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3 Major Types of Damage Caused by Ice in Gutter Guard

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In winter, the gutter systems are strained. Not only can the ice cause substantial damage to the gutter guard, but also at home. Since your home is a significant investment, it is important to protect it from the pitfalls caused by ice inside the gutters. Use the best gutter guard for your home. Here are the main issues related to ice in gutters. You need to know how to repair a gutter guard after damage.

1- Gutters uncoupled by the weight of the ice

Nails attach a gutter guard, or traditional flat hooks or integrated screw is opened and leaves the snow and the ice accumulating there. The latter then represents an additional weight on the fastening system, and the gutter eventually disengages from the board.

2- Water infiltration due to obstruction of the gutter guard by ice

In the case of a gutter guard fixed to the old one, with nails or hooks, the ice and the snow clog it by filling it. Thus, during rain or snowmelt, the water tends to rise towards the roof and to overflow, thus falling near the silage. This has the effect of increasing the chances of water infiltration through the ceiling and via the foundations. You can turn your gutter guard ice into the water using the Best Rain Barrel.

3- Gutters twisted by frost/thaw

During periods of the redoubt, the ice melts and must be evacuated by the gutter. However, if it has been fastened with nails or hooks, it is filled with the rocks and snow, and the water can not drain properly. During subsequent reels, the water trapped in the gutter will turn into ice and will deform the gutter guard, making it less attractive.

So try to protect your gutter guard from any kind of damage.


As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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