Top 10 Best Drafting Table for Architects of 2022

best drafting table for architects

Are you an architectural student or aspiring to be one in the future? Do you often feel the need for a fully customizable drafting table to work at your ease? Well, if these are some of the questions spinning around your head for some time, then we have got your back here with a list of best drafting tables for architects. We surely understand the need for a tabletop that you can adjust or tilt at your comfort to reach each corner easily.

No doubt, comfort is at most priority while choosing a drafting table. You can work as long as you want, without getting tired when your workstation is entirely comfortable. But to find one, you might need to scroll multiple web pages and still end up confusing. That’s precisely when you need us to help you reach your destination. This ultimate guide will help you find the best drafting table for architects.

10 Best Drafting Table for Architects

1.ZENY Height Adjustable Drafting Table

This product by ZENY is one of the best sellers on most of the e-commerce sites and hence stands well in search of the best drafting table for architects. With its high-quality P2 MDF tabletop and powder-coated iron legs, it has made a long way to grab the first position in our list as well.

An adjustable angle of 0 – 45 degrees and height between 28″ – 35.8″ makes it very comfortable to work in all the possible positions. It is not only the best drafting table for architecture students, but it also has a multi-function role.

You can tilt it to your comfort level for drawing purposes, or you can keep it on a horizontal level to use it while working on your laptop. Two spacious drawers give more than enough space to store your accessories you need while working.

Its padded iron legs make it stable against slippery floors, and the powder-coated layer ensures its high durability. With its simple yet elegant looks, it is known to be the best choice for drawing, crafting, and painting works. To add to your comfort, this table comes with a comfortable padded stool.

PROS (What we liked)
  • Made of premium quality MDF for extra durability
  • It gives you an option to adjust the height of the table as per the user’s height.
  • It gives you the best possible angle to work (45 degrees)
  • Easy to assemble with all the tools included in the pack
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Occupies a larger area of the room
  • Not portable to be used in your bed in case you want.

2. OneSpace Craft Station

This fantastic and stylish product is from the very known brand OneSpace. It is a big name in the market of home and office furnishings. And, when you get something from such a great source, the product has to be outstanding.

This silver and blue craft station take the artist’s functionality and experience to a higher level.

Its feature of maximum tilt angle up to 62.5 degrees is something far beyond the products that lie in the competition. It comes with two removable supply trays on each side that fit securely to keep your tools in place when you tilt the tabletop.

With its sleek design and two spacious drawers, you get ample working space. A heavy-duty metallic base and four caster wheels are meant to support its durability and ease of use. This will not only give you comfort but also a sense of confidence to give your best.

PROS (What we liked)
  • Good value for money option with its low cost and high durability.
  • Highly spacious area to work freely without any hindrance and store as many tools as you want.
  • Easy to assemble and use at any decor or space.
  • Its sleek design makes it a great fit for any place as you wish.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It’s not a portable option for those who better prefer it in the comfort of their bed.
  • The table’s legs are not adjustable, so you might find it a little uncomfortable if you are a taller person.

3. Vintage Rustic Oak Drafting Table

Are you fond of vintage and antique items, then this drafting table will surely get your attention. Starting with a solid wood body and a jaw-dropping rustic finish, this drafting table is a must for your vintage decor. The classic design of this 42″ highly adjustable tabletop is an excellent choice for furnishing your study room.

Not only its look, but its functionality will take your experience to another level. A highly finished surface with a built-in pencil groove makes it the perfect choice for those who like to keep it simple yet productive.

This table gives you the freedom to tilt your work station from 0 degrees to 90 degrees. If you choose this one and comfort and style, you also get the drafting table’s best angle. And the best part is that you get an extended 10-year warranty.

PROS (What we liked)
  • It comes with an extended warranty period that defines the high quality of the product.
  • A beautiful vintage finish gives antique decor to your room.
  • Gives the best tilt angle, far more than any comparable product.
  • Good value for money option with high durability.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Challenging to move it from one place to another as it lacks wheels on its legs.
  • Lacks storage space; you need to spend more on a side table if you want some accessories to work with.

