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Top 5 Best Pot for fiddle leaf fig tree of 2020

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Don’t you hate it when your pot is either too big or too small for your fiddle leaf fig tree? We all have been there. It’s dreadful. It’s no secret that a well-portioned fiddle leaf fig pot is an attractive way to complement your house and taste, not to mention impress your guests too.  But, if the pot looks tasteless and functionless, it can literally destroy the fantastic aesthetic of your house. Anyway, no worries, to make the whole journey hassle-free, I picked up the best pot for fiddle leaf fig tree for you. All you need to is just check them out and pick up the best one.

Let’s dive in.

Best Pot for fiddle leaf fig tree

1.Goodpick Cotton Rope Storage Basket

Goodpick Cotton Rope Basket

First, a warning – This basket will come in folded condition. I noticed, some people complained that it does not stand up. So, I mentioned it, at first, so that you don’t get confused. So, here is the thing – you have to stream it or fill with towels or pillows to groom it.

Well, now that we’re clear on this, let’s move on.

You will get this basket in different sizes – large, medium, or small to accommodate an array of plant dimensions.

And the best part?

It’s highly portable; hence you can easily carry or transport it from one place to another. But you know what else?

This lovely basket is hand-crafted that provides a spontaneous and pristine appearance to your home.

To make things better, the sides are robust and thicker. Therefore, it holds a lot. Overall, I can tell, it will prove a suitable dwelling for your lovely fiddle leaf fig.

Things we do like:

  • It’s thoroughly knitted; thus, you can rely on the sturdiness of the product.
  • This basket is designed to be flexible; hence you can fit it everywhere.
  • You will get two robust handles so that you can carry it easily.
  • It has a rustic yet stylish design that adds a lovely look to your home.

What could be better?

  • Most of the complaints, I found, it says – it’s continually folding over. And I mentioned the solution in the first line. Didn’t I?
  • It comes in flat and folded conditions that can cause complications to customers’ minds. Also, it takes some time to reshape.

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2. Old World Hand-Pressed Ceramic Garden pots

Old World Hand-Pressed Ceramic Garden pots

This pot has the right size that goes with every size, though; you shouldn’t go with large plants. It can make the pot too heavy. Then, you can’t easily carry and move it.

I personally recommend it for indoor decoration as it’s so subtle and matches the indoor environment elegantly.  But, let me tell you that it will be equally a success if you want it for outdoor decoration.  It’s thick and sturdy enough to endure the outdoor environment.

What’s more, it has a drainage hole so that you can water your plant conveniently. Quick tip – I put a drain pan, which is plastic inside of the pot. Here you go. It will never leak.

I find it a lovely pot for small to medium fiddle leaf fig. But, you can also use it for a large plant if you can carry it. Quick tip – it will look great as a hanging post, isn’t it?

Things we do like:

  • The patterning and glaze are even.
  • It’s large; hence any plant fits there conveniently.
  • Has a planter that is solid and durable.
  • Suitable for interior and exterior use.
  • Has a rich color and vintage design that make it look like one in a million.

What could be better?

  • It’s a bit heavy.

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3. FaithLand Plant Pot

FaithLand Plant Pot

It’s no secret that you will hardly get a pot large enough to fit a fully grown leaf fig tree. But I have news for you.  After a deep search, I found this pot, which measures 12 inches. And, it’s just what you need when the matter comes to the large plant.

Mirror, mirror, what more this plant can offer?

Well, let me tell you my favorite bit. It’s handmade. And the artist used polystone or fiberstone to make this beautiful piece. What is more important, the brand never uses plastic for their craft.  Seems like a company who value the environment a lot

Most important, it has a hole so that the water can drain. Also, the drain plug is situated close to the outer edge. There’s a reason for that. If it is in the center, it will be uneven and can drain your plant. So, I can tell they use the best mind to design the pot.

Amazingly enough, you will get a cover for that drain hole. So, if you don’t need it, use the cover. Sounds a handy feature, right?

Last but not least, the finish of the planter that is white adds an exquisite appearance to the overall look. It looks divine around the dark wood.

Things we do like:

  • Though it’s large enough to fit any large plant, it’s lightweight.
  • Provides a matte look.
  • It has a sleek and modern appearance.
  • It’s durable and portable enough to move around.

What could be better?

