Top 5 Best Fertilizer for Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree of 2022

Best fertilizer for fiddle leaf fig tree

Do you know that you are not the only one out there that is filled with much love for the fiddle leaf fig? In fact, an average house in the United States has in its possession this houseplant. Just like every other plant, the fiddle leaf fig requires its own special care and attention. Don’t get left behind in this. You need to hang on to the best fertilizer for fiddle leaf fig.

One of the vital care your fiddle leaf fig would demand from you is applying good fertilizer. I believe that the question you would be asking yourself now is, what is the best fertilizer for fig trees?

Ever since you laid your hands on this, you already have the answer at your doorstep. The fiddle leaf fig is a stunning plant that can reach about ten feet in height, provided it is satisfied with all its required conditions. This includes you applying the best fertilizer for fiddle leaf fig in your home and office. So please stick with me on this as I unveil to you the way out.

The best fertilizer for fiddle leaf fig reviews

1) Fiddle leaf fig slow-release fertilizer by perfect plants

The truth is you would be making a good investment in your fiddle leaf fig with this product. You can rest assured that the investment would yield a satisfactory result because this fertilizer contains all the essential nutrients your fig plant needs. As the name implies, the fertilizer slowly releases its nutrients composition to the plant for a period of six months after the application. Now, get this. It is absolutely perfect for those with a hectic schedule. All they need to do is apply just once; it is enough to cover a six-month term. The pellets contain a 16-5-11 NPK rate that guarantees healthy roots, tough trunk, sturdy branches, and healthy leaves of the fig plant. It brings these expected results by evenly distributing nutrients to all parts of the plant.

PROS (What we liked)
  • Do not require a particular know-how method for its application; it can be applied easily by anyone.
  • With its re-sealable packaging bag, storage for future use is allowed.
  • The fertilizer is fantastic for rapid leaf growth.
  • It would revive and save any dying fiddle leaf fig.
  • The price point for this product is reasonable for its value.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The package is small and might not last for a very long time.
  • Plants would die off if you do not follow the stated measures.

2) Fiddle leaf fig tree fertilizer- Ficus plant food by Aquatic Arts

This is a liquid fiddle leaf fig fertilizer that needs to be diluted with water before application. It contains essential nutrients for the healthy germination of figs. It comes in a 3-1-2 NPK ratio. Honestly, It is specially formulated for ficus with absolutely no risk of damage to the plants. Every one teaspoon of fiddle leaf fig tree fertilizer should be diluted with two cups of water. Unlike non-liquid fertilizers, this ficus plant food has a high proficiency in dispersion. The application of this product to fiddle leaf figs provides them with sufficient nitrogen for healthy leaf growth. It does not stop there; the potassium present helps the plant produce strong stems while the phosphorus strengthens the plant’s roots.

PROS (What we liked)
  • An excellent job in regards to leaving germination.
  • The fertilizer is effective when it comes to saving a dying fiddle leaf fig.
  • It can be used for both indoor and outdoor plants.
  • A great value when compared to other ficus fertilizers.
  • You do not have to worry about the nutrients composition because it meets the fiddle leaf fig’s needs.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The product has lousy packaging, sometimes a loose cap, or no seal on the bottle.
  • It has a weird smell.

3) Perfect plants liquid fiddle leaf fig fertilizer

This liquid fertilizer is a unique blend of all the components needed for maximum productivity by a fiddle leaf fig. Sounds good? The plant can quickly draw the nutrients via its root since the nutrients are already in a liquid form. The fertilizer’s NPK ratio is specific to ficus plants, supplying them with all their needed composition. The fertilizer comes in a concentrated form; hence there is a need to dilute it with water. You would need one gallon of water to dilute one teaspoon of perfect plant’s liquid fiddle leaf fig fertilizer. It is enough for you to attain a vigorous fiddle leaf fig in a short time.

PROS (What we liked)
  • The liquid fertilizer does not smell unlike others in the market.
  • The direction of use stated on the package is precise and easy to follow.
  • Its application is followed with quality results.
  • Figs are happy and thrive well.
  • A fast result
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Its packaging is not very secured as some products could arrive open and already leaked.
  • The size is relatively small.

4) Fiddle leaf fig plant food 6-2-4

Do not search any further if you are still looking for the best fertilizer for the fiddle leaf fig tree. In order words, the fiddle leaf fig plant food 6-2-4 is specially designed to meet Ficus’s needs. Its 6-2-4 NPK ratio is ideal for the development of fig trees All that is required for the fertilizer’s effectiveness is to properly dilute a teaspoon of it with two cups of water. You should then proceed to water your fig plant at least once a week. It’s that simple. You would be happy to see your fiddle leaf fig blossom with dark green leaves and sturdy stems. Easy Peasy Plants have manufactured this great product.

PROS (What we liked)
  • Works great in bringing dying fiddle leaf fig back to life.
  • The product has excellent value for its money.
  • Excellent for new leaves growth
  • The great turnaround in fig stem
  • It is durable
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It is an average product and might not be effective for all fig plants.
  • Sadly, it could kill plants if not properly use.

