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My Tips for Teak Maintenance on Boat Decks | Best For Consumer

Teak Maintenance: Part of the maintenance of a boat is to keep a teak deck in perfect condition. This article will give you some tips for teak maintenance and tips from my experience, I hope he can help you. For proper maintaining of the wooden boat, you should not miss reading our how to maintain the wood on your boat article.

Why do you have to maintain the teak deck?

Teak is a costly wood, beautiful and luxurious it fits most yachts, but it needs a lot of maintenance to keep its golden appearance.

Teak is oxidized, grooves fill with dirt and oily residue and are easily affected by sun and salt. If left untreated, the teak will be contaminated with mildew and the golden color will turn gray. You may also like our 20 tips and tricks for boat troubleshooting

Teak cleaning products

There are several types of surface treatments for teak maintenance ranging from natural oils to “nanotechnology” protective coatings.

Oil-based products to darken the appearance of teak, require frequent application, become tacky over time and attract more dirt, and are rarely used nowadays except on conventional boats.

The most popular products are “Sealer” such as Semco or Teak Wonder. These coatings act by forming a fragile barrier of molecular thickness that repels water, beading it on the surface of the teak and dispersing rapidly. This prevents the penetration of dirt particles and stains from spills of food, wine or oil, etc …

With all these products, once you start using them, you must continue with regular applications of charging coats. Otherwise, the bridge will quickly begin to fade again and take on an uneven appearance.

Teak maintenance: Bridge cleaning

Just like gel coat or paint, teak decks and other teak areas/details should be cleaned with care. Always use the mildest cleanser possible.

More importantly, for teak maintenance, when wet, wood fibers are softened and eroded more easily. Wetting the teak and rubbing in the direction of the fibers removes the softened wood fibers quickly and may ultimately be more detrimental to the life of the deck than a light sanding of the teak.

Remember that when you rub, avoid doing it in the direction of the fiber, which would dig grooves in the wood.

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Teak Maintenance: Bridge Restoration

If your teak or hardwood has become greyish or has lost its golden luster, it will need to be cleaned and restored to its original color before being protected. First, moisten the teak thoroughly. Then use a specialized teak cleaner in 2 phases taking care, as long as the treatment is not finished not to let the teak dry.

I recommend Teak Wonder products, a safe bet used around the world, I always had great results, little advice: dilute a little less than what is recommended. If the boat is made of fiberglass, then you should use the fiberglass paints.

Otherwise, there is a French brand that I discovered and whose teak products are effective: Nautic Clean

Phase 1: Apply the teak maintenance particular cleaning product by rubbing with a special teak pad (not in the direction of the fiber) and let stand for 10 to 15 minutes. Blackened teak and dirt come out. Do not allow to dry. Repeat this process if necessary. Then rinse with plenty of freshwaters.

Phase 2: Immediately apply the brightener with a soft brush, which will “whiten” the teak. Leave on for 10 minutes without allowing to dry and rinse thoroughly.

At this point, if you have done an excellent job, you should not have any part of the teak left gray.

Teak maintenance: Bridge protection

You end up now with a completely dry teak deck, very clean with a beautiful golden color of origin.

You can leave it that way, but it will take a few weeks for it to turn gray again. That’s why I advise you to apply a “sealer” (or saturator)

The sealer should be used to protect a boat’s teak from the marine environment and to keep this natural beauty of the wood. The Semco or Teak Wonder sealer is lightly colored and gives the wood a rich and warm appearance.

This product can be applied with a cloth or a brush in one or two layers. Wipe off any excess until the wood is saturated.

Necessary: Immediately wipe drops on painted or gel-coat surfaces. Indeed they will leave dark spots and very difficult to remove.

Then be careful not to touch the teak until it dries completely. Leave at least 24 hours to be quiet.

I hope these tips have been helpful and will make you want to get started. It’s a lot of painstaking work and you have to be careful to use the products correctly but what satisfaction once the deck looks new.

List of supplies:

  • Teak cleaner
  • A scouring pad
  • Soft brush + handle
  • Sealer
  • bucket
  • brush
  • rags
  • Elbow oil 

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