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10 Practical Tips for Self Confidence

Man is nothing other than what he makes out of himself. 
– Jean-Paul Sartre

More self-confidence in 10 easy steps:

With these ten practical tips, you have a precious toolbox to build your confidence in no time.

Some have the potential to catapult your state word-for-word in seconds positively.

Try it, see what works for you and write out the things that you want to do more often from now on or to which you want to remember in everyday life.

And do not forget: have fun ;-)!

Ten tips for instantly more self-confidence

  1. Smile

    The quickest trick I know to get more favorable feelings and more confidence within seconds. Your mind is connected to your body. One influences the other.

    When you feel competent and confident, you automatically become happier and have a smile on your face. The other way around is also true. Forge a smile and you will see a noticeable change in your feelings and your associated self-assurance.

    Tip: Smile as full and robust as you can. Stretch both arms up as if you were the first to finish in the triathlon and ball your fists as hard as you can.

  2. Breathe

    When you get excited, you notice it the fastest: the pulse rises dramatically, the breathing becomes shallow and hectic. The body changes to a highly excited state, where it is difficult to keep a cool head. But you can influence this physical condition with a little practice. And that through the right breathing technique.

    As soon as you realize that your body is changing into an aroused state, consciously begin to slow your breathing and breathe deeply into your lower abdomen. Inhale through the nose and exhale the mouth.

    Concentrate on your breathing and where the airflow in your body goes. Feel how your stomach expands and how the air exhales when exhaling. Breathe rhythmically and slowly. It helps me to make a lightening sighing noise. That works wonders!

  3. Posture

    As with Tip # 1, this is again about influencing your emotional state and thus your self-confidence through your position. Be aware.

    Straight back, head up, look straight ahead. Think backward into the back pockets of your pants. Chest out. Think of the third eye on your chest that wants to look up. Knees are slightly bent and the general posture is still relaxed and flexible despite all the upright postures.

    Think yourself 10% bigger than you are and make this attitude as strong and steady as possible. Imagine a tornado coming at you, and you would go in this attitude in the middle, and it would not happen to you. That’s how strong it must feel! Everything else flies away, only you stop.

  4. Run 25% faster

    How does a purposeful, self-confident person run in comparison to a dejected, aimless person? The answer is simple: Self-confident people are more energetic on the go. They know where they want to go. They have a direction and are full of energy, trust and good cheer towards the goal.

    Do it!

    There is nothing simpler to cheer oneself up than to just go for a walk while walking. You will automatically feel more energetic, more essential and more self-confident. So try it! Go round the streets the next time around, with purposeful look and step.

  5. Do sports

    Take time for yourself and your body. When you are in an energy hole, you automatically feel lethargic and insecure. How can one be self-confident?

    The puzzle solution: Get out and do a round of sports! Go jogging, swimming, cycling or just take a walk. You will feel much better afterward – stronger and with more energy and zest for life to tackle your tasks.

    Not only do you get your body moving, but you also do something for yourself and your constitution. Also, you get a little positive experience on top of that, which you have already done something on this day. There is nothing better!

  6. Sit in the first row

    Wherever you look, in the schools, lecture theaters and meeting rooms of this world, people usually sit in the back rows. They are afraid to be noticed and prefer to remain invisible. This behavior not only shows low self-esteem but also reinforces it.

    So do not be one of these. Decide from now on to always go to one of the front seats – even if the event has already started. You fight this irrational fear, something bad could happen when the others suddenly perceive you, and at the same time you strengthen your self-confidence.

    From now on, the front seats are your home. Promised?

  7. Say it

    It is unbelievable how few people open their mouths to say something. Most just sit there and do not do anything; then you can not go wrong (I know that just too well, I was once so). They are afraid of being judged by others when they say something “stupid.”

    This fear is overrated. The people around you are much more open and accepting than you think. You can not say anything “wrong.” The truth is that these people are just as scared as you are and usually pleased when someone else asks/tells them what’s in their minds all the time.

    So, here too, if you want to get ahead, open your mouth and say it! Bring your ideas. Say what you think of this or that. Share your opinion. Nothing bad can happen!

  8. Gratitude

    Think about what you are thankful for in life. You may be surprised how effective this tip is. Simply by consciously focusing on the things that are great in your life, you can build your emotional state and confidence.

    Start with yourself. What are you grateful for? What do you appreciate about life? Take a look at what you’ve already achieved!

    And now do not tell me, there is nothing for which you are grateful. I do not believe that. There are certainly a lot; you just have to think a bit and make you aware of it (e.g., you have a computer where you can read this and with which you can get all the information of the world to your home – you can do that already to be thankful).

    It also does not always have to be the world’s most moving things. On the contrary, the smallest things are often the best.

    Then go one step further and think about what you are thankful for in your environment (family/ friends/profession). Concentrate on the positive things and not on what upsets you or does not work. This is all about what you are grateful for in life.

    Then go one step further and think about what you love in this world and this fascinating life, in this unique moment.

  9. Make compliments to your fellow human beings

    When we are not satisfied with ourselves, we often project that dissatisfaction on other people. To interrupt this negative behavior (which, by the way, does not take you any further and only aggravates the negativity in your life), make it easy for you to compliment other people.

    Of course, you should be honest and mean what you say. Then these people will not only like you more for you, but you will also automatically strengthen your self-confidence.

    Because if you always try to see the best in the other person, you indirectly bring out the best in yourself. Not to mention that complimenting, in the beginning, can also be a challenge that extends your comfort zone.

  10. Contribute something to this world

    There is no better feeling than having to mean in life. Make a difference. To be relevant to other people. To contribute something, to society, to this world in which we live. Unfortunately, we are too often occupied with ourselves, with our wishes and needs and of course our “mistakes” and “shortcomings.”

    Therefore, start focusing more on what you can give this world and the people around you. Then you will not only reap their thanks but also dissolve your self-esteem piece by piece.

    Your self-confidence in you and the world will increase, and you will have the great feeling of contributing, being necessary to someone, making a difference.

    The more you give this world and your fellow man, the more you will get back in the end.

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