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How to Use a Rain Barrel?

Those who want to keep plants healthy and alert in drought need a lot of water, with a rain barrel you have soft rainwater at hand. In a drought, or if you have many potted plants or plants under glass, water in the garden is invaluable. A water connection on the wall or outdoors is nice, but drinking water is not always the best for your plants, not to mention the amount of water bill. Wasting drinking water in the garden at Wassernot is also not recommended. Rainwater does the plants well, in the garden as in the house, and costs nothing. You just have to collect it and save it until it is needed for a rain barrel offers.

The double amount

In most garden centers will be rain barrels offered in different sizes. Always buy the biggest one you can afford. You’ll be surprised how much water even a few plant traps consume when it’s dry. Even cheaper is to buy a second bucket. It will be connected to the first, doubling the amount of memory. The bin has to stand somewhere where it is connected to the downpipe, be it from the house, from the shed, from the greenhouse or the garage. It is best placed directly on a drainpipe. Otherwise, you have to install a new one as a supply line. But it’s also effortless with plastic pipes. A rain barrel is not necessarily a beautiful sight. If you do not find a naturally screened location, you may be able to walk through a creeper with climbing plants over them or put them on a fence or a wall.


• Rain barrels are available in wood and plastic. Wood looks better; plastic is more durable.

• Common sizes include 100, 150 and 200 l

• A fast connection to a downpipe must be possible at the site. The bin must be easily accessible with a watering can or for a hose connection.

• A lid protects the contents from debris, algae and insect hatch.

All connections fit into the existing drainpipe. The overflow occurs either through the tonneau cover or, as here, through the supply line.

Well connected

Special connections simplify the connection of the best rain barrel. They differ in detail, but all allow the water to drain through the pipe when the bin is full. An additional overflow pipe is not needed

Through the supply line into the bin

In this case, the rainwater runs through the supply line into the bin. Fitting in the drainpipe prevents the water from draining through the downcomer.

Runs through the downpipe again

With a full bucket, the water stands up to the internal overflow and runs off back through the downpipe.

So you build a pedestal

A pedestal on which the barrel stands is indispensable. The bin is then so far above the ground that you can turn off the watering can under the tap. The pedestal must be strong, as the full ton is quite heavy, and it must be stable. Otherwise, the barrel can tip over. A pedestal can be made of wood, but it will be eventually rotten. Far more durable is a pedestal, which consists of several dry-laid rows of bricks and a sidewalk plate.

  • Lay dry bricks on firm, flat ground, matching the paving slab.
  • When the required height is reached, complete with the plate.
  • Turn off the bin on the plate. Can the watering fit under the tap?

Mount the bin

Before you set up the barrel, a few little things have to be done so that it can be used.

The barrel is usually delivered with a tap. He must first be connected. Screwing. Ensure a firm seat and vertical position.

Plastic barrels always have a punched hole on the side into which the overflow pipe is inserted. Cutout or saw.

In the lid, you will usually have to cut a hole for the drainpipe. Pre-drill the hole and finish the job with a small saw.

Connect the rain barrel

Tool and material

  • Rain barrel with lid and faucet, bricks, walkway plate, drainpipe, elbow pipe (knee), wall bracket, overflow pipe, drill with wood and stone drills, screwdriver, saw, plastic glue, stainless steel screws, plastic dowels, tape, twine.
  • Put a ton on the finished pedestal. The hole for the overflow pipe must be correctly placed and the tap must extend so far that watering can be placed underneath.
  • Glue a short piece of drainpipe to one end of a knee. Cut a second piece a little longer than the distance between the other end of the knee and the existing downspout (holding the knee over the hole in the tonneau lid). Glue to the other end of the knee.
  • Hold the angled piece so that the short piece protrudes vertically into the hole in the barrel cover. Mark the downpipe approx. 2.5 cm above the point where the long piece crosses it.
  • Tie a strip of adhesive tape around the downpipe so that you can better estimate whether you are sawing through the pipe at right angles. Cut with the saw and throw away the lower part.
  • If the loose end of the downpipe cannot be attached, completely pull off the pipe and install new support using stainless steel screws and plastic dowels. Replace the downpipe.
  • Glue the second knee to the loose end of the downpipe (turn the knee in the direction of the hole in the tonneau cover). Hold the angled piece in place and mark it for cutting how to mask the downpipe with adhesive tape and cut it.
  • Insert the short end of the fitting into the barrel, glue the upper end to the drop tube. Fix with twine until the glue solidifies.
  • Insert the overflow pipe and glue it to the hole in the barrel side. It is provided with a knee and a longitudinal piece so that the overflow water runs into the previously used Siel.

