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How to Remove Set in Urine Stains from Carpet?

Contaminated urine is doubly unpleasant. They leave unsightly discolorations on bright materials and exude a disgusting urine smell when dried. Nevertheless, you do not have to be depressed when Bello lifts his leg on the sofa. Even if the cat confuses the carpet with the toilet or the human roommates do not hit the porcelain accurately, this is no cause for concern. For all these accidents and many more, there are the appropriate cleaning methods and home remedies. With those, you can restore sanitary conditions, remove urine stains and eliminate the odor. We show you how this works in this guide. You can also read our best carpet cleaner for old pet urine reviews guide to choosing the best disinfectant. 

Remove urine stains on different surfaces

Uneducated puppies, tagging hangovers or bed-toiling toddlers – in the home, sometimes several housemates cause urine stains on the carpet, mattress or furniture. This will remove stains on different surfaces:

cottonSimple: dribble insensitive tissues with lemon juice or soak them in a lye of enzyme-containing detergent. Then wash the fabric lukewarm and remove the stains.
WoolMedium: First, thoroughly rinse the affected area with cold water. Then wash the entire garment in lukewarm soapy water, to which you have added some sal ammoniac spirit at a ratio of 1:10. Finally, rinse thoroughly with cold water and allow to dry.
silkMedium: Dab the stain in the first step with spirit and then wash the garment in lukewarm soapy water. This way you can also remove urine stains!
padMedium: Dab the affected area with either glass cleaner, shaving cream or upholstery foam.Afterward you must take care to remove remains of the cleaner with sufficient water from the fiber. So you can avoid residue marks.
mattressSimple: it is best if you remove the protective cover from the mattress and clean it in the kitchen linen. For most mattresses today, this is easily possible and you ensure in this way a hygienic sleeping environment. If your child has frequent problems with bedwetting, it is worth buying an absorbent and impermeable bed mattress topper. This, in turn, can be conveniently washed to remove urine stains.
carpetMedium: Spray affected areas on the carpet with glass cleaner or with shaving cream. Leave the product on the carpet for a while. Then place a thick towel under the stain and rinse the area generously with lukewarm water.
tilingDifficult: Urine, which pulls in the joints, is particularly persistent. Apply an enzyme-based cleaner to the urine smell here. Alternatively, leave a porridge of baking soda and water in the tile joints for half an hour before wiping it with a damp cloth.
toilet seatMedium: Yellowish discoloration on a toilet seat made of plastic sometimes prove to be quite solvent-resistant. When scouring cream and scrubbing with baking soda is not enough, the grass to the dirt eraser often helps. To remove urine stains very thoroughly.

Remove urine stains – that’s how it works

To remove urine stains on textiles, the carpet, or the mattress, follow the step-by-step instructions :

  1. Step: In the first step, you absorb as much liquid as possible. This works with kitchen paper, towels or newspaper that you put on and under the floor. Firmly squeeze the absorbent materials and tissue together. You may still be able to put a book on top of it or get in the spot. Then change paper and towels and repeat the process until no more liquid comes out.
  2. Step: Rinse the stain with cold to lukewarm water – avoid hot water; that would fix the urine stain due to its protein content.
  3. Step: Use a home remedy to remove the urine odor and kill the bacteria. For this purpose, lemon juice, vinegar essence, baking powder or enzyme-based detergent are suitable. Apply the liquid or cleaning solution to the stain and let it work for some time.
  4. Step: After about 30 minutes, wash the detergent residue with lukewarm water from the fabric and hang to dry. For this purpose, light and insensitive textiles should be left in the sun, as the light effectively fades away any discoloring that may have remained. A carpet or a mattress you have to dry with towels. It is best to wear dry clothes regularly.

Home remedies for urine stains – Removal made easy

The stain removal at urine stains brings with its special features. Other stains look ugly, but you must remove the urine smell and the bacteria. Especially in the carpet or on the mattress creates otherwise unsightly situations. Appropriate home remedies make it easier to remove stains:

  • Vinegar: The popular home remedy helps effectively against bad odors by killing bacteria and fungi. However, you should exercise caution if you want to remove abnormal urine discoloration from bright fabrics. Vinegar has color fixing properties. Therefore, it should only be used if you just have to remove the urine odor after stain removal.
  • Baking soda: The white powder is a miracle weapon for removing bad odors. Either mix it with a little water to a thick paste, so you rub it with an old brush in tile joints or insensitive carpets. Alternatively, you can make a solution with water and baking soda. In this soft, you soft urine contaminated textiles, or you bring the paste with a spray bottle directly on the affected area.
  • Lemon Juice: With its fresh odor and antibacterial properties, lemon juice is good for removing urine stains. It works well with textiles or a mattress, but also for cleaning the bathroom floor and the toilet.

Special cleaners and equipment against urine stains

For the removal of urine stains as well as for the neutralization of bad odors you can use various special cleaners:

  • Enzyme-based pet stain remover: These agents contain active enzymes or bacteria that in turn neutralize the odoriferous substances in the urine. Eliminating the fragrance is especially important in dogs and cats. The four-legged otherwise tend to use the same place repeatedly as a toilet. At some point, the carpet or mattress cannot be cleaned anymore.
  • Carpet Foam: When Bello or Kitty has emptied themselves on the carpet or carpet, cleaning foam helps. This works by spraying, rubbing and vacuuming. Upholstered furniture can also be cleaned well with these products.
  • Textile Freshener: If you’ve already been intensively clean, but still feel an unwanted scent, use a textile freshener spray. These products effectively neutralize bad odors and leave the fiber odorless to slightly perfumed. This works on the carpet, the mattress or even upholstered furniture.
  • Blacklight: Your nose makes a source of the smell, but the spot is not part out to discover? Under UV light dried urine stains on the carpet, furniture or textiles are visible again. So you can immediately go for stain removal.

More tips for pet owners:

  • For puppy training, it has been proven to lock the not yet clean dog in an outlet or a kennel. Going for a walk is only possible at fixed times. Although this method limits the freedom of movement of your four-legged family member in the first few months, it saves a lot of trouble with dog urine in the long term. Lay out the spout with absorbent pads, which, if a small misfortune happens, will put you outside where the puppy’s business is desired.
  • If her cat or her dog marks his territory in the apartment, Fernhaltespray ensures the deterrence of chair legs and cupboards. The liquid is odorless to humans, while dogs and cats find the scent uncomfortable and avoid the sprayed places. Avoid unwanted marking with cat or dog urine in the garden by planting individual plants.


Even if you threaten your four-legged roommate loudly with the shelter when he was relieved once again on the carpet. Using the right cleaning agent, you can quickly remove the stain and the bad smell is gone soon. And nobody can be mad at a loyal dog’s eye for a long time anyway.

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