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The 10 Best Lawn Mower Battery Charger Reviews of 2020

Believe it or not, finding out that your lawn mower desperately needs a full recharge is quite common, especially when you need it urgently. However, if you have the best lawn mower battery charger in your shed, then you would not have to sweat your blood at all. With it, you can recharge the battery and start using your lawn mower in a jiffy.

But, how would you find out the best battery charger in the market? With so many options out there, answering this question can be quite a challenging task indeed. Nevertheless, as long as we are here, you do not have to worry about anything.

Here, we have provided a list of some of the best chargers in the market and provided some essential details about them. Hence, just by looking once at them, you will be able to find out the one that is perfect for you.

So, let’s get started with it.     

Best Lawn Mower Battery Charger

1.5 Amp 12V Automotive Smart Battery Charger – best battery charger for lawn mower

best battery charger for lawn mower - MEEARO

Since its inception, MEEARO has always provided high-end products at an affordable price, and this charger is the perfect example of it. The smart battery charger comes with a 5amp charging capacity. Hence, it can recharge the battery units quite quickly. Furthermore, it is compatible with both the marine and automotive batteries. So, you can use it on anything and everything.

On top of that, it also has three charging options, which are – fast charge, trickle charge, and top-off. So, you can choose either of them as per your requirements. Another factor, which makes it the best battery charger for lawn mower, is its LCD screen. It is quite big and shows everything that you need to see for operating the charger correctly.

So, as you can understand, this battery charger is best for the professionals who use their lawn mower daily. So, if you only use your lawn mower to keep your home look beautiful, then do not opt for this one.


  • The battery charger has three different charging options.
  • Its LCD screen is somewhat big and shows every information quite clearly.
  • The built-in protection circuit improves its overall security status by a mile.
  • Its pulse repair function can automatically repair batteries and extend its shelf life.


  • Its overall build is quite fragile.
  • It gets warm within only a few minutes of charging.

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2. LST Trickle Battery Charger

LST Trickle Battery Charger

Are you looking for a battery charger that can help you to recharge both your lawn mower as well as the car’s battery? Then, we would suggest you go for the LST Trickle Battery Charger. It is compatible with both 6V and 12V batteries and can work with the batteries of automobiles, lawn tractors, motorcycles, etc. quite effectively. Sounds terrific, doesn’t it?

Furthermore, unlike the previous charger, this one features multiple protective devices that can prevent the short circuit and reverse polarity issues quite effectively. Furthermore, it also has five different charging options, which can help you in both charging and maintaining the batteries.  

There is also an LED indicator available with this battery charger. When the battery has been fully charged, it will start blinking to let you know about it. This way, you would not have to face the overcharging issues anymore.


  • It can recharge both the 12V as well as the 6V batteries.
  • Features an excellent 5-stage automatic charging option.
  • It is overheating and spark-proof.
  • The charger is portable. So, the users can recharge the batteries while on the go.


  • It is quite costly.

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3. DieHard 71219 2 Amp 6/12V Shelf Smart Battery Charger – best battery charger for riding lawn mower

best battery charger for riding lawn mower - DieHard

When talking about the most versatile charger in the market, the first name that comes to the mind is DieHard 71219. Aside from the lawn mower batteries, it can also recharge the battery units of motorcycles and automobiles.

Furthermore, there is also a quick-connect harness system available with this product that provides faster installation, especially for the bike batteries. There is an LED indicator, too, available with this product. It can inform you when the recharging task is complete.

Widely known as the best battery charger for riding lawn mower, the product is controlled by a microprocessor and is fully automatic. Hence, if you are a professional and tend to use the lawn mower regularly, then this one would be an ideal choice for you.


  • The LED indicator helps the users in monitoring the battery recharging progress properly.
  • It has five different recharging options.
  • Its float board monitoring system maintains the battery unit’s charge at an optimal condition.
  • Owing to its 3-connector options, it can be installed with any type of battery quite quickly.


  • It does not come with an LED monitor.
  • Its build quality is not that great.