Necessary accessories to review

1.Oatey 14209 Mystic Rainwater Collection System

Oatey Mystic Rainwater Collection System

The Mystic Rainwater Collection System provides you an efficient and perfect water supply in your lawn or garden.


  1. Rainwater Collection System: This tool is used to recycle rainwater by directing from downspouts into collection barrel (not included) for reuse in lawn or garden watering.
  2. Installing: The Mystic Rainwater Collection System is quite easy to install. It will fit on a standard 2” by 3” residential downspout and includes a 4” high flow hose to connect the diverter to the collection container.
  3. Design: The two-piece design is made of durable UV Resistant material, and the fantastic matter is that it is paintable to match with your outdoor decoration. It is also designed in such a way that the leaves and debris can’t be entered.


  1. Affordable price.
  2. Appealing design
  3. Very easy to install. You have to follow the instructions.

Conclusion: This tool is one of the best-selling product on Amazon. The customers are pretty impressed function and design of the tool.

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2.Good Ideas RW50ST-OAK 50-gallon Rain Wizard Stand

 Good Ideas RW50ST-OAK 50-Gallon Rain Wizard Stand


  1. Design: This Rain Wizard Stand’s rugged design holds up under weight and weather, and it resists fading, bulging and bowing.
  2. Pressure and flow: It not only increases pressure and flow but also with increased elevation, the barrel can drain at a much quicker rate.
  3. Working system: This rain wizard stand can work with all Rain Wizard 40, Rain Wizard 50 and Rain Vault rain barrels. WOW. That’s a pretty handy feature.
  4. Fit: This tool allows room for buckets, pails, and other water carriers so that they can fit under the spigot.
  5. Color: It comes with five different and unique colors so that it can mix and match with your barrel. So the color and design make the whole Rain Wizard system more attractive.


  1. This tool has the perfect height for the Rain Wizard Barrel. It raises the barrel enough to get good flow out of the spigot. So the water comes out at the proper height.
  2. It is quite easy to attach a hose or place a bucket underneath the barrel.
  3. The color doesn’t fade. So it looks always amazing.
  4. Extremely sturdy, durable, dependable and proper dimension.
  5. It makes the faucet more functional.
  6. Long-lasting product.


  1. Not yet found. A few people complained about the price is a little expensive but now the piece has come down, and it is quite reasonable.

Conclusion: This Good Ideas RW50ST-OAK-50-Gallon Rain Wizard Stand is a kind of product that can match up with your expectation. This color, design, and function of this product will make you pleased and make your house more amazing.

3. Summit 20-Pack Mosquito Dunk

Summit Mosquito Dunks

If you are facing the problem of mosquito, then it is the most perfect and suitable product to end your sufferings. It’s time to say mosquito-bye. Bye. The most amazing thing is- this product is a bacteria toxic only to mosquito larvae. You can read our How to keep mosquitoes out of rain barrels article for more details. 


  1. Killing: This product kills mosquito before they could be old enough to bite.
  2. Last: The organic lasts up to 30 days or more than that and kills within hours.
  3. Covering: Each dunk treats 100 square feet of surface area.


  1. It is non-toxic and entirely safe for all other wildlife, pets, fishes, and beneficial insects and human.
  2. You can quickly and safely use Mosquito Dunk to any standing garden, water garden, and rain barrel.
  3. You are getting two product in one. At first, you are getting the long term of the intact dunk, and then you get the quick kill of the “Mosquito Bits” product by crushing the dunk.
  4. The instruction is quite easy to understand and follow. So it is really easy to use.
  5. This product is highly effective.
  6. Low cost.