  • It has a chemical smell though it will go away soon. So, for a few days, keep it outside.

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4. Gardener Select EPR15-204 Egg Planter Blue Flower

best pot for fiddle leaf fig tree - Gardener Select

This pot is ridiculously inexpensive, compared to other pots. It measures around 15 inches that we could safely say quite large and sufficient for any plant, including larger palm or fiddle leaf fig.

Though it’s large, it’s no heavyweight. On the contrary, it’s relatively light; thus, you can deal with it quickly.

What’s more, it’s capable of adding a ceramic look wherever you put it. But, make no mistake, it’s made of plastic. Not to mention, it’s highly compatible with both outdoor and indoor exteriors.

Things we do like:

  • Easy to move – one place to another.
  • The shape and pattern are absolutely mesmerizing.
  • Has a well-proportioned size for any large tree.
  • It has a vivid color that adds a rich touch to any house.
  • Has a drainage hole.

What could be better?

  • Well, as I mentioned before, this pot is not made of ceramic; it’s just hard plastic. It just looks like ceramic.

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5. Dahey Small Cotton Rope Plant Basket Woven Storage Basket

 Dahey Small Cotton Rope Plant Basket Woven Storage

This is a cute, thick basket that could give a stylish look to any home. But first a notice – the manufacturer packaged it in a folding shape; thus, it doesn’t acquire its shape immediately. So, here’s the trick – Place a pillow or blanket inside for 4-5 hours. That will do the rest work.

Further, the basket has a compact design. Speaking of shape, the basket’s bottom is round and flat, making it easy to settle anywhere.

And the best part?

It comes with durable handles that can be used to move the pot from one place to another. Sounds good, right?

Things we do like:

  • Goes impressively with any decoration.
  • It’s well made thus will last for a long time.
  • It’s sturdy as well as flexible.
  • Portable.

What could be better?

  • It comes misshaped. Needs a while to reshape.

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Wrapping up:

Here you go. As I wrap up my review of the best pot for fiddle leaf fig tree, there’re some things I like to mention again. Pick up a pot that has a drainage hole. Never underestimate the power of color texture.

If you’re keeping the fig tree indoor, it can make or break the whole deal. Follow the checklist. You don’t necessarily need to follow mine; you can also make one too.

A perfect pot can take your plant to new heights. So, choose wisely.

How to choose the best pot for your fiddle leaf fig tree:

Though it might sound strange to you, you have to follow some rules while picking up a pot for fiddle leaf fig. Shall we explore them?


Your container must not be too big or small compared to your plant. It needs to be well-balanced. Myriad people do believe; large size pot offers a great value. The reason for this belief is that any size of the plant can accommodate in the pot very easily.

But there’s a catch.

The visual appearance of the entire pot and plant will look awfully horrifying. And if you’re a quirky person like me, then nothing could be an awful visual experience than this.

Then again, some people do prefer a small pot due to its lightweight.  A small pot is not well-suited for a large plant; thus, it can’t provide perfect stability. Besides that, you will find drainage complications. It tends to rot the root.

Texture and color:

Imagine what it would be like if you use a bright-colored plant in a bright container. Absolutely horrifying, right? It’s like – you’re using a patterned pot for the flowering plant. Anyway, if you’re a newbie in this sector, you might wonder, why is that?

When you use a bright pot for a bright plant, they both compete with each other and look tasteless. It’s like a lady using too much make-up and dresses that make her look so exposed and ungraceful.

Anyway, luckily, fiddle leaf fig has a solid color. Also, the texture of it is so smooth. Therefore, you can quickly get away with striking pots.


Always do the measurement first, especially when you’re ordering a pot from online. First of all, measure your plant. Then, measure your container. Make sure it’s, at minimum, 2 inches taller and 3-4 inches than your plant.

Drainage hole:

The pot must have a proper drainage system so that the root ball can thrive. The health of the fiddle leaf fig tree hugely depends on this factor. So, always check this feature before making a purchase.

How to grow your fiddle leaf fig into a tree:

The moment you bought your fiddle leaf, you must consider re-potting it. Most of the time, the new plants come in a plastic pot that doesn’t suit or complement your space. So, first thing first, you need to do is to find a suitable pot. Then, you must find the right potting mix plus the soil amendment.