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4. Foval Automatic Trickle Battery Charger

Foval Automatic Trickle Battery Charger

Thinking about buying the best lawn mower battery trickle charger but can’t find an affordable option? Then, the Foval Automatic Trickle Battery Charger should be perfect for your cause. It comes with a small yet compact design. Hence, if you need to, then you can use it to recharge your lawn mower while on the go.  

The battery charger is also known to be compatible with the lead-acid, sealed, and flooded batteries. Furthermore, it also works in a 4-stage charging system, which can fully recharge the battery units efficiently while minimizing the risks of passive damages. There is an option called bulk charge mode is also available with this charger. So, you can use it to replenish the life of more than one battery unit.

However, the only issue with this product is that it only works on 12V batteries. So, if you own a 6V lawn mower, then you would have a look for other options.


  • It is compatible with almost all types of automobile batteries.
  • The charger comes with both ring and alligator connectors, which make the installation even more convenient.
  • Its LED indicators are quite intuitive and provide prompt signal whenever things are about to go wrong.
  • It is lightweight and portable. So, the users can use it while they are riding their car or using the lawn mower.


  • The heating issues are quite persistent with this product.

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5. HOYOA 12v 750mA Trickle Battery Charger

HOYOA 12v 750mA Trickle Battery Charger

The HOYOA 12v 750mA Trickle Battery Charger is widely considered to be one of the best in the market due to its high-end performance and durability. Because of being made by high-end technologies, the product can cater to almost any type of batteries, such as lead-acid, AGM, and GEL. Sounds fantastic, right? Wait up; there’s more. 

Furthermore, there is an automatic charging system, too, available with this charger. With this feature, it can stop charging the batteries automatically to prevent overcharging issues. However, in case you have forgotten to switch it off, then the charger would maintain the full charge of the battery with its trickle charging feature.

The charger cable of the product is also quite long (10 feet). It is yet another factor that boosts its convenience factor by a mile. So, if you are thinking about buying a product for recharging your home-use lawn mower, then this charger will be your best bet.


  • It has four different charging modes, which help it recharge the batteries safely and securely.
  • It is compatible with almost every type of 12V batteries.
  • Its trickle charging mode helps in maintaining the full charge of the battery.
  • It has an LED indicator, which informs promptly after the recharging task has been completed.


  • It is quite expensive and gets warm quite quickly.

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6. BMK 12V 5A Smart Battery Charger

BMK 12V 5A Smart Battery Charger

If you do some research, then you will be able to find out a lot of 12V chargers in the market. However, regarding overall efficiency, none of them can beat this offering of BMK. It comes with a smart battery charger function, which, according to BMK, can bring back the dead batteries to life.

What’s more? It also is compatible with almost all the types of batteries out there. So, other than the land mower, if you want to recharge the batteries of your two-wheeler or four-wheeler, then this product can help you with it. There is also a spark-proof device has been provided in the charger, which can prevent all the overcharging issues.

Furthermore, it can also detect the defective issues of a battery. If it finds any questions while charging, then it will let you know by lighting up the Fault Light.

However, unlike the other products on this list, this one is quite costly. So, if you are running on a low budget, then it will be better for you to go for another battery charger.


  • The quick disconnect harness helps the users to both connect as well as disconnect the charger within a few seconds.
  • Its Fault Light system lets the users know about the defects in the battery.
  • It is spark-proof and can effectively prevent overcharging issues.
  • The quick disconnection harness function enables you to install in with the battery a lot quickly and efficiently.


  • it is somewhat costly than a few of its rivals in the market.

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7. Jethax 12V 4A Smart Car Battery Charger – best lawn mower battery charger

best lawn mower battery charger - Jethax

As the name suggests, most people generally use the Jethax 12V charger on their four-wheelers. However, if you want to, then you can also use it on your bikes and, especially, on your lawn mower. Nevertheless, before employing it, you would have to make sure that the battery is 12V, as this charger cannot switch between 6V to 12V.

However, to compensate for this negative point, Jethax has implemented the trickle charging function with its charger. It helps in maintaining the battery and prevents it from losing its charge. The smart car battery charger also comes with the coveted 3-in-1 charging system. Therefore, with it, you will able to charge or repair or maintain the battery quite efficiently.