4. Stand Up Desk Store Drafting Table

A birch color tabletop with a silver lining, isn’t it a great combination? Well, for those who like to keep a little light and want to match it with their white walls, this is the one. Its user-friendly features are worth trying for; extra large-sized thumbscrews make it easy to tilt or adjust the height.

And not to forget, its versatile design is perfect for making it suitable for multifunctional use. Whether you want to use it for your architectural work or make it your study table, it fulfills all with its completely adjustable legs and built-in pencil tray. Its sturdy steel frame and a durable powder coat ensure its durability in the long run.

Are you tired of the sedentary working style? Well, this is your savior for bad times. After expanding the legs to the full length, you get a comfortable working height in a standing position. Additionally, it enhances your productivity, burns extra calories, and saves you from lousy health effects due to sedentary work.

PROS (What we liked)
  • Fully adjustable height with easy to use manual control system without the need of any tool.
  • A versatile design makes it most suitable to decor your room.
  • Easy to assemble and highly stable rubber feet to ease in work.
  • It comes with smart features to keep the pencil near for a comfortable experience.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It doesn’t come with a stool, so you might need to spend extra if you want to work in a stationary position.
  • Not a portable option.

5. Glass Future Craft Station

For those who prefer it more transparent than an opaque one, this drafting table from Glass’ future is the perfect pick. They present a flagship tablet with a promise to present the best quality, high strength, and fantastic value for money. They present with a multitude of features to meet all your expectations.

This multifunctional contemporary table is excellent for drawing, drafting, and crafting as well. You get a vast working area on the tampered sheet and a tilt angle of 35 degrees. It also features a spacious pencil drawer, four easily detachable side trays, and three slide-out drawers for more storage.

It is one of the highly durable products defined by its powder-coated steel frame, heavy-gauge, and 4-floor levelers for stability. It is designed to satisfy all classes of artists to enjoy their leisure time in their favorite craft.

PROS (What we liked)
  • Highly durable tempered glass to bear all kinds of stress and last for a long time.
  • A transparent tempered top gives it a more modern look.
  • A separate pencil drawer and three slide-out drawers for extra storage space apart from 4 removable trays, so now you get more space to keep your tools.
  • Floor levelers are an outstanding feature to give great stability to the table while you work.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The tilt angle is not up to optimum as many others provide in the competition, making it a little challenging to work with.

6. Safco Split Level Drafting Table

Now is the time to upgrade your workspace with the best drafting table for professionals that you would have never seen before. Have you ever heard of a split drafting table? If your answer is “NO,” then this is the right place to know about it more. We have got you this Safco split level drafting table to enhance and improve your work experience.

This is the perfect fit for your new office, art studio, architectural project, or any other part that needs a majestic upgrade. With a wood grain top, work surface split, and a top that tilts up to 50 degrees, you can do all your architectural or private office work all in one place.

Designed with the most explicit working hands, this drafting table provides you with even more space with its split table that can be easily adjusted at sitting or standing level. A sturdy steel framework, stain or scratch resistance tabletop, and two fully adjustable legs make it a quality pick.

PROS (What we liked)
  • A workspace center split gives you the advantage to tilt one part while another remains straight to hold your tools in place.
  • Its stain and scratch resistance material makes it easy to use the product.
  • An additional split table gives you an authority of extra working space to spread it all around the corner and work as you want.
  • Height adjustable legs allow you to work either in a standing position or sitting style without hurting your back.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • There is no additional chair or stool given in the package, so you need to spend on that too.
  • It is a little more expensive than other similar products to play a perfect role in your architectural task.

7. Tangkula Drafting table

Does work while standing hurts your back? If this is your case, then you surely need a comfortable stool to work. And it’s like a cherry on the cake if you get one complimentary with your drafting table. Now save some dollars right here with this table and stool set in the cost of an only drafting table.

