Top 5 Best Breast Milk Saver Shells of 2022

best breast milk saver shells

After searching up and down, sleepless nights, and extended testing hours, we live per our word to review only the best items. But to be honest, the testing process became overwhelming, and we had to get reviews from our fellow moms. What did we expect from our perfectionist nature? Anyway, delightfully, may the drums roll for the best breast milk saver shells in the market.

Best Breast Milk Saver Shells Reviews

1.Philips Avent comfort breast shell

Breast engorgement is such a painful issue for lactating moms. They suffer unbearable pains and their breast harden, and worse swelling as far as to the armpits. Regarding all mothers who might be suffering engorgement or need prevention, may I present the Philips Avent breast shell. These breast shells have a silicone construction, super-soft cushioning, and expert crafting to snuggly fit in the nursing bra. As a result, of the excellent crafting, minimal pressure is exerted on the areola, preventing breast engorgement. But even better, due to the perfect texture surface, your nipples will be free from chaffing. Besides ensuring the comfort of the mom, no leakages at all! It will securely hold the leaked milk, and you do not have to suffer embarrassments from milk stained blouses or shirts. Say no more discomfort from unexpressed milk! Why? These comfort-promising breast shells can be worn between the feedings to let only a small amount of milk be released. Consequently, minimal pressure will be experienced with unexpressed milk. Now, the only concern left is how to sterilize this item. Mind you, it is the simplest ever. You can sterilize with Philips Avent steam sterilizer or by boiling water.

PROS (What we liked)
  • The outer shell fits in the inner shell to securely hold the leaked milk.
  • Silicone and soft cushioning crafting that promises dream-like comfort.
  • Prevents painful breast engorgements.
  • Excellent ventilation holes for maximum air circulation.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • They should not be worn for over 40 minutes, for they may exert excess pressure on milk ducts.

2. .Breast shell and milk catcher for breastfeeding relief

Yeast infection is a significant threat to lactating mothers, especially when using milk savers. The condition is a result of poor air circulation of the breast shell. This breast shell from the Mommyz store boosts a fantastically crafted mother product that promises freedom from frequent yeast infection. How? It has a flexible silicone construction that promises maximum air circulation. Correspondingly, creating a low breading environment for the yeast fungus. Moving on, constant friction and irritation can even cause a sleepless night to a mom, but not anymore. Picture this, wearing a breast shell in contact with the nipple immediately after pumping or nursing session. Perfect guess! You will have no healing time from the friction and irritation. The good news? This milk collection shells do not contact the nipples to give ample healing time from the frictions. Call them nipple shielders! No more wastage of the precious milk or embarrassments from milk-stained clothes! Yes, I mean exactly that. They snuggly fit in the nursing bra, while the inner and outer parts lie in a perfect position to ensure no milk leaks. Do you fear for your comfort while wearing the breast milk collector! We are also mindful of that. That is why we recommend these best breast shells, which offer liss to a point you wouldn’t remember if you wore them.

PROS (What we liked)
  • Non-contact milk catcher, hence preventing sore nipple from irritation.
  • It has a spout that ensures no leakages while transferring the milk.
  • Construction of food-grade silicone to keep the milk free from contamination.
  • Super comfortable milk savers to wear for extended periods.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • They look funny when worn with a tank top, instead use a bra.
  • Not recommendable for moms in scorching areas, for they will cause the breast to sweat regularly.

3. Lacti-cups breast shells breastmilk collector

What if I told you could collect your breast milk without having to face the irritation of pumping it out? Yes, I mean precisely that, freedom from sore nipples, right? Allow me to introduce you to the world of free sore nipples and maximum comfort promised by lactic-cups breast shells. The excellently crafted items pride in effortless milk collection. Just place them close to the breast and leave the rest to Mother Nature. And do you know what? Unlike the nursing pads, which cannot be reused, the plastic cups are reusable. Though what surprises me most is the fact that you can wear them even when sleeping. And do you know what? There will be no spills at all in your beddings. There are fantastic stoppers and a patented design which ensures no spills at all. If you are a corporate woman or always in the run, this is the best breast milk catcher for you. How do I know? It is 100% food-grade silicone and phthalate-free. Subsequently, it prevents maximum breast milk contamination. But more critically, it is the comfort it promises. Actually, you are likely to forget if you wore it as you run your errands.

PROS (What we liked)
  • Less pressure on the nipple, hence no more irritation.
  • After a simple cleaning, you can reuse them.
  • You don’t have to pump the milk with this milk catcher.
  • It can be worn for extended periods such as long trips or corporate women.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It needs to be emptied before it reaches the middle else it will leak.

4. Milkies milk-saver

Every mother wishes the best health for their kids. Hence, baby products should be free from chemicals. That’s why the milkies breast milk collector continues to be at the heart of the most lactating mothers. This item is pure of non-chemical construction. Actually, it has been tested and assured zero chemical leaching. That is how pure it is for the health of your kid. Besides assuring your kid’s health, it safeguards not even a drop of the precious liquid goes into waste. How? The inner and outer layers fit close to each other and securely fit in most nursing bras. To top off, it has a protective lid to prevent spillage while transferring the milk. Are you an on-the-run mom? The good news, the storage capacity of these breast milk collection is all you need. It can store up to 2-ounces of milk, and mind you; it keeps the stored milk free from contamination. Yet, do you regularly suffer from sore nipples or milk oversupply? With the milkies milk-saver, you can find relief. Its design ensures no suctioning of milk, which is the cause of oversupply, and offers a breast shield to avoid nipples sores. Lastly, no need to get scared of yeast infection while using this best breast milk collection shells. They have an air vent, for excellent air circulation. Hence, yeast fungi will have no room to breed.