Another factor, which prompts everyone to consider it as the best lawn mower battery charger, is the availability of an LED display. With this, you can both operate and monitor the device without encountering any issues at all. It also has a 1-year warranty with it, which is indeed a bonus.


  • The charger is quite a user friendly.
  • Its 3-in-1 charging system makes the whole installation process both quick and straightforward.
  • The users can recharge more than one battery unit on it with the bulk charging mode.
  • It comes with a temperature control system that takes care of the heating issues.
  • The charger is compatible with almost any type of battery units.


  • It only works well with the 12V batteries.

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8. BLACK+DECKER BM3B Fully Automatic 6V/12V Battery Charger

BLACK+DECKER BM3B Fully Automatic 6V/12V Battery Charger

Are you on the lookout for a multifunctional battery charger that can do it all for you? Then, this battery charger from BLACK+DECKER should be perfect for you. As you can already understand from its name, it can work with both the 6V as well as the 12V batteries. So, no matter which lawn mower variant you have, you can always use it for your purpose.

Furthermore, the battery charger comes with O-ring terminals. Therefore, it would also be quite easy for you to connect the battery’s main plug with it. There is also an in-built circuit protection guard available with the charger, which can prevent short circuit issues.  

Owing to its smart frequency technology, the charger can sense when the battery of your lawn mower has been restored completely. In that case, it will automatically shut itself down and restrict the battery unit from encountering overcharging issues.

The only issue with this battery is that it is quite expensive. However, with its excellent features and efficiency, the price tag definitely seems to be quite considerable.


  • Its in-built circuit protector prevents almost all the security issues quite effectively.
  • It is compatible with WET, AGM, and GEL batteries.
  • It can efficiently switch between 6V and 12V, which makes it quite versatile.
  • Its three-connection system makes it easier for the users to recharge multiple batteries with it.


  • It gets warm quite quickly.

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9. GOOLOO 6V/12V Smart Battery Charger

GOOLOO 6V/12V Smart Battery Charger

Just like the previous model on the list, this battery charger from GOOLOO is quite versatile and enriched with features. Firstly, it is compatible with both the 6V as well as the 12V batteries. So, with it, you can replenish both the older as well as, the newer lawn mower variants. 

Secondly, unlike any other charger on this list, this one operates in 6 different stages. So, as you can already understand, it is a lot more efficient than others. Furthermore, with its intelligent control function and trickle charging system, it can also prevent the battery from losing its charge.

However, the factor, which makes it the best lawn mower battery charger in the market, is its intelligent detection system. With it, the charger can locate any faulty issues within the batteries and let you know through its intuitive LCD screen.

Besides, it has a charging capacity of 6amp. Therefore, it can recharge any of the battery units within just a few hours. Hence, if you tend to use your lawn mower too frequently, then this charger would be an ideal choice for you.


  • It is quite flexible and, thus, can connect with almost every type of battery.
  • With its 6-stage charging system, it can complete the recharging cycle quite efficiently.
  • It can both maintain and repair the batteries while recharging them.
  • It can detect internal damages and lets the user know about it through the LCD screen.
  • Feature multiple security systems for a safe and secure service.


  • The trickling system of the charger is not that efficient.

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10.  Beleeb Automatic Battery Charger

Beleeb Automatic Battery Charger

The last product on our list is going to be the Beleeb Automatic Battery Charger. Like the offering of GOOLOO, this one, too, is compatible with both 6V as well as 12V batteries. However, its trickling feature is a lot more efficient than the one from GOOLOO. So, if you tend to forget about things, then this charger should be perfect for you.

Besides, the charger is quite easy to use too. To employ it, all you would have to do is to plug in the battery with it and let it show its magic. The charger works in a 4-step charging system, which enables it to both recharge the battery as well as repair its internal damages.

You can also monitor how much the battery has recharged through its LCD display. However, in default, the charger generally starts charging in 2A mode. So, if you want some speedy work, then make sure to switch to 6A.


