine how the shingles are extended. Shingles are sensitive to high winds because they are light and they overlap one another: in the long run, the wind finds a way to rush and damage them. If shingles are twisted, it is clear that your roof requires some repairs, so it is best to ask a roofing contractor to inspect it. Keep in mind that if your roof is relatively new, the problem may come from the installation of the gutter guard.

If you have noticed missing shingles or broken tiles, you should have your roof repaired immediately to avoid major problems caused by leaks in the ceiling. Winds are often the cause, although damage to the ceiling can also contribute (tree branches that strike the roof during a violent storm, for example). The wind pressure depends on the shape of the roof, but also on the geographical position and the surrounding buildings. Again, this may be due to a problem with the installation, but regardless of the cause of the split tiles or shingles, it is important to take care of them as soon as possible.

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An icy reception

Ice reservoirs, when the snow melts on a hot area of the roof and flows over a colder area, freeze again and accumulates, can ruin the roof and the shingles as much as the wind, is not anymore. Meltwater from ice can build up and seep through the ceiling, damage internal structures, roof insulation and paint on the interior and exterior walls. The accumulation of ice Can be avoided in many ways: ensuring that the roof is cold as a whole and that no hot spots are found by checking the insulation of the attics is the most important point, but you can also install a Heating the roof to ensure that the snow melts immediately and that the ice does not have time to accumulate. To save your gutter guard and for long lasting service, you can solder your gutter guard.

Glace on the gutter guard

If it is too late to prevent ice retention, you can always call a professional to remove the ice reservoirs or you can deal with it directly. Use a roof rake to remove snow and ice from your roof immediately after a storm; do not forget to pull the snow in the direction of the slope of the ceiling to avoid damaging the shingles. When you find an ice reservoir, cut it to form a channel through which water can pass. You can also fill a sock of salt or de-icing crystals and place it perpendicular to your roof so that a gutter is created in the ice melting so that the melted snow flows through it. Also, be sure to remove as much ice from your gutters as possible.

Pay attention to the gutter

Speaking of gutter guard, it is also important to make sure they are clear. Best Gutter Guard allows rainwater to flow down from the roof without sinking along the walls of your home and is easily blocked by leaves, twigs and other debris. Frequent and early season inspection of your gutters can help prevent accumulations and avoid significant and costly repairs. Leaf guard can reduce the frequency of cleaning because they act as filters for debris that prevent rainwater from flowing. There are several options regarding gutter protectors, depending on your budget and environmental conditions. To save the rainwater you should have a rain barrel. So you can read our Best Rain Barrel Reviews to buy the best one.

So be sure to check that your shingles are not damaged or twisted, inspect your roof to prevent ice retention and protect your gutters adequately so that your dream home stays there for a long time!

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