Our Services

Our services are aimed at all web pros, wishing to develop the relevance of the content of their sites and transmit useful information to their visitors: web/communication agency, website editor, business showcase site, online store, self-entrepreneur, local authority, creator, craftsman, trader or business owner…

If you can’t find the time and the words to keep your blog or website up to date, our web writing services can be a real boost in your activity and the implementation of a content strategy.

Even if we can write on a wide range of subjects (fashion, beauty, cooking, health, nutrition, decoration, marriage, childcare), you can contact us for institutional, commercial, or current affairs subjects.

Our services include

Writing pages

Page writing

We write the pages of your site, whether for an online store, a showcase site, a magazine/webzine… We adapt to the editorial line of your website and the spirit of your business and your products/services. It is possible to insert, in the briefing, specific requests, such as the breakdown in Hn, the number of characters, the desired tone…

Website rewriting

Website rewriting

The content of a site is not timeless: it needs to be renewed to arouse interest among the reader. So we start from the base of your content to optimize it. We will reformulate your site, reshape the texts. We structure them through a map to make them easier to read. Rewriting is a technique that often imposes itself during a graphic redesign of the site.

Writing descriptions/product sheets/product reviews

Writing descriptions / product sheets

We highlight your products, describing them and presenting their functionality. We endeavor to provide a personal and unique description for each product or service, whatever the size of the online store. Each product sheet must have real added value for the visitor. Knowing how to sell is a job! 

Writing blog articles

Writing blog articles

A blog article requires structure, with a precise plan. We write news articles for your blog. I also research writing in-depth articles, giving advice, with a real interest in reading for the Internet user. By adapting to the tone of the site, we develop a content strategy, by programming several articles, in a logical sequence, to retain the reader.

Proofreading and corrections

Proofreading and corrections

If you have the ideas and you have already written pages or articles yourself, there is no point in repeating the content from A to Z. A fresh look at your texts is enough, with a simple reshaping and correction of a formal grammar (spelling and syntax). We can reread and modify your documents to make them more professional and credible, whatever your sector of activity.

Tailor-made requests

Tailor-made requests

Do you want unique content for the launch of a new project or a different concept? If you have an original or particular idea, you need content that meets your needs. We study in detail all the requests other than those proposed. Always ask and we will adapt to your demands for personalized service.

SEO is the nerve of the war and SEO writing remains the ultimate weapon. Optimized copywriting with the presence of keywords are the only means for optimizing the positioning of pages on a search engine and therefore improving natural referencing. This technique works for a commerce site or a showcase website.

The work of the content writer is complex and essential. As an expert and consultant, he must analyze, via an audit, the client’s needs or existing content. When writing, he must determine his target and adapt his editorial style for the creation of a web page that boosts traffic. It works to improve the conversion rate of an e-commerce site and increase the audience of your website. Besides, it is not only social networks that promote e reputation. Communicating with relevant quality content is an undeniable asset in SEO.

Request a quote to get our writing services

You want to entrust us with a project, send an email with all the necessary information so that we can quickly establish a price.

The briefing is the basis for establishing a tariff. Several elements are taken into account to analyze and quantify an order: the volume of texts, the deadlines to be met, the technical nature of the subject, the possibility of integrating texts in WordPress…

Each request is subject to a personalized quote. We bill for the service and not for the day, which is not trivial.

You can order by email, detailing all the information necessary to establish a price. We respond within 48 hours maximum.

We take all the information by estimating the deadlines and will send you a quote by email.