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How to remove urine from carpet

Dogs and cats are our favorite pets. But just when they are small or sick, they may leave urine on the ground. Even nervous and excited animals happen this before. As long as it passes on a stone floor like tiles, they can be removed quickly. The urine is more difficult to remove from the carpet. You can read the Best carpet cleaning machine for pet urine Reviews to choose the best one. But one the ing to remember and that is you should have the best cleaning solution. So, don’t forget to check it out before buying it.

No matter whether your darling has a weak bladder or is stressed, urine on the carpet requires fast action to clean the carpet. Negligence here means a loss of quality in the form of odor and stain formation very quickly. Also, her dog is likely to do his business again in the same place if the male is not completely removed. Because of animals and especially dogs, orient themselves to the smell and prefer already “marked” areas.

In this carpet cleaning kit, you will get valuable tips on how to remove cat and dog urine from the carpet and also get rid of the urine pouch – without chemical detergents.

Remove cats and dog urine from carpets

Step 1 is, therefore, the fastest possible removal of the animal urine. A special carpet cleaner is not necessary at all, but it can make the work easier. If this is not available, home remedies can also help, which may be in stock in almost every household. In most cases this is sufficient.

The time plays a significant role. The faster the fish’s urine stains, the higher the probability of complete removal and the prevention of smelly odors. Once the urine patch has dried up, cleaning is considerably more complicated. Not to mention the smell and the bakeries, which have a good breeding ground to use.

Washing machine for removing urine stains

Urine stains of dogs or cats can often be easily removed from the carpet with a carpet cleaner or scrubber. This use the spray extraction process in the liquid cleaner sprayed on the affected substrate and is sucked up again in the same working step.

In this way, the contamination is washed out of the carpet. Once you are there, the entire carpet can be refreshed with the carpet cleaning machine; you also can let the carpet dry. Modern washers also do this work almost entirely, leaving behind a clean and almost dry carpet floor thanks to their high performance.

Home Remedies for Dog Urine Removal

Once the male has passed, a quick action is indispensable. Therefore, fresh urine patches should be quickly covered with kitchen roll or newspaper to absorb the moisture. In this process, the respective paper is pressed onto the affected area until new paper no longer has any moisture traces.

Step two consists of active cleaning. When all moisture has been sucked in, and no further liquid can be absorbed by the kitchen roll or newspaper paper, some urine components remain attached to the fibers. They must be softened again. For example, a bucket of warm water, enriched with carpet cleaners or detergents, is suitable. This mixture is now best worked with a rag into the stain. The resulting dilution of the urine spot should repeatedly be dabbed with pulp cakes and sucked up.

Depending on the quantity of urine, the procedure should be repeated several times. Until all residues have completely disappeared.

The last step is the removal of odor from the carpet. It is best to use vinegar.

Mix fresh water with vinegar. Remember not to be too little but not too much vinegar too. Because vinegar can have a corrosive effect. With the water-vinegar mixture rub generously the stain. Give some time to vinegar. After some applications, this should have dissolved the smell.

Purification of dried animal urine

It is not always possible to remove the cat or dog urine from the carpet directly after the legacy of your four-legged animal. Here, carpet cleaning requires much more effort than fresh stains.

Thus, the dried spot must first be dissolved generously with water and rinse, to use the previously described instructions in the next step. The use of carpet foam and a corresponding carpet brush are also more practical.

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