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How to Repair a Gutter Guard?

Very useful, the gutter guard is used to draining rainwater from the roof and directs it to a place where the soil will slowly absorb it. Without them, water may fall near the soles, which can lead to severe water infiltration in the basement. If they are not functional, the water will go up to the roof and infiltrate the house. It is, therefore, necessary to ensure at all times to have gutters in good working order!

If you notice that your gutter guard is damaged, here are some tips to repair them properly. First, it is important to be very careful when going up a ladder. Do not hesitate to refer to an industry professional who will be pleased to advise you and make the necessary repairs.

Plug a crack

Over time, joints between sections or corners of the gutter can sink. Particularly in the case of a sectional gutter guard, this problem is frequent because the sealer dries after a few decades.

This is done by applying sealant in the same way as the installation of a new gutter. If the gutter is not equipped with a gutter guard, it is important to clean it before caulking the crack.

Repair a hole in the gutter

Steel gutters can rust over time, which will create holes. Aluminum or copper gutters can be easily pierced by a sharp object or a branch falling from a neighboring tree.

If the hole is relatively little, it can be repaired with roofing cement and a larger piece of metal. For example, soffit can be used as a part to restore the gutter. Before repair, it is essential to clean the gutter guard if there is no gutter or if it is not equipped with a continuous hook.

In the case of a larger hole, it is better to refer to a professional installer who will probably suggest you replace the deteriorated gutter section.

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Straighten a falling gutter

There are several reasons why your gutter guard will fall out over time. If the gutter guard is held with standard nails or hooks, it is necessary to add additional pins to solidify the nails. It is best to do this quickly because a too-tight gutter is twisted and must be replaced. An easy way to avoid this repair is to fix the gutter guard with a continuous hook, the strongest fastening method, from the moment of installation, which will ensure that it does not fall off. It is better to protect than repair. So every gutter owner must know How to protect your roof and gutter guard

Be careful before performing these tasks and respect your limits! If necessary, a professional installation of gutters will be happy to assist you in these repairs.

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