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Mowing the Lawn is Taboo in Winter – Tips for Wintering the Lawnmower

When frost and snow come in, the lawnmower takes its well-deserved winter break. In order for the mower to get off to a strong start next year, you should overwinter it properly. Read here what care your lawnmower can get through the winter with.

Wintering the lawnmower clean – tips for basic cleaning

The fatal effects of dirt particles and deposits on a lawnmower are often underestimated. Your valuable gardening tool, unplastered, is helplessly supplied with corrosion and rust in winter. Treat your mower to an extensive cleaning program before you winterize it. How to do it right:

  • Pull out the spark plug connector and turn off the fuel tap
  • Lawnmower on the side tilting point, so that air filter, carburetor and spark plug upwards
  • Clean the underside and cutter bar with water and a brush
  • Spray both ends of the knife with penetrating oil, leave to soak and wipe off
  • Rinse the grass catcher several times in a water bucket and let it air dry

Put the lawnmower back on the wheels. Use a damp cloth to wipe the cutting deck clean.

Checklist for winter maintenance

Cleanliness is the first step to properly overwinter a lawnmower. Then pay special attention to the engine. The following checklist summarizes the perfect winter maintenance with all measures:

  • Let the engine idle until the tank is empty
  • Unscrew the spark plug on the cooling device and clean it together with the contacts
  • Remove and clean the air filter
  • Check the oil level and add oil if necessary
  • Ideally, change the oil

While oil can safely remain in the lawnmower, this does not apply to the fuel. Petrol loses its ignitability during the long service life so that your lawn mower will not start or will only start up with difficulty next spring. Instead of letting the engine run until the gasoline runs out, you can drain or suck the fuel away.

Wintering dry and frost-free – tips for the right winter quarters

Winterize your clean, maintained lawnmower in a dry, frost-free location. If your device has an automatic start, disconnect the battery before you winterize the mower. Cover the lawnmower to protect it from dust.


The lawn receives its last cut immediately after the first frost. The wet lawn is no reason to avoid the last cut care before winter. To prevent damp grass from blocking the cutter bar, turn the mower off repeatedly, pull the spark plug connector and clean the lawn mower blade of clumps of grass.

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