How to Increase Horsepower on an Outboard Motor?

How to Increase Horsepower on an Outboard Motor

When buying a boat motorboat, most inexperienced owners have chosen the less powerful units — the reason for everything – the reasonable cost of these engines. But after a while, shipowners are not satisfied with the purchase because of the limitations of the speed of movement. Let us know how to increase the power of the outboard motor? What measures can the motorboat engine “accelerate” significantly? This article will help you to increase the power of the outboard motor. But the precondition is that you must have the high speed electric outboard motors for your boat.

How realistic is it to increase the characteristics of outboard motors?

Increasing the amount of power in low power motors is possible. In particular, it concerns imports of outboard engines.

As practice shows, get a relatively cheap boat engine brand reputable, you can work on its completion, which will get a model with similar characteristics to the engines of the upper price category. The most popular choices here are the following:

  1. Comparison of the available technical indicators of the unit with the higher model, whose performance tends to the owner. The increase in capacity, in this case, facilitates the replacement of the exhaust manifold, valve valves, carburetors.
  2. Removing the power limiter. To increase the adjustment can be carried out besides completion sets that control the flow of fuel boat engines, mainly responsible for the supply of fuel to the combustion chamber.
  3. Boring carburetor. An operation to increase the diameter of the diffuser and, therefore, is reflected in the increase in engine power.
  4. Ask for advice from the mechanics of the service center. Experts not only tell you how to increase the power of the particular brand outboard engine but also pick up the relevant details, the installation of which will increase the amount of energy.

How to increase the nominal power of the motor without any modification?

To increase the amount of power, sometimes should improve the condition of the underwater part of the craft. Should be cleaned any form of education that focused on the bottom surface promptly.

You should not get the interior and cockpit of the round use vessel. How to increase the power of the outboard motor? It is recommended to clean the bank all the extra things that affect the increase of the total weight of the boat. Leave on board should be only the most necessary equipment.

Not worth too much to save, to add fuel to the gasoline for the outboard engine. A mixture of low-quality fuel only slashes the number of horses.

One of the critical omissions of the shipowner is the presence of chips on the engine blades. As practice shows, this leads to the fact that the fuel mixture is consumed in much larger quantities when it reaches the desired speed.

Also, he must evaluate the level of pressure in the cylinders. The latter is necessary to pump the air at the appearance of the distinctive ring. The need to limit the filling of the bottles due to the reduction of the pressure to their cooling in the water. Curiously, this factor can also affect the deterioration of the speed of the boat. you can even add this motor at Jon boat for rough water.

Increasing the capacity of two-stroke outboard motors

To improve the position, it is necessary to choose the oil for two-stroke outboard engines carefully. Preference is given to tested products, proven brands. Selecting an expensive oil for two-stroke outboard engines, you can get a boost in power for a few horses.

To increase the parameter is recommended to work on the carburetor. After disassembly of the element is necessary to increase the diameter of the diffuser, the correct operation of the float fuel dispenser.

Increasing the outer power stroke helps to adjust the ignition angle. It is worth making an adjustment aimed at a slight advance. Hence it follows the need to install new spark plugs.

The increase in the power of the engines still

A little more complicated to modify four-stroke engines. To improve power performance is necessary to perform the adjustment of valve timing backlashes. In particular, the last extension gives the possibility of considerably increasing the flow of the fuel mixture.

If we talk about outboard engines, the most productive four-stroke, increase their capacity will have to flash the electronic unit. This solution allows you to remove the bulk of the restrictions provided by the manufacturer. To deal with this kind of work alone is very difficult. Therefore, inexperienced shipowners, it is better to seek help from the appropriate service.

Exterior “Hi”

According to the comment engines of the experienced owners of the brand “Hi” are some of the most problematic outboard motors. However, despite this fact, boat owners continue to trust these units because of their low cost and high availability of parts.

One of the main reasons that the “Hi” outboard engine loses its power – the concentration of water in the carburetor. The problem can occur even during the movement on calm water in calm weather. Spray sucked into the motor element, and it starts to lock. Eliminate the problem and, as a result, increase the power of the motor, it is possible to install a unique nozzle diffuser that provides the flow of air to the carburetor through the “beak” which is directed towards the direction of movements Of the boat.

Engines mark “fireworks” wants the best quality and manufacture of crankshaft material. Insufficiently reliable steel application manufacturer leads to rapid exhaustion and failure of said part. How to increase the power of the outboard motor? Responding to the factors that influence the power loss here can serve as an additional installation on the brass crankshaft socket. This solution protects the engine functional element against corrosion and eliminates the ingress of water into the gas inlet.

Yamaha engine

In these engines, even replacing the carburetor with more advanced options solves little. In the end, it is recommended to remove the power limiter from the factory and bend the petals of the valve in the throttle.

It should be noted that in the engines of the brand stops makes the installation Yamaha ecological reasons. In many Western countries, there are strict laws on the number of harmful emissions into the atmosphere. Therefore, the manufacturer has to resort to such a decision.

Suzuki engine

To improve power performance in engines provided by the brand should resort to cleaning the carburetor and manifold, as well as replacing the seal between these structural elements. The revision procedure is as follows:

  • carefully disassembled pipes and tubes, which may interfere with the operation;
  • remove the fasteners that hold the carburetor;
  • new joints are in the right places;
  • After disassembling the thermostat cleaned cooling system;
  • the components are assembled in the reverse order.

Honda engine

Said outboard engines mark their long-time proven as the most productive units. However, even here, it is possible to increase the number of horsepowers. Contributing to the power of the Honda engine brand the following solutions:

  • timely, systematic maintenance;
  • the contents of the engine air filter in perfect condition;
  • the installation of a reliable device that can provide the most efficient air passage;
  • The application of additives for fuel quality (outboard saves fuel consumption).

In conclusion

Each outboard engine can be upgraded to increase performance capability. However, all drivers lend themselves to acceleration with ease. Sometimes these events seem to be too expensive. Therefore, to avoid wasting time and effort, in some cases, should first focus on the purchase of the machine to the desired capacity.