Conclusion: This is one of the best Mosquito Eliminator products present on the market. This product is entirely safe to use and works efficiently. It is also one of the best selling product on Amazon.

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4. Fiskars Rain Barrel DiverterPro Kit

Fiskars Rain Barrel DiverterPro Kit


  1. Design: The Fiskars Rain Barrel DiverterPro Kit filters out debris (so they can reach your rain barrel) while always helping to channel rainwater from the downspouts into the rain barrel and when the barrel is full the diverter manually returns the water through the downspouts to drain it away from your home’s foundation.
  2. Rainwater Capture: This product provides you improved rainwater capture during heavy downpours.
  3. Accommodation: Frisker diverter accommodates both standard and downspout sizes. It fits standard 2” * 3” and 3” * 4” downspouts.
  4. What does this product offer you: It includes – 2*3 inch and 3*4 inch downspouts couplers, connector hose, rain barrel connector, filter and an instruction guide which helps you to know how easy it is to add the DiverterPro Rainwater Diverter to your existing rain barrel system.


  1. It provides dual output design which allows you to install of rain barrels on both sides of the diverter.
  2. Removable filter features a transparent door so you can understand when cleaning is needed. So you can read the “How to clean a rain barrel” for details.
  3. It can connect to multiple rain barrels.
  4. It is designed for easy cleaning and winterization.
  5. Easy to install.

Conclusion: The function and design of this product look quite promising. Overall it seems quite good and useful tool.

5. RAINPAL Brass Rain Barrel Quarter Turn Ball Valve Spigot 

 RAINPAL Brass Rain Barrel Quarter Turn Ball Valve Spigot


  1. The Rainpal Brass Rain Barrel has the reverse threaded fitting nut. So you have to turn clockwise to loosen.
  2. It contains less than 0.25% lead and lead-free compliant.
  3. Rainpal Brass Rain Barrel provides heavy duty 3.7 oz solid Brass Bulkhead fitting, and also ¾ inch female threaded all the way and installed the spigot on either end. It also provides ¾ inch no kink quarter turn solid brass ball valve with Garden Hose Hook Up
  4. Bulkhead fitting needs a 1.25-inch diameter hole to be installed. It also fits up to a 0.4-inch thickness wall. This tool especially works great for 55 gallon used plastic drum barrels on craigslist, and these barrels normally have the wall thickness of 0.1-0.2 inch.
  5. This product offers you a lifetime warranty against any time of the leak, crack or break.


  1. The gasket material is rubber, so it doesn’t leak.
  2. The valve offers you excellent quality. So, when you tighten the spigot, the valve doesn’t loosen the fitting of the barrel; rather it helps to tighten.
  3. The Rainpal brass rain barrel is so easy to install. You just have to drill, drop, pick, tighten, wrap and again tighten. Sounds amazing. Isn’t it?
  4. Sturdy, durable, functional and well-designed.


  1. This product contains chemical, but you don’t need to worry if you are planning to get your rainwater from a source rather than a rooftop.

Conclusion: No other rain barrel on the market does not offer such quality materials and specifications.

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6. RAINPAL RAIN BARREL Linking/Link/Connector Kit

RAINPAL Rain Barrel Linking/Link/Connector Kit


  1. Design: It is designed for irrigation with Rain Barrel (not for potable water). Not for lead-free compliant.
  2. Brass Bulkhead: For the fitting Brass Bulkhead need 27mm or 1-1/16 to1-1/8 inch hole for installing. It fits up to 10mm thickness wall.
  3. Length: The length of the hose is 9 inches.
  4. Content: The Rain Barrel Linking/Link/Connector Kit provides you two Brass Bulkhead Tank Fitting(one is 3/4” GH Male, and the other is 1/2” Female Pipe Threaded). One hose is 5/8”(with 2 Female Garden Hose Connector)


  1. The quality of all the metal fitting and hose are great
  2. Does not leak.
  3. Reasonable price.
  4. Works very well.
  5. Easy to install.
  6. Solid


  1. No use with rain collection for potable water.

Conclusion: The quality of this product is pretty impressive.

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