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Top 10 Best Wiffle Ball Bat in the World of 2020

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Back then, there was just one option available in the Wiffle-Ball bat category, the yellow, lightweight, plastic bat that created no confusion in terms of making purchase decisions. But times have changed, and abundance has been introduced in every aspect of the world, so has been in the Wiffle-Ball bats too. If you are looking for a Wiffle-Ball bat for your kid to get him started with his baseball game and turn him into a strong player; or if you are a seasoned player and looking for a Wiffle-Ball bat for your practice session, then finding the right one or the best Wiffle-Ball bat is important.

Today you have multiple choices available in the market to get a Wiffle-Ball bat for your purpose, but it gets difficult to zero on one. So, to help you out with the same here, we have narrowed down a list of the top 10 Wiffle-Ball bats.

Let’s get started!

Best Wiffle Ball Bat in the World Reviews

1.Wiffle-Ball Bat 32.”

Wiffle Ball Bat 32

If you are looking for a wiffle bat for your young players, this Wiffle-Ball bat definitely deserves your consideration. This waffle bat is specially designed for kids and beginners. This waffle bat is made up of latex-free material and ensures the safety of your children.

This 32-inches hollow construction, the lightweight plastic material bat, is an affordable piece for short-term use. You cannot expect much premium functionality like hand grips, wooden knobs, etc. If you need any extra grip for the bat, you can buy the tapes separately.

Due to its hollow construction and skinny structure, it makes facing small balls coming at a great speed difficult.

However, this bat is tailor-made to face the Wiffle balls and let the kids have great fun. Besides, having fun with this Wiffle-Ball bat can also help your kids learn eye-hand coordination and hone monitoring and coordinating skills. Though this is not a professional Wiffle bat, it is the best entry-level Wiffle bat you can consider for your kids.

Recommended for: Kids and beginners who are looking for a lightweight and easy to use Wiffle bat.


  • Latex-free material is used.
  • Great with regular Wiffle balls
  • Ensures children safety
  • Lightweight and easy to hold
  • Provides convenient grip


  • Free balls are not included in the package.
  • Less durability
  • Wobbles during the hard swings
  • Can’t handle hardballs

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2. EASTON PRO STIX Plastic Baseball Bat & Ball Set

 EASTON PRO STIX Wiffle Ball Bat

Easton is among the big players in the backyard baseball game. This product by Easton is as professional as other exceptional products of the brand. This bat is super durable and lightweight and is designed to look like a real thing.

The bat weighs under 200 grams making it easily handleable by kids and adults both. This bat is a little longer; about 33 inches, whereas the traditional bats are 32 inches. It has an oval-shaped handle instead of round ones.

The bat comes with a seamed, plastic training ball in the package. The Easton Pro Stix plastic baseball set makes the best Wiffle-Ball bat on the list.

Recommended for: It can be a great buy for kids and beginners to learn and practice the game within the budget.


  • This bat is made from durable, tough plastic making it a better quality one.
  • Looks like the premium wooden bat used by baseball players
  • Lightweight and easy to handle.
  • The oval-shaped handle provides a firm grip.
  • Low-cost ownership
  • Suitable for all ages.


  • Handles only regular Wiffle balls
  • The Wiffle balls in the package have low quality.
  • Not for powerful shots; easily gets dents.

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3. BLITZBALL Starter Pack – Includes (3) Blitz Balls & 1 Power Bat

 BLITZBALL Wiffle Ball Bat

Firstly, the package comes with one bat and 3 balls. It makes an ideal choice for kids or someone looking for their baseball game starter pack. The bat is designed to handle the regular Wiffle balls easily. This Wiffle-Ball bat has a length equal to any traditional baseball bat and offers a firm grip with the round handle and solid round edge at the end.

There are no color options available in the package; the bat comes in royal blue color and the balls in bright yellow color, making it alluring for them. 

Recommended for: The bat has the universal size that fits both kids and adults for training and outdoor game purpose.


  • Includes three regular size no-perforated Wiffle balls in the package
  • Powerful bat for the soft and regular balls
  • Good for the beginners


  • The gear is a little heavy and not appropriate for children below 10 years of age.
  • The bat can easily tend to get dents due to hard balls and powerful hitting.

