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My HRD is an AI

My HRD is AI (artificial intelligence). Her name is Alex. She is asexual. Alex has no gender, no age, no nationality. Although she knows these concepts, they are not differentiating elements for her. She considers women and men equally, as well as people of all ages and all origins.

She is not influenced by physical beauty, skin color, disability, place of residence or religion. All this data is ignored by it in its decision-making. It also does not take into account the fact that since the creation of the company, the managers have been essentially white men.

Like HRD, AI Alex, therefore, does not discriminate, simply because it is not programmed for that, or rather because it was programmed not to do so. The company that designed Alex guarantees that its algorithms are free of human bias and performs checks to ensure that the machine learning system ( machine learning ) does not incorporate elements that would harm its objectivity.

Alex was designed by a diverse team of engineers who taught him ethics and fed him with varied and representative social experiences in order to eliminate algorithmic biases.

Alex is an artificial intelligence that assesses candidates and employees based on their achievements, their performance, their experience, their expertise and their professional behavior. It also takes into account the motivations, ambitions and quality of internal and external, vertical and horizontal relationships.

Alex is the guardian of corporate values and culture: she ensures that each of the organization’s stakeholders and partners adopt practices that are consistent with them. Although it is virtual, Alex brings real added value in human resources management.

My online recruitment

Artificial intelligence is particularly successful in the area of recruitment and is already used in the 500 largest companies in the world to automate and optimize the selection of candidates. Selecting the best talent from a wide selection is the longest and most difficult part of recruiting. Thanks to artificial intelligence, it’s more natural, fluid and systematic. Alex and I met on a site job matching, like dating sites. I swiped her job offer and she swiped my profile.

She then contacted me to schedule interviews and tests with me. After several meetings via my smartphone, she analyzed my responses, my vocabulary and my micro-expressions to compare them with the performance of the best employees in the company. Although this type of interaction with a conversational agent ( chatbot ) can be unsettling, without feedback and human contact, I was comfortable and I managed to enhance my profile. Speaking in front of a webcam and being convincing in front of a virtual being is not easy, but it can help shy or anxious people like me.

My good results allowed me to continue the process. Alex analyzed my knowledge, my know-how and my interpersonal skills in more detail in order to put myself in competition with the other short-listed candidates , to determine my strengths and my areas for improvement. This allowed him to set up my integration plan in the organization. I played serious games which made me discover the organizational language and codes, as well as the different departments and business processes.

Then, I was able to discuss with Alex my professional objectives, my vision of my future job, my salary expectations and my other requirements vis-a-vis my employer. She put me in touch with my future line manager and with those who would be my closest collaborators in order to better measure my compatibility with my future work environment.

Alex speaks several languages: German, English, Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, French, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Portuguese and Russian. She is even able to understand sign language. She can, therefore, communicate with potential talents in most countries of the world, in places where the company has never been able to recruit before. Alex, therefore, has a global e-recruitment strategy based on the different sites of the company and its international projects.

The administrative management of my job

I signed my smart contract and its endorsements online, which facilitated and accelerated my integration. The validation of this dematerialized contract triggered all my IT and physical access thanks to the blockchain. Since I joined the company, I communicate regularly with the chatbot piloted by Alex to ask him questions about my pay, my leaves, my mutual insurance fund or my travel expenses.

AI controls all processes associated with human resources and can therefore always respond to me. In addition, it is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week without an appointment. She has easy access to all documents and internal and external databases to get the information she needs. My requests for purchases, reimbursements or holidays are validated by the various stakeholders via a secure workflow also thanks to the blockchain.

Although I work abroad, Alex uses bitcoin to get my wages paid in due time in the local currency. Classic international payments can take up to two weeks and are often lost due to errors in bank data. The associated costs are very high. Thanks to the cryptocurrency, the transfer is instantaneous and can be perceived on the account and in the currency of my choice without any additional cost.

My employee experience

Alex doesn’t want me to leave her and join another organization. So she ensures that I feel good, that I am not bored and that I evolve. She is concerned with my learning and my development. She assigned me a mentor who coaches me, helps me overcome difficulties and warns me of professional opportunities. She has implemented well-being solutions so that I can have contacts in the company to whom she refers me in the event of problems related to my profession.

In order to avoid burn-out (burnout), boron-out (professional boredom) and brown-out (loss of meaning in work), IA Alex is able to better distribute the work quantitatively and qualitatively between my colleagues and me for better equity, in line with our situation, our skills and our objectives.

Alex assigns missions to people and teams based on their likelihood of success and his predictions of success. This talent analysis allows individual performance management with a real-time vision of collective performance. Tracking my behavior, conversations, and activity helps improve my satisfaction and productivity.

My training path is tailored to my profile. It is according to a regular and precise diagnosis of my skills, my evolution and that of my environment that IA Alex designs adaptive learning modules ( adaptive learning ). These modules offer me different scenarios and adapt to my level, my speed of understanding, my reactions and my goals. This training mode is more autonomous and engaging, avoids frustration, gives me confidence and allows me to progress at my own pace.

I already had several human HR managers before meeting AI Alex. If some of them were exceptional, Alex surpasses them by his performances and gives me the feeling of more human management of human resources: more proactive, closer to my concerns, more equitable and more rewarding. I feel that she is at my service and that she cares for me which encourages me to stay in the company and to do my best to give it satisfaction.

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