5) Blooming fiddle leaf fig fertilizer

Bloomingo Fiddle Leaf Fig Fertilizer - Bottomless MiGROsas Ficus Indoor  Plant Food and Natural Norwegian Seaweed Extract for Healthy Plants and Soil  - 8 Ounce- Buy Online in India at ProductId : 164864236.

Here’s another big deal. This has a 9-18-9 NPK ratio in its composition and is ideal for the growth of ficus. It is composed of food-grade ingredients and organic natural Norwegian seaweed extract. It helps in fiddle leaf fig growth, but it also helps put yellow leaf, brown leaf, and leaf drop in check. Because it does come in liquid form, it is easily accessible by plants. To prepare the Blooming fiddle leaf fig fertilizer, you would need to dilute one teaspoon of the fertilizer with two water cups. For a larger amount, you should make use of one gallon of water for two teaspoons.

PROS (What we liked)
  • A healthy fiddle leaf fig stem
  • The product rejuvenates poor growing figs.
  • It gives way to the massive emergence of new leaves
  • It works so well in maintaining a happy fig tree.
  • Easily accessible by all parts of the plant
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • A proper follow up in the application because too much of it can kill plants.
  • Significantly small size, which is outrageous for its price.

The factors to consider when buying a fiddle leaf fig fertilizer.

As much as the above fiddle leaf fig fertilizers are given, are of great quality, and would do a great job, there is still the need for you to put in place certain factors before going for any particular fertilizer for your fig tree. It all boils down to the below key points.

The available space for the fertilizer application

While some fiddle leaf fig is enclosed in a small soil pot, others are in a bigger soil pot. Pellet fertilizer would be inappropriate for the former due to the lack of enough space in the soil pot where they can be placed. For small areas, liquid fertilizers are highly recommended.

The time frame needed for nutrient release

If the fiddle leaf fig needs a fast release of nutrients to its root, fertilizers in the liquid form are the most suitable. This is because liquid fertilizers release their nutrients at a quicker rate than fertilizers in pellets form. The roots can also easily access these nutrients and take them up because they are already in a soluble form.

The plant nutrient requirement

It would help if you also consider the nutrient your fig plant needs more than other nutrients. By so doing, you would be able to meet the requirements when buying fertilizer. There are different fiddle leaf fig fertilizers with varying formulas out there. This is why you should consider the nutrients available in the soil and the one that is lacking. For example, if your fiddle leaf fig needs more potassium, it would be a total waste when you buy a fertilizer whose potassium levels are significantly lower than the other nutrients.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of fertilizer for fiddle leaf fig?

Even though the fiddle leaf fig would always require Nitrogen, phosphorus, plus potassium for sustainable growth, these nutrients still need to be present in appropriate measure. Therefore, a fiddle leaf fig fertilizer having its NPK ratio close to 3-1-2 is ideal and should be considered. And remember, It would also be great if you also think those containing all other micronutrients essential for the fig plant’s growth.

How often should I fertilize my fiddle leaf fig?

The best time to fertilize a fiddle leaf fig is during the growing season, usually the summer and spring. However, to maintain a steady growth of fig leaves, stems, and roots, you can fertilize them once every month when using solid fertilizers. For liquid fiddle leaf fig fertilizers, once a week is appropriate to obtain the best result. But beware, while carrying out this routine, ensure that the soil pot can drain away excess water. This is to prevent root rot caused by the excess accumulation of water in the root areas.

Should you fertilize a fiddle leaf fig?

The answer is yes. It would help if you fertilized your fiddle leaf fig. The reason is that just like every other plant, the fiddle leaf fig also does have its own nutrient need. It requires a certain amount of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, plus potassium, which may not be available in the soil. You must supply it with the remaining amount needed for it to thrive well. Fertilizing a fiddle leaf fig is like feeding your pets for them to live. The fiddle leaf fig fertilizers are the food manufactured for fig plants. Do not forget that.

How much fertilizer for fiddle leaf fig?

Like everything else, you should follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the package. Most fertilizers have a clear stated directly on the amount to be applied to the fiddle leaf fig. It is usually recommended to apply two teaspoons of solid fertilizers. On the other hand, liquid fertilizer is a teaspoon that should be diluted with two cups of water. You can obtain larger amounts by making use of two teaspoons diluted with a gallon of water. During the dilution process, you must ensure that the mixture is adequately saturated. Final Verdict

Final Verdict

In all, It was earlier stated in this article that the application of the best fertilizer for fiddle leaf fig is one of the many care routines a fiddle leaf fig needs for maximum performance. Therefore, no matter the amount of water and sunlight it receives, it will still need nutrients from fertilizers to perform excellently. Could you hold on to this piece? You may want to argue that the soil would supply the fiddle leaf fig with its nutrients. However, the fact remains that the nutrients embedded in the soil cannot be enough for the plant if you truly desire it to be healthy. Your fiddle leaf fig needs the best fertilizer to be happy. So go ahead and make it happen. The bottom line is that there is a wide variety of these fertilizers you can choose from. You should bear in mind that the buying guide is entailed here before you proceed to feed your plant from any of these fertilizers. The guide will be helpful for you to give the best fertilizer for fiddle leaf fig. Good luck with that as you make it happen. It’s all in your pitch. Most of these fertilizers have an easy application and are less stressful. You should follow the package’s directions properly to obtain the best result from your fiddle leaf fig.

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