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4. Easton T11 30-inch/26-Ounce Youth Thunderstick Training Baseball Bat

Easton Wiffle Ball Bat

Keeping in mind the needs of a slugger, Easton offers this Youth Thunderstick Training Baseball Bat, which turns out to be a great and unique hand-eye training aid. Since hand-eye coordination makes a vital part of a successful home run, powerful hitting is almost impossible without it.

This gear from Easton is made from a strong alloy and has a barrel size of 1-inch, making it easy for the hitters to learn how to make solid contact with the ball. Thunderstick does great training for yourself, and also it works best with soft toss drills.

So, with his tool from Easton, you will definitely train yourself to make contact with the sweet spot of the bat.

Recommended for: This bat is designed by Easton specifically for the newbie sluggers who are struggling with powerful and perfect hitting. This bat makes a great choice for the ones willing to level up their game.


  • This is good for powerful hitting practice for adults.
  • It helps in excelling in your hand-eye coordination.
  • The large barrel size makes it easy to face balls and hit farther.


  • Less durability
  • Expensive

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5. Rawlings Raptor USA Youth Baseball Bat Series (-10)

Rawlings Raptor USA Wiffle Ball Bat

Like the name describes, this Wiffle-Ball bat features a unique combination of speed and power. It also features high strength alloy construction, ultralight design, and super durable material.

The Wiffle-Ball bats of Rawlings Raptor are league certified and designed to provide faster swing speed. It is made from durable, responsive, and high-quality aerospace-grade alloy. It makes the ultimate choice of middle line-up hitters. The barrel’s design makes an optimal opportunity for solid contact between the ball and the bat, giving the hitter a perfect fit.

It is recommended for seasoned players who actually have the experience of the game and are seeking the right bat to level up their game.


  • It exceeds the performance expectations.
  • Assures the durability
  • Designed to face fast-paced balls
  • Improves your powerful hitting game
  • League certification approved


  • It is expensive
  • Not designed for the kids below 12 years

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6. Champion Sports Lightweight Plastic Bat

 Champion Sports Lightweight Wiffle Ball Bat

If you are looking for an economical alternative to those heavy wooden grain and aluminum bats, this champion sports lightweight plastic bat will fit your bill. This bat is designed for all athletes of all ages, young and old.

This 31-inch long bat is safer and has a modeled handle for a firm grip to the players as they swing for fences. The bat is made up of durable plastic that endures powerful hits. Unfortunately, you don’t have various color options available for this product. Still, for sure, that classic black color it comes with appears to be more stylish and elegant than you could expect.

Recommended for: Its perfect size makes it a flexible choice for both kids and adults to practice their game or for any therapy work.


  • Goes well with the regular Wiffle balls
  • Good for hitting practice for kids
  • Lightweight and affordable


  • The barrel of the bat is too thin and can easily be squeezed.
  • The bat is too short for adult athletes

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7. Franklin Sports MLB 30″ Authentic Plastic Bat & Ball Set

Franklin Sports Wiffle Ball Bat

If you are new to the game, then you should probably consider this. This Wiffle-Ball bat from Franklin sports MLB is typically a hollow plastic Wiffle-Ball bat. The package includes a 9-inch plastic Wiffle-Ball that helps in practicing and improving the players’ pitch game.

The bat features a well-structured barrel with a round handle that provides a good grip. The bat is made from sturdy plastic and provides a polished finish on the outside.

Recommended for: It is perfect for all ages, young and old, also an ideal option for backyard baseball or training.


  • Includes a 9-inch plastic ball
  • The solid plastic ball allows you to practice various pitches.
  • It is great for teaching hand-eye coordination.
  • Excellent for backyard baseball or youth training


  • The barrel is so thin and can be easily squeezed.
  • Heavier balls can easily cause a dent.

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8. Little Kids Inc Junk Ball and Bat Set, 2 Pieces

 Little Kids Inc Wiffle Ball Bat

This little kids’ Inc Junk ball and bat set call out for an ultimate backyard baseball game. The set features a 31-inch-long bat with a sweet spot and is paired up with a tornado ball. The ball features diamond cuts and signature cuff marks to help you control the curve at maximum.

