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7 Helpful Lessons to Learn from Nature

Do you enjoy being outdoors in nature? Enjoy – like us  – the tranquility, the prospects and are utterly fascinated by the perfection of nature? 

But have you ever thought that you could also learn a lot from nature?  Some “tangible” things that you can transfer to your life that will help you and enrich your life? What exactly are the things that you can learn from nature, you will find out in this article by  Afschin, who fled Iran at the age of 17  and was able to learn some formative things from nature on his flight?

7 Helpful Lessons to Learn from Nature

Are you looking for truth? After the meaning of life and for answers to your questions?  Or maybe you are in a life crisis, and you do not know where to go?

In such situations, we tend to overwhelm ourselves with counselors, books, and wisdom.  OK, they may help you a little further, and you will get to know many of the worldly wisdom of famous people.

Do you also know the wisdom of your heart? Do you know 
your wisdom or have you ever heard your inner voice?

Would you sometimes wish for a book that contained all the answers that you can open at any time? Or would you preferably have a best friend who will assist you in all matters of life and always have the right solutions ready?

What if I tell you now that you already have this book on your bookshelf and your all-knowing best friend is waiting for you at the door?

Yes, that is indeed the case, and  I will introduce you both. But first I would like to tell you a short story:

I met my meditation teacher during a severe life crisis. We have regularly met for long walks in nature. Our meeting place was a place where two small rivers flowed into a river.  So formed a small island, where I always waited for him. I was always there about 30 minutes earlier and used the time and peace in nature to read a book. Around me, many mountains and the magnificent, rich nature.

Once he asked me what I read there? I showed him the book and said,  “I’m looking for  the truth !” He glanced at the book and said,  “You do not need a book for that.” He pointed to the surrounding area and continued, “Nature is your big one Teacher – you can learn from her. “

And he was right!


Nature and you, you are an unbeatable team. She is your best friend.  In your silence, you can hear your inner voice, which contains all the answers to your questions. If you’re looking for the truth,  in a life crisis or have questions about life,  then nature is the book that you can always open and from which you can learn.

There is no other counselor, guru or expert who can give and teach you as much as nature! She is always there for you to take the weight off you.  You can trust her with everything; she even takes away your worries. Nature carries and protects you through difficult times, and teaches you your wisdom. You can not learn this wisdom in any school, and you will not find it in any book.  It gives you space for your creativity and development; it is always silently with full force to the side.

Nature and its silence write the great book of life.


I fled my home country of Iran at the age of 17. My escape route took me for four days through forests, mountains and untouched nature between Iran and Turkey. These four days are by far one of the hardest but most important days of my life.  They are the cornerstones on which my life today is based. However, I did not recognize and internalize this until many years later.

Nature was my faithful companion and protector on this bumpy road. During these four days, I have fallen madly in love with her, and she is my most important relationship today. Today I would like to  share with you some things I could learn from nature:

  1. Do not wait, run!

My escape also started with the first step. And then one step at a time. In life, you often stand at a starting point and stare at the target. But it is not the goal that makes you freeze, it should motivate you a lot more. What scares you is the uncertainty and the unknown in front of you. But if you stop at your starting point, your fear will grow and paralyze you. The solution is easy to run. Go in the dark. Go into the unknown. Go to new experiences and shores.

And you know,  life loves it when you just start walking.  Because this is how the unknown becomes tangible. You are the light that illuminates this darkness. So go ahead and do not wait too long.

2. Nature shows you your pace!

In nature, you have to remember your powers. If you overestimate yourself, you will have painful experiences.  So you can learn from nature, get to know your resources better and handle it with care. The better you learn that, the more self-confidence you will gain.

It’s like in life:  sometimes you go slowly and sometimes fast. However, it is important that you do not rush.

3. Nature speaks to you!

She has her language. If you are conscious and mindful, she will speak to you.  Her voice is the chirping of birds, the lapping of the water, the sounds of the trees or the sound of the wind.

Their most important language, however, is the silence!

In this silence, you hear your inner voice; it will tell you your wisdom and whisper to you the way through your life.

On my flight, I was very often silent and listened to me. Just in those moments, a voice said to me: “Hey, do not worry, everything will be alright!” I always trusted that voice and went on.

4. Nature teaches you respect!

In nature, you experience how everything is interconnected and how dependent we are on it.  It provides us with food, water, and fresh air. If you live in harmony with nature, it will never let you down. Respect nature and consider it your partner and player, not the opponent.

5. Nature teaches you mindfulness!

It is well known that the little things that make us happy and sweeten the life. The beauty of nature lies in the details.  What you see and touch you so much is the sum of many little things.

Learn to dive into nature and enjoy it to the fullest. Take note of the little things: Watch the flower on the roadside, look at the stones and their texture and touch the trees. So your attitude to nature will change positively.

6. Nature grounds you!

When you walk in nature, watch your steps. Feel how your feet touch the earth.  Feel how your connectedness grows like a deep root into the earth. It will protect and hold you in the strongest storm of life.

7. Nature helps you to arrive!

No matter where you are in nature,  it is always nice to arrive.  Whether you stop in a hut after a hike, pitch your tents, or come home after a long trip.

I too was glad when I  arrived in Turkey on my escape after four hard days.  The danger was over, nature carried me, protected me and I learned a lot from her.

Even today I feel the power of this time and the whisper of nature. She has made the wisdom of my heart sing. Finally, I want to tell you experience from this time, which has shaped me a lot:


In one night, the cold was unbearable; we were at about 2500 meters altitude. I would not take anything with me on the run and had no suitable equipment:  no sleeping bag, no blanket, and no warm jacket. Everything I had was on me.

I looked up into the sky in a moment of desperation. What I saw deeply touched my heart:

The sky was suddenly so close and full of shining stars.

I  felt like I just had to reach out and pick my arms.  I lost myself so much in the beauty of this night that I forgot the cold.

That night, I felt a deep bond with nature. She protected me; we were a team.  The nature that carries all the life and beauty of this world was my friend. This friendship continues today and will always hold.

Be careful and respectful of nature!

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