The drafting desk is made of high-quality MDF board and coated PVC sheet with a steel frame to ensure enormous weight capacity. An easy to clean padded stool is well built to bear high weight capacity. You also get a low-level storage shelf to keep your tools at an easy reach level.

What more you need when you get it all in one package? With easily foldable legs and a separate three-box weaved storage system, you can easily fold it up to make space in your room when not in use. The best part is its scratch-proof ABS coated legs to keep your floors clean.

PROS (What we liked)
  • ABS coated legs, keep it clean, and your floor or carpet remains scratch-free without any worry.
  • You get an option to fold the legs and make some more space in the room.
  • It is highly durable with its MDF board and PVC coated sheet that lasts long for a lifetime.
  • Good value for money option, since you get a functional storage space, a comfortable stool, and an excellent quality drafting table, all in the price of one.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The table’s height cannot be adjusted, which implies you cannot work in a standing position.

8. Studio Design Graphix II Workstation

This product by Studio Designs is meant for extra talented people who prefer multitasking. An angle workstation is meant for your drawing purpose, while a flat side table will help you work on your laptop simultaneously.

While you can tilt the top-up to an angle of 30 degrees, you get a flat surface to keep your tools. Its heavy gauge steel construction is meant to last as long as you desire. If you are tired of sedentary work, you get the freedom to raise the height and work in your most desired style.

For those who prefer adding a style quotient to their living room, this is just a perfect choice to make.

PROS (What we liked)
  • Adjustable height to work at the level of your comfort and burn some extra calories while working.
  • Durable and robust tabletop with beautiful design to match your living status.
  • Highly durable material makes it a good option worth investing your time and money.
  • Created for people fond of multitasking with its tiltable and flap tabletop to use at the same time.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It is not a portable option for those who don’t like a standing work type.
  • It comes with a hefty price tag, so if you want something in your budget, you might need to find better options.

9. MELDEN Solid Wood Drafting Table

Looking for ample working? Well, it is right here, a wide enough, sturdy, and stable tabletop to keep your concentration all on your work. Made of solid pinewood with cross support design creates a wobble-free working area.

Its multipurpose usage is ideal for artists, engineers, painters, architects, and many other office projects. And not only its quality is worth praising, but it is equally easy to install. You get it all mentioned clearly, with every part packed separately to avoid any mess.

Here is a bonus, you get a T- square with metric and inch calibrations, so you don’t need a separate ruler for your work. If you wish to keep it simple, this is the one to go with.

PROS (What we liked)
  • It’s a high quality, wobble-free, quiet, spacious drafting table you can choose to work on.
  • Amazing value for money option for those who like to keep it simple and less expensive.
  • No need for an extra calibrating tool as you get one complimentary.
  • Easy to install and use without making it a tiring job.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Height is not adjustable; this might lead to backache due to continuous erect posture for long time work.
  • There is no extra storage space for you to assemble your tools.

10. Studio Design Deluxe Craft Station

Have you been looking for a tabletop with a cup holder? Your search ends here; you get a cup holder and a metal frame holder with a drip tray so that you can enjoy your coffee and work at the same time. It’s never been so easy to keep all your tools in place while you work on your dream project.

A large surface to work on with four side trays, three slide-out drawers, and a 24″ pencil ledge is all that you need to draw out the best from your pencil. The tabletop is easily adjustable up to 40 degrees, and the height can also be adjusted as per your need.

And a bonus is its four-wheel caster with dual locking that ensures for a secure mobile work station.

PROS (What we liked)
  • A cup holder and a metal frame holder with a drip tray is a bonus since you don’t get this in any other product on our list.
  • A safe locking mechanism makes it sturdy and stable and easy to move and place at any corner you desire.
  • You get an option to adjust the height and work as you like.
  • A stiff, highly durable, and good quality tabletop meant to bear all your work stress.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It lacks a stool in the package.