Now, it’s time to re-potting your fiddle leaf fig in a few steps. Let’s get started.

Find the right workstation.

By now, you picked up the pot, also done by soil, then it’s time to find the plant a new home. You must remember, the whole process can make the place a tad dirty. So, you better choose a place that you don’t mind being messy.

I will suggest going for an outdoor patio. But if you do want to go indoors, you might consider doing it over a bed sheet that you don’t use anymore.

Fill in the potting mix plus soil amendment

Fill the new pot with 4 or 5-inches of the potting mix so that your plant gets a place where it can sit on its root ball.

A warning – Make sure that the whole container isn’t filled with soil whilst your fig is inside the pot.

Finally, add the soil amendment.

Remove & transfer

Now, you have to remove the plant from the plastic container. But, first, a piece of advice – do not use force while doing this. You must do it gently.

Quick trick – you can use scissors for doing this. Cut the side of the container, and the rest will be done very quickly.

After removing the fig, set it inside your brand-new pot. Hold the fig straight by the trunk while doing this. After doing the potting mix plus soil amendment, compact the soil to provide proper space. In that way, the roots will get adequate room to breathe.

Initial watering

After placing the fig, it’s time for watering. In that way, if the air is trapped in the soil, it will be removed. Also, check if the soil’s sides are lower than the canter’s? If it is, you need to do a potting mix again.

Here we go.

Your checklist to a flourishing fiddle leaf fig:

Now, you should make a checklist that can contribute your beloved fiddle leaf fig’s well-being. No worries, I just made a list. Yes, you heard that right. You don’t need to sweat for that. Let’s have a look –


After watering the plant, the plant needs some natural light. So, I would recommend you find a place that faces south so that the plant enough UV rays flow that is indirect.


As we know, fiddle leaf fig is mainly from the rainforest. Typically, the humidity level of the rainforest is around 77-88 percent. Undoubtedly, your plant will require sufficient moisture to stay healthy.

Quick fact – Any average home’s humidity is ranging from 30-50 percent. And, a fig plant requires, at minimum, 65-percent moisture to flourish.

So, what can you do?

You can use a humidifier to keep the environment as natural as possible.


You can follow two ways while watering the soil. First, use a lot of water and less often. The other is to use less water but more often.

Here’s the deal.

Figs do not prefer too little or too much water. So, you better balance it. Anyway, I have a tip for you to do that.

Quick tip – Press your finger into the soil (2-inches) and check if it is wet. If it is, then don’t water. But if it’s dry, water the plant thoroughly. And do this in the morning so that the plant can get the opportunity to dry throughout the entire day.

Besides that, rinse and clean the leaves so that it can help the plant photosynthesize.


Clean the weeds regularly. Otherwise, it will share the nutrients of your tree. Thus, your plant will not proper nutrients.


To make better use of the energy, prune the damaged, bruised, and brown leaves. As a result, the energy of the plant will be used for new growth.

Another complication you might face is this your plant can outgrow your space. If that happens, just prune 8-11 inches from the top of the fig.

Frequently Asked Questions

what is a fiddle leaf fig??

It's a flowering plant that mainly grows in the tropical rainforest. It's also commonly known as ficus lyrata. Typically, it grows up approximately 12 to 15 m tall.

what size pot for fiddle leaf fig?

well, it depends on many things. But, on a standard calculation, 14-, 12-, 10- or 8-inch diameter are the trendy sizes for the plant.

How to re-pot a fiddle leaf fig?

First, prepare your soil. Then, gently remove it from the previous container. Place the plant into the new jar and water it.

How often to water fiddle leaf fig?

Water regularly. It could be once in 3 days. For better results, use the trick I shared previously. It will give you an accurate understanding.

Does a fiddle leaf fig need direct sunlight?

Mostly, it needs indirect sunlight. What we need is that southern or eastern exposure. But yes, it can use some direct sun lighting. But it should be afternoon or morning light.

When should I re-pot my fiddle leaf fig?

Well, it's straightforward. When you feel your fig is becoming outgrowing your pot, you must re-pot it. Traditionally, you should re-pot it in every 2 years.

when is the growing season for fiddle leaf fig?

As a houseplant, it will be more active in summer and spring due to the proper light. With proper fertilization and care, they grow with wonders. And, it doesn't develop properly in the winter. The reason is very simple – due to light.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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