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How to Use Watercolor Pencils?

Being a fun way to increase children’s intelligence, colored pencils remain essential for their development. Drawing also allows adults to be entertained and spend time. Thus, these accessories are part of the daily lives of children, but also passionate adults. If you are also an addict of drawing, learn with us how to use your crayons properly. If you want to buy the Best Watercolor Pencils then consider the article before making buying decisions.

How to Use Watercolor Pencils

Adopt the technique of your choice

In the art of drawing, there are several techniques for creating creations with colored pencils. Your decision must depend on the expected rendering. If you want, for example, to believe that you have used watercolor, dip a fine paintbrush in a little water, wring it out and apply it on the colors so that they melt and produce the desired result.

Use the “crayon painting” method

In this technique, you will mainly need good quality crayons. The basic principle is to mix colors to conceal the support. Start with the merge of these to create new ones and get unexpected effects. From there, find your way by experimenting every time. Develop, for example, your knowledge through personal research. To get a good shape of your pencil you can have a look at our article Best Electric Pencil Sharpeners.

Make gradients with your colored pencils

Keep in mind that drawing with colored pencils is not just about coloring. You can create a work of art from these tools. These allow you to perform unparalleled color gradients. Give relief to your drawing by nuancing reflections. Get out of primary colors and do not hesitate to use different types of brown, red, blue or green to have the gradient.   

Work on a suitable medium

The most logical and most practical of attitudes as a draftsman is to work on cardboard paper. It is easily accessible and is very affordable. Moreover, its consistency meets the conditions for drawing with crayons and is suitable for children. For those who want to venture away from white papers, there are also slightly colored paper sheets. You also have the drawing Canson or in other words the “grain C.”

Erase colors

You can rectify your work by erasing it on this or that part. However, remember that it is not recommended to repeat the process more than once. The damage will be irreversible; the paper has already suffered pencil strokes. But, if you are forced to resort to the use of an eraser, then opt for the technique of superimposing layers of light colors to erase those that do not suit you quickly.

Hide burrs

As we have just said, the eraser can sometimes completely spoil an almost finished work. Instead, you can always use a white pencil to avoid small mistakes made during the course. Yes, prevent and not fix. If you are, for example, afraid of overflowing your coloring on white paper, draw outlines in white pencil. Other colors will not take.

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