Top 4 Best Non Slip Furniture Pads for Hardwood Floors of 2022

Best Non Slip Furniture Pads for Hardwood Floors

Have you got aesthetic hardwood floors in your home? Well, I can say that you are a genius like me and pretty ahead of the game. But if you’ve got to crown this investment with success, you need the best non slip furniture pads for hardwood floors. Non-slip furniture pads would not just give your furniture a new decor style; it as well protects your hardwood floors from costly scratches. If you’re interested in keeping on value with hardwood floors, here’s a list of the best non-slip furniture pads to help out. Look it up now!

Best Non-Slip Furniture Pads for Hardwood Floors


X-Protector Non-Slip by Clever & Easy works like a charm in keeping furniture you don’t want moving in place. It’s a 16 squared self-stick coaster for furniture and has about a 1/5 Inches thickness with soft rubber. It has tenacious adhesives for maximum effectiveness, the kind that would not allow them to come off. The tenacious adhesives make your furniture legs hold onto the non-slips pads for a very long time. You can efficiently deal with all kinds of furniture(your sofas, couch, dining tables, name it.) with these X-Protector non-slip furniture pads. This non-slip furniture pad is easy to use and offers you a solid self amortization. All you need to do is to ensure that the facet of the furniture’s leg is free of dirt before proceeding to stick the non-slip pads on it. Boom! You’ve said goodbye to furniture scratches and sliding on your hardwood floors. It’s definitely your go-to furniture pads. But that’s not all. This product fits all kinds of shapes that most furniture legs possess. Whether round legs or square legs, you’ve nothing to worry about. Additionally, expect a strong grip of your household furniture to your hardwood floors and, at the same time, expect a soft hold. The soft hold is to protect the floor from too much pressure coming from your furniture.

PROS (What we liked)
  • It sticks well to the surface of furniture and gives it a strong grip.
  • Works for all kind of furniture, which makes it highly versatile
  • It is the best choice for recliners
  • The pad is flexible enough to fit all the different legs’ shapes of furniture.
  • Very affordable and worth the money
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It might leave stains on hardwood floors.
  • It is not suitable for heavy furniture.

2. Yelanon Non-Slip Furniture Pads-

Get a break from all those noise and marks with these best non-slip furniture pads for hardwood floors. Lebanon furniture pad is technically an eco-friendly product. Here’s the catch. It has a 39 days money guarantee. Yes, I know you need much more information about these furniture pads on our list, and I’m all set to give it out. It’s 36 pieces non slip furniture pads available in one package. Yes, you heard that right. If you’re a fashion-minded person, then these multicolored furniture pads will add to your fashion style too. Add protection, beauty, and have a lucky sassy hardwood floor. But, we’ve got one problem with these fantastic furniture pads. It’s available only for round feet furniture. Quite a question, right! Other than that, this furniture pad has a tight grip on furniture, thanks to its adhesives. One month! Two months! And, on, on. Your floors are considered safe. A trial will convince you.

PROS (What we liked)
  • The pad is of good quality and construction.
  • It comes in various sizes, thus meeting the needs of every furniture owner.
  • It is available in multiple colors for those that are a fashion person.
  • It is long-lasting, which means it does not wear out easily.
  • It has an attractive design, which is ideal for a home setting.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It is made for furniture with round feet.
  • It is not suitable for heavy furniture.

3. GorillaPads CB149 Non-Slip Furniture Pads-

It would help if you didn’t damage your lovely hardwood floors. Unwanted furniture movements can cause potential damage not only to hardwood floors but any floor. The great news we have for you is we’ve gotten rock-solid non-slip furniture pads for you. This furniture pad has a durable and high-quality rubber foam base layer. It is a master of its own in providing unparalleled grips between the floor surface and furniture feet. Here’s the most exciting part. You do not have to worry about furniture punctures and marks on your hardwood. How do I know this? It has a dark-brown solid felt core to guard again. Protect your wooden floors with the least stressful resource as this furniture pad has a self-adhesive backing that makes you use pads easily. What this means is GorrillaPads have peels that need to be removed for the attachment process. But, the good news is peels are quick and easy to remove. The diameter? It’s 1 to 1/2 inches. Also, there’s a 5 years replacement warranty for the pads, and it’s totally free.

PROS (What we liked)
  • It has strong adhesives, which allow it to stick firmly to the furniture.
  • It’s durable that you can use it for a long time.
  • A great choice for furniture with big feet, and would fit perfectly.
  • The pad has a puncture-proof design.
  • It comes with a 5 years warranty for replacement.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Not yet found.