The sweet spot can be used to learn where to hit the ball for maximum power at the plate. The bats are nicely polished to appear as traditional gear. The whole set comes in three color combinations (black bat with a white ball, a blue bat with a red ball, or a red bat with grey ball).

This plastic set of ball-bat will help your kid learn to throw multiple pitches. The ball included in the set is specifically designed for multiple pitch practices and helps you practice various pitches such as knuckles and curveballs.

Recommended for: Great for kids aged 15 or younger, also good for the individuals striving with their pitches.


  • Offers firm grip
  • Comes with a tornado ball in the package
  • The ball is designed to improve the player’s pitch game.
  • The Wiffle-Ball bat has a sturdy structure.


  • The durability is part of the concern.
  • It is a bit pricey

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9. SKLZ Power Stick Baseball and Softball Training Bat for Strength

SKLZ Power Stick Wiffle Ball Bat

This stick makes a perfect baseball bat for hitting practice and improving your mechanics of the game. This weighs almost the same as the real slugger bat. It has a skinny barrel that lets you face the small Wiffle-Balls improving your hand-eye coordination as well as timing.

In contrast with the traditional bats, this bat makes your kids’ training easy with a relatively long length and durable steel design. It works well with softball and fastpitch.

It can be considered as a comprehensive and great training set for your kids to develop and strengthen their skills, and also the ability to take more swings than normal because of a little less weight.

Recommended for: Amazing choice for the young players aged 10-12 years or the beginners who want to strengthen their hitting game.


  • The sturdy materials ensure longer durability.
  • Good for high school hitting practice sessions
  • Lightweight and easy to hold


  • The size is too big for the children aged 5-6 years.

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10. Fun Costumes Adult Plastic Baseball Bat Wood Look

If you are looking for an accessory, something like a baseball bat that goes well with your player costume or a theater prop for your play, then this could be a good choice that costs you less than a small fortune and probably quite lesser than the baseball bats available in the market.

This toy bat looks just like the real one, a top-notch slugger. This 35” long and 3” wide plastic baseball bat is a good short-time investment one can consider. The bat possesses a real wood look with very little weight, cutting down all your hassles of lugging around a big heavy bat.

It is recommended for the kid’s fun and the adults looking for a prop to their costume party or for a play in the theater.


  • Goes along like a super plain accessory with a costume
  • Has a good diameter to face the Wiffle balls
  • Comes at an affordable price


  • The balls included in the package do not last long
  • It is a little heavier

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Factors to consider while buying Wiffle ball bat

Baseball bats and wiffle bats vary in their materials. Wiffle-Ball bats are made of plastics for hitting softballs, unlike baseball bats made of wood, aluminum, and hard materials to hit the hard balls.

The primary aim of the Wiffle-Ball bats is to train the kids and beginners for baseball. So, basically, the Wiffle-Ball bats are the beginning step of your baseball game, and it is important to start with the right gear.

But how do you choose the right one when you have tons of options available in Wiffle-Ball bats. Here’s a brief guide with factors you should consider when buying a Wiffle-Ball bat.

Firmer the grip, the nicer the bat

The first thing you need to consider is the grip. A lot of Wiffle-Ball bats are designed to have knobs at the end to prevent the bat from slipping from the hands of the hitter after a powerful swing.

But this is not it with the grip; the material and the handle design also contribute to providing a firm grip so, before you pick any bat to try out a few swings and analyze if you are getting that right grip or not.

Sturdy the material, the longer the durability

Coming to the second factor, which is obviously the span of the bat. Most of the time, the product’s material decides the durability, and thus, it is important to have good knowledge of reliable plastics.

Almost all the Wiffle-Ball bats are made up of plastic; so, you need to figure out if the plastic is sturdy and strong enough to endure the powerful hitting or not. The sturdier the material is, the longer will be the durability of the bat.

Lighter the weight, the better the practice

If you are buying a Wiffle-Ball bat for your kid, then the weight factor plays a vital role. You can’t get your kid’s training started right away with the heavy bat, as the heavier bats slow down the swings and decrease the hitting power; so, as a matter of fact, the heavy bat isn’t good for a practice session.