Buying Guide

You are a professional or a fresher architect; you must need a drafting table to put your ideas into a drawing. Nowadays, many designing software is available, but still, most architects prefer to work with paper and pencil. And before buying a perfect drafting table, you should consider a few things:


Everyone has not the same budget, so before choosing the high standard spec, you should decide your budget and select something affordable and with the features you want. Make sure it’s reliable and durable in that range; otherwise, you will regret buying that one.


Another critical factor to consider before buying is how much free space you have to keep a drafting table. According to that, you have to manage the specialization you want. If you have a big free space, then no worry, you will quickly get an excellent table of your choice. But if you don’t have enough space, you have to choose a foldable one with a small size, which may not have as many specs as the others.


After deciding the budget and space, you should consider some other features like size, especially the tabletop’s size. As discussed before, if you have a small space, it’s a wiser decision to purchase a small table. But if you have big designing projects, then you must consider buying a suitably sized drafting table.


Building quality is the most important factor, allowing you to work on that comfort in the long run. That means the higher the build quality, the longer it will last. You also have to consider whether you want a woody or a glass drafting table; it depends on you. Most engineers prefer to buy a wooden table whereas for some glass is more appropriate.


Again, height is also considerable according to your suitability. If you prefer to work in a standing position with an angle of 80 degrees, you must buy a table with adjustable height.


The ease of using a drafting table is also a crucial thing to consider. You can quickly move it here and there or adjust it according to your comfortable height and angle. Also, keep an eye on any storage space for keeping your tools or accessories. In that way, you should choose a sizable affordable drafting table.

Final Verdict

It is never too late to choose the right one unless you already know what you want. When you set out to find the perfect drafting table, your head might spin on the variety of options available to you. But we hope to help you out by making the right decision with this ultimate guide to finding the best drafting table for architectural students. And if you are still worried about landing on one page, you must refer to our buying guide to ease your worry. With an effort to make it an excellent experience for you, we hope for the best.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a drafting table?

A drafting table is a multipurpose tabletop that is meant to serve for drawing, painting, crafting, and other office works. A drafting table comes with extra storage space to keep your tools in place. Some also have a complimentary stool in the package to add it to your comfort level.

What is a drafting table used for?

A drafting table can be used for multitasking. You can use it for your architectural projects, paint out your favorite picture, crafting works, artwork, and use it for your office work. You can make the tabletop horizontal and place your laptop there to work as long as you desire.

What is the height of a drafting table?

The drafting table can be used for both drafting purposes and as a desk table. For a drafting table, the top needs to be elevated by 36 inches while for a desk table height of 30 inches from the floor is considered normal though architects prefer drafting table over desk table to work upon.

What is the standard size of a drafting table?

There is not a single standard size for a drafting table since the one perfect for you might not suit someone else. There is a range of standard sizes for a drafting table to choose from. You can choose between 24″ x 36″, 30″ x 42″, 37.5″ x 48″, 37.5″ x 60″ and 37.5″ x 72″.

Where to buy a drafting table?

You can buy a drafting table either from the market or from any e-commerce website dealing in such products. But it’s always advisable to buy from a trustworthy source so that you don’t get caught up in frauds or scandals. We would advise you to buy these from, links of which are given in the article above.

How to use a drafting table?

A drafting table is just a variety of work tables meant for a specific kind of work. Every table comes with a particular tilt angle; you need to decide which angle suits you to work most comfortably. Or if you want to do some office work, you can keep it down to the horizontal level and work the way you like.

How to set up a drafting table?

Setting up a drafting table is not a cumbersome task. First, you need to choose the spot you need to place it, remove all the parts from the box carefully and the manual. You need to gather some tools and start placing the most significant part first followed by the smaller ones in place, and there you go.

How much does a drafting table cost?

A drafting table cost can vary from one to another, depending upon the piece you choose. On average, a drafting table can cost you from $120 to a maximum of $250.

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