4. DURA-GRIP DG4SQ-8 Heavy Duty Non-Slip pads-

Are you fed up with furniture pads failing to give you what they promise? Dura-Grip is one of the best non-slip furniture pads for hardwood floors. These furniture pads can make you sit and sleep comfortably on your furniture without making them slips, disturbs, and scratch your hard floor. Research shows that about 30% of people eat their meals while sitting on a couch, and 17% on the bed. Thus, the more reason these heavy-duty non-slip furniture pads are needed is to safeguard wood floors against the after-warmth effects of moving furniture. This non-slip furniture pad features 4 inches square 8 pieces of non-slip pads. Most importantly, it’s somewhat a 100% natural layer constituting solid rubbers. Hence, it has no adhesives for holding onto furniture but instead employs the use of rubber. Maybe you should hear this too. It’s an American made non-slip furniture pad. Where are the environmentalist minded souls? This non-slip furniture pad is created from reclined materials. In fact, it is related to cri green. Thinking of heavy furniture? This furniture pad got you covered on this matter. It can hold the heaviest of both household furniture and office furniture. Lastly, your hard floor is safe with this nonslip furniture pad. The pads prevent even the sharpest of feet from going into your hardwood, more or less damaging it.

PROS (What we liked)
  • You can use it for heavy furniture.
  • It can be cut to different shapes and sizes according to your need
  • It is a heavy-duty furniture pad that works excellently.
  • Does not slip when you sit or sleep on furniture
  • The pad is sturdy and reliable, which is recommended for heavy furniture.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The pad is too thick and maybe too obvious to visitors.
  • It has dull colors, which is unattractive if you’re mindful of colors.

Final Verdict

As it was earlier said, non-slip furniture pads are not only for decoration, but they go as far as protecting your hardwood floors and making them spotless for years. None of us likes the sight of scratched hardwood floors. So, do what is necessary and get one of these best non-slip furniture pads for hardwood on Amazon. Hopefully, this review assists you in doing that. Best of luck.

Factors to consider when buying a non-slip furniture pad for hardwood floors.

By now, you know why you need a non-slip furniture pad for your hardwood floors. Selecting which pad to buy can become a tedious task if you do not know what to watch out for. From the sizes of the furniture pad to the materials used in its construction, everything matters. So, here’s the best buyer guide you would lay your hands on for such a product.


Before buying your non-slip furniture pads, you’ll need to measure the furniture’s feet to be placed on it so you can get pads in the best size. According to manufacturers of non-slip pads, there should be a 1inches – 2 inches difference in your non-slip furniture pad from your area rug. Although, some non-slip furniture pads for hardwood floors are made so that you can cut them to the size you want. This means they often come in large sizes and gives room for cutting to suit your need. But, not all furniture pads allow this. A non-slip furniture pad in the right size for any furniture will give a better and attractive look than the pads sticking out of the furniture’s feet. We don’t want visitors to know those non-slip furniture pads are down there, right? Well, keep them out of sight by getting non-slip furniture pads in the right size.


You may also want to consider the shape of the feet of your furniture. Why? Non-slips furniture pads are in different shapes ranging from square to round etc. Round non-slip furniture pads fit best for furniture with round feet. They wouldn’t stick out and become too obvious. They would also give that place a decent look. Deciding what non-slip furniture pads shape to buy buzz down to the shape of the feet of your furniture. It’s that simple. You don’t need a consultant for that.


Non-slip furniture pads for hardwood floors generally falls into two colored categories: those with a plain color and those in multi-colors. Regardless of which model you seem okay with, they would serve the same purpose. So, what’s the point. Picture this; a purple-colored non slips furniture pads under a black couch’s leg. How does that sound to you? Chaotic, I guess. Here’s the kicker. You should buy non-slips furniture pads with a color that compliments both your hardwood floor and your furniture’s feet. For instance, you can consider buying a yellow-colored non-slip furniture pad for your blue colored cushion sofa. What a sight to behold!


The best way your non-slip furniture pads for hardwood floors would serve their purpose is to have a high capacity to withstand your furniture’s weight. Because the inability of non-slip furniture pads to withstand would cause your furniture to penetrate furniture pads and damage your hardwood floors. In essence, compare the thickness of your non-slip furniture pads to the furniture’s weight to be held.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will heavy furniture damage wood floors?

The major of furniture has sharp edges that would cut deep into wood floors. And, no doubt about it, bulky furniture will have more of these sharp edges. The answer? The denser your furniture, the more the sharp edges and the more the damages.

What do you put under the recliner on hardwood floors?

Recliners do not only make the home look good; it also helps correct sitting postures. On the face of it, this furniture can damage your wood floors at the same time it’s providing you all its benefits. What do you do? For recliners with distinct legs, a suitable recliner gripper or a rubber pad would do the trick. Unfortunately, this wouldn’t work if your recliner lacks distinct legs and have direct contact with hardwood floors. In such a case, best you go with rug pads or an anti-slip mat.

How do you keep bar stools from scratching hardwood floors?

Little scratches here and there on your hardwood floors caused by bar stools can be a pain in the ass. But, here’s how ridiculously easy it is to keep bar stools from tampering with your valuable asset- your hardwood floor. Get a felt pad for your bar stools and watch it do the magic. They are strong enough for the weight of your bar stool, and at the same time giving your soft contact with your hardwood floors.

Do felt pads keep furniture from sliding?

Sadly, felt pads would only do little to prevent your furniture from sliding. They are more effective in preventing scratches on your hardwood floors; you should consider them for furniture you would move about. A good example is your dining chair and table. For furniture you do not want movements for, it’s best you go for non slip furniture pads for hardwood floors.

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