  • it comes with multiple protection systems, which makes it both reliable and safe to use.
  • It has an LCD display, which helps the users in monitoring everything.
  • It does not get overheated that easily.
  • It has three different charging modes, which can be switched between each other as per requirements.
  • Features the highly-coveted float mode.


  • The efficiency of the product deteriorates quite quickly over time.

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Factors to Consider While Buying a Lawn Mower Battery Charger

Frankly speaking, choosing the best lawn mower battery charger from a wide variety of options can be a daunting task. However, if you do keep a few pointers in your mind while buying, then the task might get somewhat more comfortable for you. 

So, in the following section, we will be talking about a few factors that you need to consider to find out the best product in the market. So, without any further ado, let’s start.


Have you ever wondered why most people look for the voltage of a charger before any other features? That is because if the voltage of the charger does not match with the battery, then it will not be able to recharge it properly.

Furthermore, if the voltages of both the components are mismatched, then the battery might also get affected internally. It might get damaged, or, in severe cases, might also burst out. So, using a charger with an inappropriate voltage level is not really safe.

So, what would you do in this case? First, you would have to find out the voltage of your lawn mower’s battery. If the lawn mower is made after 1980, then, most probably, it will have a 12V battery unit. So, for that, you would have to buy a 12V charger.

Otherwise, you might also opt for a charger that can comfortably switch between 12V and 6V. They are quite versatile and can be a perfect match for any type of battery. However, they can be a little bit expensive than others.


It seems a little bit obvious, doesn’t it? But, in reality, most people tend to ignore it. But you should never do it. If you have a fixed budget, then the second thing, which you should look in a battery charger, is its price.

If you are thinking about opting for a branded product, then you would have to, naturally, spend some real cash for it. However, if you are lucky, then you might also find some good chargers at a small amount of price.

Furthermore, if you purchase it from an online marketplace, such as Amazon, then you would also get a lot of discount on it. So, make sure to keep these things in mind while buying a charger for the battery of your lawn mower.

Charging Capacity

If a charger has a high level of charging capacity, then it will recharge your battery a lot quicker than usual. So, if you are professional and use your lawn mower on a regular basis, then you would have to go for a charger with higher capacity, for example, 6amp.

Final Verdict

So, these are some of the best lawn mower battery chargers that you will be able to find in today’s market. Almost every type of product on this list has its advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, they can only be beneficial for specific people. However, among them, GOOLOO 6V/12V Smart Battery Charger would be our first choice. It is highly efficient, operates on six different stages, and can repair mild damages of the batteries. It also has an intuitive display screen, which can help you to monitor the charging progress. So, if you have the right amount of budget, then we would suggest you go for it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to use a lawn mower battery charger?

Before you start your job of charging the lawn mower battery, first, you would have to wear protective clothing to keep yourself safe. Once you are ready, then you can start your job by unplugging the charger from the outlet of the machine. After that, try to find and access the battery of the mower. It will be located under the machine’s seat. Next, you would have to connect the positive charging cable of the charger with the red-colored terminal of the battery. If you have successfully connected the positive side, then it is time for you to attach the negative side too. After that, all you have to do is to match the voltages of the charger and mower and plug in the mower with the main electrical outlet of the charger.

What kind of battery charger do I need for a lawn mower?

If you have bought your lawn mower after 1980, then your machine’s battery probably would require a 12V battery. Thus, for them, you would, naturally, have to opt for a 12V charger. However, if your lawn mower uses a 6V battery, then it would be better for you to go for the chargers that enable you to choose between 6 and 12V settings.

Can I charge a lawn mower battery with a car charger?

If the battery of your lawn mower belongs to the lead-acid type, then you can charge it with your car’s charger. Using the jumper cables will be the safest in this case. However, if your lawn mower features a lithium battery, then you cannot charge it with your car’s charger. For that, you will need something that is designed specifically for the lithium battery units.

How long does it take to charge a lawn mower battery with a 6 amp charger?

It usually depends on how much charge is left in the battery of your lawn mower. If the battery unit has been completely discharged, then it would take around 11 to 12 hours to recharge it fully. Otherwise, on average, it takes approximately seven to eight hours for a battery to get wholly revitalized.

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