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The MMS Business: The Toxic Substance that neither Cures the Coronavirus nor Anything

Some individuals sell families with someone who is ill, a treatment called MMS. They are the initials of “Miracle Mineral Solution” or “Miracle Mineral Supplement”; that is, a “miracle” mineral solution, or an equally “miracle” mineral supplement. The promise of miracles is something that they do not do even in Lourdes. MMS is a powerful chemical that turns into industrial bleach when mixed with an acid according to the package directions. If this pre-treatment is not done, stomach acids will do the same. It is a toxic and dangerous substance.

MMS is sold through different channels, but above all, online and its use is frequent in Latin America. In other parts of the world such as Europe, Australia, Canada, or the United States, the danger of MMS has been widely denounced and in different countries, including Spain, it has been banned. That doesn’t stop some dangerous healers from sponsoring and spreading it.

There is no need to demonize a person who buys it for a sick child or parent. In some countries, effective medications are beyond the financial reach of many people. So your brain encourages you to believe that MMS or seawater is even more effective, that you are doing something useful. Despair has these things.

According to experts from the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), the agency that controls and verifies food and drugs in the United States, MMS is a dangerous substance and recommends stopping the consumption of this product immediately.

What is MMS?

MMS is a 28% solution of sodium chlorite in distilled water. It is a highly oxidizing substance based on chlorine, which is the definition of “bleach.” There is also a more dilute version called chlorine dioxide solution or CDS for short. Sodium chlorite, which is MMS, should not be confused with sodium chloride, which is a common salt. Sellers say the product should be mixed with an acid, such as the citric acid in lemon juice, before drinking it. Mixing the chlorite solution with the acid produces chlorine dioxide (ClO2).

This chemical is a bleach widely used in industry: it is used to bleach paper pulp, to bleach textile fibers and to disinfect. It is one of the most commonly used industrial lyes in the world for its low price and radical action. Bleach can be used in healthcare but to clean the floor with a mop, not to give it to anyone. As it is a toxic substance, there are very defined limits for anyone who has to handle it at work, making it even more surprising that there are those who propose drinking it and even more terrifying that some people drink it or give it to drink. Your children or put it on as enemas.

Drinking the amount indicated by vendors on MMS labels can cause nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, diarrhea, eye irritation, kidney failure, hemolysis, respiratory problems, or symptoms of severe dehydration that can lead to fatal hypotension.

Brother in law reviews

When people who have bought the MMS mention these symptoms with legitimate concern to the people who have sold the product, the answer is impressive: for them, those signs of bodily harm are, in fact, “proof that the MMS is working.» They do not provide any evidence that this is so because it is merely not true. Naren Gunja, director of the New South Wales Poison Information Center (Australia), indicated that using this product is “akin to drinking concentrated bleach.”

The illegal who sell this toxic use as evidence invented data, opinions of their brother-in-law, YouTube videos without any control of integrity and attacks on the scientific community, which are all minions in the pay of the pharmaceutical industry. Nothing strange, those who fear that you will dismantle the beach bar always do and say the same thing.

MMS is indeed toxic to cancer cells, but it is equally so to healthy cells. It is as if to treat cancer we throw ourselves into a bonfire, kill the tumor cells but also all the others. There is no disease for which chlorine dioxide is useful.

Another argument that is used is that it cannot be wrong if it is used to purify water, which is true; it is used to clean up cooling towers and in treatment plants. What they don’t tell us is that it is used for purification precisely because of its ability to destroy and kill. If we boil the water, we also eliminate the microorganisms, but nobody recommends that we drink boiling water. If drinking water contains more than 0.8 mg / L of chlorine dioxide, it is no longer considered suitable for consumption. The recommended amount on MMS labeling is 200 times the maximum daily intake.

A remedy for everything

MMS is not only being sold as a purported treatment for autism, but its vendors, sometimes in secret, also say it has miraculous results against AIDS, cancer, malaria, herpes, asthma, diabetes, hepatitis, colds and acne. And now the coronavirus.

There is not a single scientific study that supports using MMS for these diseases or any other. It would be sporadic for the same molecule to be effective against such different things, with different causative agents and acting on different parts of the body. The only “miracle” here is how some people fill their pockets out of ignorance, despair, and the hope of others. Chlorine dioxide is a very cheap bleach, but those who sell it as MMS multiply its price by several hundred.

The miracle of multiplying your bank accounts

They do the miracle, that of multiplying their bank accounts, that of plucking the unwary. The pharmaceutical industry has quality standards and must demonstrate that a medicine is safe and effective. MMS vendors only talk about their alleged experience, even though they have no training, no study, no monitoring.

When you see that MMS does nothing, that your child continues to have autism, or that cancer has progressed from abandoning effective therapies, what will you do? He may turn to the person who sold him the chlorite. Still, he will not respond, or if he does, he may tell him that he has to continue longer, buy me more cans, that each patient reacts differently, that he should not listen to the family that They are healthy and do not understand, or the most outrageous thing, that you need an attitude of gratitude and of course, instead, you say that it does not work and that you have been scammed, so you are not on the right track. The fault is yours, never the scammer.

Directly from the Andromeda galaxy

The beginning of MMS was a book published by Jim Humble in 2006, “The Miracle Mineral Solution of the 21st Century”. Humble claimed that he had been sent from the Andromeda galaxy to save humanity with his miracle solution. He founded a church, the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing of which you can become a member for the modest price of $ 35, which gives you the right to not believe in vaccines, X-rays and various medical treatments that this sect considered harmful to people.

The only tangible result is that this “prophet” of the MMS now puts Bishop Jim Humble on his business card, which I don’t think will free him from the demands he will receive from his deceived clients. In the following years, cases of people with cellular damage arising from the consumption of MMS emerged, some of whom died soon after. Dough Nash told ABC that his wife took it only once and twelve hours later, he died.

Canada banned MMS after a person had to be hospitalized after consuming it, reaching the emergency room in a critical situation. Different European countries and the European Association of Centers of Toxicology and Clinical Toxicology have also issued an alert on its use. According to the North American Environmental Protection Agency, chronic exposure to small doses of chlorine dioxide causes deterioration in the reproductive system and damage to neurological development.

The Washington State Attorney General’s office filed a lawsuit against an Australian couple selling MMS in the Seattle area, in collaboration with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, a consumer advocacy agency. At the trial, the judge described the defendants as healers and found the statements on the web pages to be “false, misleading, or misleading.”

A cruel and tragic lie

It has not been the only case. Andreas Klecker was arrested in Spain for selling the solution as a medicine, in violation of Spanish laws for the protection of public health. This man, who calls himself a doctor with a degree from one of those pseudo-universities that sell titles online, continues to fool people saying that he cures autism, something that does not present any reliable evidence and is a terrible and cruel lie.

The FDA indicated that it would continue its investigations using civil and criminal law to protect society from those who put their health at risk and take advantage of them. The Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products ordered ten years ago to ban their sale and to withdraw it from the market.

In conclusion, no one should use MMS and the people who sell it should be held accountable for their lies – it doesn’t do what they say it does – their scams – they get money with false information – and their harm to health.

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