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The 10 Best Toilet Unclogger Liquid To Buy of 2020

Toilets are highly sensitive areas and prone to disease-causing organisms. These bacteria are also likely to breed in the sinks or bathtubs. Nevertheless, the time has proved no matter the multiple efforts kept to prevent clogging; it is not entirely unavoidable. Thus, it is vital to keep a toilet unclogger close. Probably you are asking what about the plunger? The plungers are also handy in clog removing but not as effective as liquid clog remover. The liquid unclogger products require only to be poured on the clogged surface and left for some time, which is unlike the plungers. With that said now, which is the best toilet unclogger liquid?

This article highlights the commonly used and highly effective clog removers. Besides, it ensures you don’t have to spend ages deciding on the item to buy. It highlights factors that you can consider during the purchase. Read through to get the most effective clog removers.

Best Toilet Unclogger Liquid

1.Green Gobbler Drain Clog Dissolver

Green Gobbler Drain Clog Dissolver

Hair has a high potential of clogging your toilet in a few minutes. Worse, grease or scum can make a few minutes in the toilet unbearable.  To avoid such unpleasant predicaments, you don’t require just any toilet unclogger, but the most potent unclogger. The green gobbler drain clog dissolver is regarded as the medicine for any clogged toilet.

However, what sets this liquid apart, is its cleansing powers. It dissolves every strand of hair on its way. It is caustic to liquefy grease, soap, and every other organic matter. It is quite harsh on everything that blocks the pipes but very safe when it comes to the pipes. Also, you don’t have to wait for ages for the liquid to cleanse the toilet. One of its significant ingredients is sodium hydroxide, which is highly reactive for faster results.

Additionally, you don’t require an expert or any skills to use this liquid. It does not require any prior preparation hence a time-saving liquid. It is also an eco-friendly item. However, you ought to be very careful when handling it. Ensure it does not pour on your skin or any other surface.

Recommended; those who are looking for highly reactive but safe toilet unclogger


  • It is very safe on the pipes.
  • Works quite faster hence time-saving.
  • Dissolves almost every organic material.
  • It does not require preparations before using it.
  • Neutralizes the odor thus an environment conserving product.


  • It is harsh on human skin.

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2. Green Gobbler SEPTIC SAVER Bacteria Enzyme Pacs 

Green Gobbler SEPTIC SAVER Bacteria Enzyme

Green gobbler products are generally super powerful. I don’t have to take my word when it comes to the septic saver toilet unclogger from this world-respected manufacturer. It is an entirely reasonable unclogger that is effective for household systems, commercial systems, pipes, and septic tanks.

It comes in a 7.8 oz bottle while in its every package, it contains a monthly supply of water-soluble pods.  A single drop from the septic saver unclogger digests all the bacteria and liquefies every other organic matter. It is an odorless liquid and neutralizes all the bad odors coming from your sink, toilet, or septic tank.

The green gobbler septic saver is a multi-purpose unclogger that is inexpensive. You don’t have to suffer because of a detestable sink or septic tank due to the budget insufficiencies. Nevertheless, the manufacturer offers money refunding within its 30-days of purchase,

Recommended; to anyone who requires a multi-purpose unclogger for various uses.


  • Neutralizes the bad odor from the clog.
  • Non-flammable, thus, not prone to fire accidents.
  • It is a versatile unclogger to work on multiple types of clog.
  • It does not require prior preparations.
  • It contains six months of treatment.


  • It works slowly hence, not useful for emergencies.
  • Very harsh on surfaces in case it spills.

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3. Max Gel Dain Clog Remover and Cleaner for Sink Drains

best drain cleaner for clogged toilets

The max gel drain is another clog remover that will leave your sink, toilet, or shower with faultless operations.  It is the best drain cleaner for clogged toilets due to its fantastic functionality. It works by dissolving all the organic materials clogging the pipes.

It is an eco-friendly clog remover due to its odorless state.  Some of the unclogger liquids might be harsh for the pipes, which may cause more harm than good. However, that is not the case with the max gel drain cleaner. It is quite safe for all the pipes and the septic tanks.

