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How to Recondition a Car Battery At Home?

This process is primarily intended to refurbish the batteries even when they are entirely discharged or dead. One of the main goals is to get rid of the developed sulphation. This is done by letting in some additives and allowing them to sit for a while, resulting in the decomposition of the sulphation of the plate. This process also charges the battery to full capacity and increases its life.

The charge does not solve the purpose of breaking down sulfation. Therefore, even if you recharge them, it is advisable to repackage them. With some necessary tools, this can be done at home.

The durability and life of car batteries

The buyer thus receives in many cases a partially discharged and already damaged battery. French auto magazine ‘Auto Plus’ showed that 44 percent of the batteries sold in hardware stores were overaged. “

With the introduction of the alleged maintenance-free accounted for in most batteries, the sealing plugs on the top. Refilling distilled water or measuring the acid density is therefore no longer possible. The battery mutates into an ex-and-hope article, which is often thrown away after three or four years.

Their lifespan can be easily extended to 15 years by regular recharging every two months, as our long-term self-test proved. Expert Kruger reports even up to 20 years old functional copies because the battery then holds longer than many a car. In Case of an AGM Battery, the Process is the same. To Buy the Best AGM Battery you can read our AGM Battery Guide.

How to recondition a car battery?


  1. The accumulation of lead sulfate crystals on the lead plates impairs the performance of the batteries that block the electrical charge that passes through them. Repackaging ensures that this buildup is removed.
  2. A desulfator and a battery with a voltage between 6 and ten amps are a good option. In this process, you need to connect the batteries with the desulfator and the charger. You will have to load it until the density is displayed between 1,250 and 1,300. The density can be measured using a densimeter.
  3. If you do not have it, the voltage should be checked. Keep the charger on and note the voltage. Ideally, it should display more than 15 volts. This procedure takes a total of 24 hours. Check the voltage and then turn off the charger in case it displays more than 11 volts. Then let it run for about 12 hours after connecting it to the desulfator. Then, turn on the charger and let it run for another 12 hours. Continue until the battery reaches the ideal voltage and density range.
  4. You can use these units on any lead-acid battery. If you are skeptical about what you are doing yourself, you can do it with a professional or exchange your product for refurbished products, rather than buying new ones.

How to keep batteries longer and what to keep in mind

To protect the battery, it is advisable to turn on power consumers such as radio, high beam and heated seats only when the engine is running. Otherwise, the battery is unnecessarily strained. Discharged batteries can often be recharged. In general, it is advisable to wear gloves when working with car batteries to protect against leaking battery acid. If the jump start is required, it is important to note the correct cable order. Never connect the earth cable to the negative terminal of the battery. Otherwise, overvoltage can occur. If the battery is once “completely dead,” then it is recommended also to check alternator, regulator and lines, so that there can be excluded defective and unnecessary battery purchase can be avoided.

How to Recondition a Car Battery At Home?
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How to Recondition a Car Battery At Home?
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