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How to Use Your Thermal Mower for the First Time?

Before you can start mowing, you need to know the steps to apply beforehand so that the mowing goes smoothly and your machine is used well, without risking damaging it.

The first use of a thermal mower

To start, check your mowing surface and systematically remove any foreign bodies that could disturb the operation of your thermal mower. Remove stones, toys, fabrics, pieces of wood, scrap metal, and anything else that could get under the mower deck and damage it.

If your land is sloping, it should not exceed 15 °. With a mower with a merchant driver, always mow perpendicular to the direction of the slope, never up and down. Wear long pants and sturdy shoes to prevent exposure to small projectiles like gravel. To keep a healthy lawn, do not mow more than a third of its total height.

Once the mower is removed from its packaging and mounted, when you use your lawnmower for the first time, fill the oil pan and then fill the fuel tank. Do not overfill the fuel tank to allow gasoline to expand. For the type of petrol and the type of oil as well as the quantity to be poured, follow your instructions for use. 

  • Before each use, check your fuel and oil level.
  • Before you start, turn on your fuel tap and adjust your cutting height.

Using a thermal mower: preparing to mow

First, check all of the machine components and set the cutting height as shown above. With a cold engine, it is sometimes necessary to use the priming bulb of the carburetor (refer to the instructions for use), in this case, pump 3 times. Some engines do not require it because they are equipped with an automatic choke.

Finally, start the mower and disengage the engine brake with the lever against the handlebars to pull the starter.

Use of a thermal mower: during mowing

When you want to empty the grass catcher or put fuel back in the tank, make sure to always stop the engine beforehand. Also, take care if you have animals or small children, it should not be able to access the ground that you are mowing for obvious security reasons. Remember to warn them beforehand and keep everyone safe. However, be careful while mowing and be ready to shut down the engine quickly anyway.

Do not try to remove grass while the engine is still running, let alone with your fingers! It is not because you wear gloves that you are protected against cutting blades, do not be fooled by a false sense of security.

Use of a thermal mower: after mowing

When you have finished mowing, turn off the power to the machine. Then empty the grass collector. Finally, remember to clean the mower,  i.e. the casing, the blade, the wheels, the tank and the engine hood. Then store your lawnmower in a dry and ventilated place.

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