While most of the Wiffle-Ball bats are lightweight as they are made from plastic, make sure the Wiffle-Ball bat you choose for your kid is light enough for your kid to handle the swings and allows hitting with absolute power. 

The right length for solid contact.

Again, the length of the bat matters the most in your kid’s practice. While choosing the Wiffle-Ball bat for your kid, make sure the bat fits right in your kid’s hand and doesn’t make it difficult for him to make eye contact with the ball while hitting and also in hitting a powerful homerun.

Both shorter and longer lengths of the bat will create hitting issues in practice, so find the right bat that coincides with your kid’s arm length and helps him get trained on the right track.

Value sets or single products

It isn’t easy to decide what makes a good investment when considering a set of Wiffle-Ball bat or just a single Wiffle bat. So, in contrast to a set and single product, it would be a good idea to opt for a set if you are new to the game, as you will be provided with the complete gear. If you are a seasoned player, you can go for separate spending on a single product choosing the right quality for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

So, these were the basic factors you should consider when buying a Wiffle-Ball bat; let’s hope you’ve got your help. But if you are still on the fence, with other doubts and queries regarding the Wiffle-Ball bat, then you can refer to a few questions below in the FAQ section and get your answers.

What is the best Wiffle-Ball bat?

Well, the above list must have helped you in figuring out the best Wiffle-Ball bat ever. Still, if you are looking for an answer based upon the suggestions and recommendations, then the Easton Pro Stix training set makes the best Wiffle-Ball bat in the world for the practice and training of both young kids and adult athletes. Along with the professional appearance of the Wiffle-Ball bat, it is lightweight and super durable.

What is a Wiffle-Ball bat?

A Wiffle-Ball bat is basically a practice alternative of a baseball bat. The Wiffle-Ball bat looks similar to the baseball bat, but it isn’t. The Wiffle-Ball bat has a lighter weight than a baseball bat and is generally made up of plastics. The Wiffle-Ball bats are used instead of baseball bats to practice the powerful hitting and swings. The kids and beginners in the baseball game use this to strengthen their skills and excel in hand-eye coordination.

What to cork a Wiffle-Ball bat with?

Corking of a wife ball bat is necessary to improve its performance. Most of the time, people use bouncy balls, tennis balls, or ball bearing to cork a Wiffle-Ball bat. This concoction makes the Wiffle-Ball bat will make it sturdier and makes it easy to hit with. It is always important to seal the heat Wiffle-Ball bat tightly after the corking with duct tapes to ensure the durability and good performance.

How to make a Wiffle-Ball bat hit farther?

If you need the trick behind a powerful hitting, then here you go. Stuff the newspaper or any foam packing peanuts into the Wiffle-Ball bat and then tape it around with the electrical tape. When you stuff your bat, you make it a little heavier, and that acts as a spring that will help you hit the ball farther. Also, the arm extension and full swing is the key to a powerful hitting.

How to tape a Wiffle-Ball bat?

If you are looking for the best way to tape your Wiffle-Ball bat for better performance, then you can get a black electrical tape wrapped around the bat’s sweet spot. The 3-4 layers of the electrical tape wrapping will make it smooth and add an excellent grip to the Wiffle-Ball bat. It also adds little extra weight at the end of the bat, making it more robust without extra diameter.

How much does a Wiffle-Ball bat weight?

The Wiffle-Ball bats are made from durable plastic, which makes them weigh less than the real baseball bat. In general, a Wiffle-Ball bat that is made up of sturdy and durable and plastic weighs less than four pounds, making it easier for the user to make a good full swing and hit with all the power.

Wrapping up

So. That’s all about Wiffle-Ball bats and the top 10 list of the best ones out there. Let’s hope the above guide has provided you with the piece of information you were looking for and helped you out in deciding on the best Wiffle-Ball bat for you.

Anyway, our best for consumer product is Rawlings Raptor USA Youth Baseball Bat Series. Our consumer report shows that It provides perfect speed and power. Interestingly, it’s constructed of top-quality aerospace-grade quality; hence, it makes the perfect pick up for middle line hitters. So, it’s today’s top product.

If you have any questions, comment below. Happy buying!

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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