More so, this exceptionally performing clog remover is not expensive, as would expect. Hence, you have no good reason to bear the odor coming from the clogged pipes. Besides, the manufacturer offers money refunding if the item does not work.

Recommended; to those who require an exceptionally powerful clog remover which is budget-friendly.


  • Cleans and removes clogs in sinks, showers, and bathtubs thus multi-purpose.
  • It is safe on PVC, septic systems and metal pipes.
  • It does not produce any undue odor.
  • Highly reliable due to its faster results.
  • Eco-friendly toilet unclogger.


  • It works slowly.
  • It does not have deodorizing properties.

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4. Comstar 024924305003 Pure Lye Bead Drain Opener

best unclogger liquid

Most clog removers have acidic properties. Consequently, they are unsafe in plastics and many more materials. However, with the Comstar pure lye, all the plastic pipes will last longer. It does not have acidic properties and still an excellent clog remover. Consequently, the chrome trims, plastic, and metal pipes will last longer. 

Also, if you have used a clog remover with some odor, you can relate how terrible it can be. The Comstar is the best unclogger liquid, which is odorless. Also, its design is handy in ensuring that there are no troubles when using it. The bead shape ensures that the bottle sinks to the bottom of the sink to quickly deal with the clogging materials.

Nevertheless, this item conserves the environment. It does not produce any fumes or any odor.  Due to its unsticking properties, it is highly recommendable for schools, restaurants, hospitals, and cafeterias. It is a highly-versatile liquid that can also be used in soap productions.

Recommended; to the soap makers and anyone who requires an odorless and unsticking clog remover.


  • An odorless clog remover.
  • Non-acidic therefore, safe on plastics.
  • Removes clogs on several surfaces thus, highly versatile.
  • It does not require fillers thus simple to use.
  • Very economical and reliable unclogger.


  • It can cause the body harm.
  • Highly-flammable.

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5. Liquid-Plumr Hair Clog Eliminator Removes Tough Hair Clogs

Liquid-Plumr Hair Clog Eliminator

Keep the kitchen sink, bathroom, shower, and the bathtub away from clogs by using the liquid –plumr hair clog eliminator. It is a powerful clog remover that eliminates the hair clog and dissolves every other organic matter. It does not contain phosphorous and is biodegradable

However, excessive heat may cause this clog remover to form lumps. Luckily, the clumps do not affect its performance. It is super active and may take only 15 minutes to get the clog out of the way.  Also, it is a safety-minding liquid. It is safe on all septic systems, PVC, old pipes, and metal pipes.

The design of the bottle is handy in ensuring that you get no troubles. It has a compact design to fit in your hands. Also, its neck shape ensures that it gets to the bottom of the sink to deal with the clogging material quickly. However, when handling, it ensures that you have thick gloves to protect the hands

Recommended; those who require a clog remover for hair, which is safe on the entire septic system.


  • Its bottle can be held comfortably in a single hand.
  • Very reactive thus faster results.
  • It does not require prior preparations when using it.
  • It is quite robust; consequently, it works for most types of clogs.
  • Thick gel hence it does not splash.


  • It is not safe for garbage use.
  • Unsafe if left for a long hour on pipes.

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6. Professor Amos’ superfast Drain Cleaner & Drain Opener Liquid

Professor Amos' Drain Cleaner

Additionally, professor Amos’ superfast clog remover will not only unclog the septic tank but also neutralize the terrible odor.  It dissolves grease, hair, and all other organic matter clogging the pipes.

Every clog remover you purchase is bound to be harsh on the clog material and not the pipes. That is not different from the superfast drain cleaner. It has ingredients that ensure all the plastic and metallic pipes are left intact. The container’s design fits the bottom of the sink. Hence to use it, just open the cap and pour.

Also, it is a powerful chemical that takes only a few minutes to deal with the clogging material. However, the time it takes to clear the clog is dependent on the clogging material. It is a thick liquid that flows effortlessly in the water directly to the blocking material

Recommended; those who require an affordable clog remover that can flow in water


  • It flows in stagnant water to the clog.
  • It works on many types of clogs.
  • Biodegradable thus, environment conserving product.
  • Harsh on clog but safe on PVC.
  • It has a compact container shape.


  • It has some odor.
  • Not safe for a garbage disposal use.

