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Who Invented the Pencil Sharpener?

Sharpeners are instruments that are used to sharpen wood and graphite, also known as sharpeners, sharpener, sharpener, tadalafil or razor, the pencil with the use was thickened so it was necessary to sharpen, because that way you can guarantee the quality of writing or when coloring.

For years, the knife was the most widely used tool for sharpening the wood-writing instrument known as a pencil (historians believe was invented in the 15th or 16th centuries). But cleaning away the wood to finally make a point was a time-consuming, lengthy and inaccurate process. As pencils became more ubiquitous in everyday life, it turned out that a faster and more efficient way was needed to sharpen them. Fortunately, two Frenchmen were up to the challenge.

In this article, you will know all the history of sharpeners, from its origins to how they evolved these instruments. Something significant that you have to know is that; not only is there a creator of the pencil sharpener, but the opposite for each type of pencil sharpener comes from a brilliant mind.

Stay and meet the inventors of these pencil sharpeners!

Who invented the pencil sharpener?

As mentioned above, there are different types of pencil sharpeners for any pencil size, that is why we will indicate who was the creator and inventor of the pencil sharpener and who was improving it over time.

The origin of the pencil sharpener comes from the 19th century, with the French mathematician Bernard Lassimone, who applied for the patent for the pencil sharpener in 1828, armed with a pair of razor blades on a block of wood, but it was not easy to use, so it did not have popularity and it was in 1947 that  Thierry des Estwaux invented the manual pencil sharpeners.

Evolution of the Pencil sharpener according to its creators

According to the story of the pencil sharpener, several characters improved it, but only one is left with the invention of the pencil sharpener and that was  Bernard Lassimone the first to get the first patent. 

Bernard had no success and it was there that Thierry invented the pencil sharpener after that  Walter K. Foster began to mass produce the invention of Theory in 1851 with his patent. However, the first pencil sharpeners broke very quickly. Stay and know more about the evolution of the pencil sharpeners according to their creators!

  • Hand portable pencil sharpener: In 1897 John Lee Love was the one who invented the pencil sharpener, having the same sharpening system, with the only difference that the shavings were inside the pencil sharpener.
  • Fixed crank sharpener: After the creation of the hand sharpener, it evolved, thanks to  Ignacio Urresti, who in 1945 created the crank sharpener, it weighed more than 1kg, while turning the crank the pencil was sharp.  This model of a pencil sharpener with the passing of the years was imitated all over the world.
  • Electric pencil sharpener : The improvements did not stop there, because, in the 40s,  Raymond Loewy   was the creator of the first electric pencil sharpener, with this you no longer had to turn the pencil or make any effort to make this sharpening, you simply put the pencil in the hole and the automatic sharpener does the rest. You can read our Best Electric Pencil Sharpeners Review 

The most important innovation for the pencil sharpener was the addition of electricity. It seems that electrical pencil sharpeners were invented around 1910. However, they were not commercially produced until 1917 by a company called Farnham Printing & Stationery Co. of Minneapolis. Even if electric pencil sharpeners were used in large offices back then, this type of sharpener became available to the public only in the 1940s. And the rest, as they say, is history.

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