PROS (What we liked)
  • Assures zero chemical leaching for the infant’s health.
  • Fantastic air circulation prevents yeast infection.
  • The large storage capacity of up to 2 ounces.
  • It has a lid that assures no spillage when transferring the milk.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It is slightly bulky and maybe uncomfy.

5. Haakaa ladybug silicone milk collector

Are you tired of pump milk saver that cannot assure minimum spillage of the precious milk? Are you almost giving up due to the discomfort from the milk savers? Are nipple sores and chaffing giving you nightmares? Just a second before you throw everything to the wind. With a lot of confidence, we present the halakha milk collector to you, which has proved beyond doubt to be worth it. Just stick with me. I will give my reasons. First is the 100%food grade silicone crafting. Due to this material, very minimal pressure will be exerted on your breast. Thus, reducing friction and irritation, which are the leading cause of sore nipples and chaffing. When it comes to sticking in the nursing bra, this is the mother of all. It securely stays in place to ensure not even a drop spill. Even better, it has a ring that reduces nipple friction and prevents pressure overflow of the milk for safe collection. Still, reusability is promised. Use a steam sterilizer or boiling water, then leave it for at least 5 minutes before reusing it. What of durability? Its crafting is sturdier than ever. It will last for ages only with proper handling.

PROS (What we liked)
  • It stands upright on the surface hence reducing chances of spillage.
  • A fantastic milk saver made of pure food-grade silicone.
  • Flexible silicone reduces the pressure exerted on the breast.
  • Very easy to sterilize and clean. If you don’t have a steam sterilizer, use boiled water.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Its suctioning power decreases with time.

How to choose the Best Breast Milk Saver Shells?

Now with a collection of the best breast milk saver shells, you might be in a dilemma of which to purchase? Don’t worry! We got you! Below is a detailed buyer’s guide that highlights only the essential factors to consider.


To kick-off is the capacity of the breast milk saver. The ideal capacity depends on how long you will be wearing the milk saver before emptying. Nonetheless, there is no harm in picking a larger capacity milk shell.

Crafting material

The crafting material is such a critical factor when looking for milk savers. Typically, they are constructed of silicone and plastic. Silicone construction is remarkably recommendable due to its contamination-free nature and the comfort it promises. Still, there are more durable in comparison to plastic milk catchers.


Are you ready to feel like you have worn a bulk beside the nursing cups or nipple shield? Then check on the comfort promising features of the milk saver. It should be super light and exerts minimal pressure on the nipple. To assure that, it should have perfect cushioning and fit perfectly in the nursing cup.

Air vent

Yeast infection is such a thorn in the flesh to nursing moms using breast pumps and milk savers. Why? That is because the products have poor air circulation, which forms a perfect yeast fungi breeding environment. Solution? Ensure that the milk savers have fantastic air vents to ensure adequate ventilation, which prevents yeast growth.

Sterilizing process

Most of the milk savers are reusable. The issue comes in when the sterilizing process requires pricy equipment. So? Check on the milk saver’s sterilizing criteria before purchasing it and assure that you can do it all by your self.

Frequently asked questions

What is a breast milk saver shell?

Breast milk saver shells are silicone or plastic crafted products to help nursing moms with leaky breasts, sore nipples, or inverted nipples have a stress-free lactating process. Unlike nipple shields, which are worn when only breastfeeding, the breast shell can be worn for extended periods and removed when breastfeeding.

Can breast shells increase milk supply?

Breast shells have been linked to contributing to overabundant milk supply. Breast milk oversupply can cause a let-down reflex, which is not suitable for the infant. Besides, it may lead to breast engorgement and sore nipples.

Can you wear breast shells all day?

Some breast shells can be worn for extended hours. But that is not to say you should wear them all day. More strictly, please don’t sleep with them. The shell will exert pressure on the nipple, which may lead to clogging.

How to use breast milk collection shells?

There is no neuroscience needed to use pump milk saver. Just pace it in the bra with the inner membrane opening close to the nipple, and leave it to do the rest of the work.

How long can you wear a milk saver?

Some milk savers can only be worn while breastfeeding, while others can be worn for some time. Though, the time you can stay with the milk shell depends on its construction. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t wear it the whole day despite the comfort feeling.

Final Verdict

Many risks come with using a mediocre crafted milk saver—talk of the painful engorgement, nipple sores, chaffing yeast infection, to name a few. But why not get the best breast milk saver shells that assure the nursing mom’s health as well as the infant’s health? What has been keeping you from doing precisely that? Here is the breast milk collection shells review to help you out. All the listed items are tested to be free from chemical leaching and nipple soreness, among other risks. To add is a detailed buyers guide.

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