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7. XIONLAB Safer Clog Remover

XIONLAB Safer Drain Clog Remover

Most of the clog removers work as expected. However, the problem comes in when they cause damages on the pipe or else take ages before the expected results. Not to mention that some clog removers will make the entire household suffer the undue odor from the toilet unclogger liquid.

However, that is not the case with the xionlab safer clog remover. It is a liquid whose manufacturers ensure that it works as expected and no bad odors. If anything, this clog remover neutralizes the bad odor coming from the clogging material.

It has acidic properties and works by dissolving the organic matter.  It takes six to eight hours to clear the pipes depending on the severity of your situation. To quicken its operations pour hot water with the xionlab.

Recommended; those who require an odorless toilet clog remover and faster results


  • It is highly reactive; thus, it delivers quick results.
  • Harsh on the organic matter but gentle on pipes.
  • Non-flammable, thus, not prone to fire accidents.
  • It is biodegradable thus an eco-friendly product.
  • It does not require prior preparations.


  • Requires hot water hence, the user can be hectic.
  • Acidic therefore very harsh on surfaces.

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8. Drano Max Gel Dain Clog Remover and Cleaner 

Drano Max Gel Dain Clog Remover

When it comes to scum, sink, shower, or bathtubs blockages, the Drano max gel will be the perfect solution. It is an item from the Drano manufacturers who earn respect from the exceptionally functioning items they avail. Consequently, you can expect this Drano max gel to deal with all clogs in very few minutes

Its ingredients do not only deal with the clogging materials but also ensure that the pipes are safe. Consequently, you can leave it overnight in the septic systems and flush it in the morning. More so, its uses are quite simple. Just open the cap clockwise and open it on the bathtub or the sink.

However, in case it spills, you should wipe it immediately.  It works within 15 minutes but may vary according to the nature of the clog. Use hot water while flushing the clog remover. It is the best drain toilet unclogger liquid, which can also be used on the garbage disposal. 

Recommended; to anyone who requires a fast working clog remover which has pipe-safe ingredients


  • It contains ingredients that keep the septic pipes safe.
  • Works in a time range of 15-30 minutes, thus deliver quick results.
  • It is biodegradable thus it conserves the environment.
  • It can be used on the garbage disposal hence, a multi-purpose unclogger.
  • It flows smoothly in water directly to the clog.


  • Cannot unclog cotton or baby washcloth clogs.
  • It cannot be used in a washing machine.

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9. Rid-X Septic Tank Treatment Enzymes

best toilet bowl unclogger liquid

Bad odor from the toilet or septic tank can make the environs unbearable. In such predicaments, you will think of getting treatment. Unfortunately, not every clog remover will neutralize the bad odor. However, the rid-x septic tank treatment does not only offset the horrible smell but also add a fragrance.

More so, it is scientifically proved to be 100% active on bacteria,  vegetable matter, grease, and all proteins. While using it, pour it directly to the bowl and flush it immediately. For the best results, it is recommendable you use it once every month. It helps prevent septic backups and keep the system operations mat optimum

It is the best toilet bowl unclogger liquid that has natural ingredients. Consequently, it is very safe on the pipes. Due to its thick-flow, it helps minimizes the chances of spilling. Also, the shape of its storage bottle makes it possible for the liquid to directly combat the clog.

Recommended; to anyone who requires an enzyme treatment with natural ingredients.


  • It reduces septic tank backups.
  • It contains natural ingredients thus, safe to the user.
  • Rids cellulose enzymes and kill microorganisms.
  • It is safe on pipes, metals and the entire septic system.
  • Neutralizes the odor from the clog.


  • Not recommendable on toilets connected to the city sewer.
  • It cannot be sued on the RV camper system.

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10. Instant Power 1868 Septic Shock

best toilet unclogger liquid

Many times we tend to let budgetary issues determine our purchase list. Such decisions have not borne good results. When purchasing a clog remover, we should look at its effectiveness and safety on the pipes. One of the most effective toilets sink treatments is the instant power 1868 septic shock.

