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Lawnmower Does not Accept gas – What to Do?

Fluctuating engine power, stuttering and stuttering are classic indicators that a lawnmower will not accept the gas. There is a flaw in the well-balanced system of the components, which requires repairs. Familiarize yourself with tried and tested measures to solve the problem.

Only a clean engine can really accelerate – tips for troubleshooting

So that a lawnmower runs smoothly, cleanliness is very important. A single, dirty component in the engine is enough to unbalance the well-balanced system. Now the governor calls the engine ‘Come on, step on the gas!’ The carburetor, on the other hand, reports ‘How without fuel!’ Then the centrifugal governor turns to the linkage and says, ‘Come on, we’ll go to the basement until the carburetor says it’s getting gas again.’

This pattern goes on for a while until the operator breaks the thread of patience and presses the button. The root of the problem must now be found in the course of a fault analysis so that the lawnmower can accelerate again.

Cause analysis – step-by-step to the culprit

The majority of lawnmower models are designed to be consumer-friendly so that maintenance and repair work can be carried out yourself. You can find and fix the following causes without consulting a specialist:

  • Remove and clean or replace the air filter
  • Pull out the spark plug connector, remove the spark plug and clean it thoroughly, including the contacts
  • With the spark plug connector removed, use a brush to clean the cutter block of lumps of grass and soil
  • New carburetor idle Set

In the manufacturer’s manual, you can read where the components are and how they are removed. If you discover during the troubleshooting process that the carburetor is dirty, numerous manufacturers offer repair kits. Experience has shown that it is more economical for high-quality petrol mower to install a new carburetor. This is where do-it-yourselfers meet the threshold above which it makes sense to hire a master craftsman.


Regular maintenance effectively prevents extensive repair work on the lawnmower. Clean the cutting deck and cutter bar after every lawn mowing so that no wet grass gets stuck. Drain the fuel from the tank before the winter so that no resin builds up during the long break.

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