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How to Clean Lawn Mower
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How to Clean Lawn Mower?

A regularly cleaned lawnmower lasts longer, does not smoke and starts reliably. A few simple steps are enough to significantly reduce emissions and gasoline consumption. This guide explains how easy it is to maintain your mower so that it stays in top condition. Regular cleaning keeps the lawnmower in good shape – tips & tricks After every mowing, dirt and grass […]

How to Change Lawn Mower Oil
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How to Change Lawn Mower Oil?

In order for a petrol-powered lawnmower to run smoothly, the engine cannot do without fresh oil. Choosing the right type of oil is just as important as the procedure. This guide explains how to refill oil properly in the lawnmower. 2-stroke or 4-stroke engine? – Tips for the right lawnmower oil Modern […]