It clears the soap scum, grease, paper, and any other type of clog. Nevertheless, it does not only remove the clogs but also neutralize the horrible smell. It is an eco-friendly septic treatment that does not produce any odors. Its bottle has an ergonomic and compact design. Consequently, it goes to the bottom of the sink for better treatments.

On the other hand, it contains alpha-amylase bacterial that dissolves all the organic matter in the pipes. If you are still skeptical, the manufacturers offer a 100% money guarantee on a particular period

Recommended; those who require a clog remover which is 100% safe and works on every type of clog


  • Works on most types of clogs, thus a versatile unclogger.
  • Very safe on plastic, metals and the entire septic system.
  • Neutralizes the foul-smell.
  • It also destroys the disease-causing microorganisms.
  • Highly reactive for faster results.


  • Cannot treat the doggie waste tank.
  • Produces a burning-like smell.

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Factors to consider while buying toilet unclogging liquid

Toilet unclogger liquids come in different brands. Also, they are constructed to deal with a specific type of clog. Consequently, finding the best toilet unclogger liquid is never easy. Besides, the given list of the highly recommendable toilet clogs removers, you may still have to choose between two or more products. Thus, here is a buyer’s guide on the factors that you should put into consideration

Type of clog

As said earlier, the clog removers are mostly specific in their functioning. Hence, the reactions keep on varying. What brings the difference is its ingredients. Accordingly, you should check on the ingredients to determine if it will work for you. However, there are some clog removers which work on almost every type of clog


Most of the clog removers have acidic properties. Also, some of their ingredients tend to be harmful to different septic systems.  Besides, some of them have odor neutralizing abilities, while others do not have. Consequently, checking on the clog remover ingredient helps determine the product fit for your predicament.


There is absolute and relative clogging. The relative clogs may allow a partial flow of water while the absolute clogs prevent complete draining of water. Nevertheless, some toilet liquids can flow freely in the stagnant water, while others cannot. Hence, you should consider the liquid movement in water if the clogging as resulted in stagnant water


Safety is a critical factor in every item that you purchase. When it comes to toilet clog removers, the safety ranges on the user, pipes, and the entire septic system.  Most of these chemicals are safe on the skin, while others are very harsh.

When handling such chemicals, you should have the safety elements. Nonetheless, the chemical should not cause damages to the pipes. Some of the best toilet unclogging liquids have ingredients that prevent pipe damages.

Final verdict

In a nutshell, unclogging a toilet with a plunger can sometimes be unproductive or else disgusting. Therefore, you will require a toilet clog remover to help you do away with unpleasant situations. So, which is the best toilet clog remover? Several brands manufacture these products. Hence getting one is not a problem. The problem emerges when determining which product will remove the clog effectively. Also, I don’t have to remind you that toilet unclogger liquids are meant to remove specific clogs.

Nevertheless, some of the toilet uncloggers may cause damages to the septic system. Also, if the liquid is not powerful to remove the blocking material, it will act as a clog. Consequently, it may turn a bad situation worse. Thus, as you could have guessed, you ought to be careful when purchasing a clog remover. This article contains examples of the best toilet unclogging products. Additionally, it highlights all the factors that you should consider when purchasing a toilet clog remover

Frequently asked questions

How do you unclog a toilet without a plunger?

Most plungers are generally expensive; hence owning one might be cumbersome. Besides, using the plunger requires efforts. Luckily, there is an option of unclogging the toilet without a plunger. The toilet unclogger liquids are chemicals that are effective in removing the clogs. To use them, you pour it on the surface and leave it for a specified period. Some clog removers work well with hot water while others do not require water.

What liquid to use to unclog the toilet?

Several brands manufacture unclogging liquids. Hence, getting the best clog remover is not easy. Nevertheless, purchasing the wrong product can turn the situation to its worst. As a precaution, you can consider identifying the factors to consider by reading the buyer’s guide. Nonetheless, the Green Gobbler Drain Clog Dissolver is regarded as the best toilet bowl unclogger liquid worldwide.

Does hot water unclog the toilet?

Most of the toilet unclogging liquids are used with hot water, but can the hot water alone unclog the toilet? The answer to that question is no. The hot water is used along the chemical to increase its reactivity and create an optimum environment for its reaction. Hence, it is not the hot water that unclogs but the chemical.

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